Item#: 5415
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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The cover art of SCP-5415-1.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5415 containment procedures are currently reactive in nature, as opposed to preventative. Foundation agents embedded at major publishing houses are to check submitted material for SCP-5415 as part of their daily responsibilities. Foundation webcrawlers are to conduct automatic searches for SCP-5415 instances, prioritising fiction-writing websites and resources.

Upon encountering any new references to SCP-5415, agents are to initiate a high-priority alert to the containment team, MTF-Psi-2 "Invitation Revoked", and the instance is to be contained immediately.

Description: SCP-5415 is the designation for a series of incomplete novels entitled The 120 Days of Gomorrah. SCP-5415 are sequels, either direct or thematic, to the novel "The 120 Days of Sodom".1 Each instance of SCP-5415 is produced independently from one another by authors that have no currently identified connections linking them.

As the author of an SCP-5415 instance progresses through writing the novel, they will become a conduit for anomalous phenomena, and exhibit steadily increasing signs of mental duress. This effect has become more pronounced with successive SCP-5415 instances. SCP-5415 instances are designated SCP-5415-#, with the numerical component incrementally increasing. The author of an instance is designated SCP-5415-#-A.


ADDENDUM 5415.2: INCIDENT 06/08/2019

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