Item#: 5414
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Still from instance SCP-5414-C21. Typical features shown here are the silhouetted foreground and reddened clouds.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5414 instances are contained on a network-isolated hard drive in Standard Storage Locker #1264 at Site-51. Foundation webcrawlers are to screen for and delete SCP-5414 instances found on video sharing sites in order to reduce exposure risk.

SCP-5414 footage is only to be viewed by Class-D personnel. Current testing parameters require that a GPS transponder implant be placed in subjects prior to exposure.

All reported deaths due to high impact falls are to be investigated for possible SCP-5414 involvement.

Description: SCP-5414 instances are videos containing footage of the sky taken from nondescript vantage points. Each video contains cognitohazardous cloud formations throughout their runtime. These formations primarily evoke feelings of calm and a sense of nostalgia in viewers.

Exposure to SCP-5414 constitutes an inherent risk for a RED-SKY Event as detailed below.

RED-SKY Events: These events occur subsequently to SCP-5414 exposure, typically after 2-6 weeks. They follow this sequence:

  • Upon entering REM sleep, the subject starts to dream. This dream begins from the point of view of the SCP-5414 footage to which they were exposed.
  • The subject’s perspective in the dream begins to rise into the sky without any feeling of force initiating or resisting the movement. This has been reported as occurring at various rates of acceleration, but most recovered subjects described their ascents as “gradual” and “serene."
  • After reaching a variable altitude1, the subject's body will materialize at the position that they arrived at during their dream. They will then begin to fall under the now present effect of gravity and eventually collide with the ground beneath them.
  • From known RED-SKY Event survivor interviews, a voice is reportedly heard prior to impact. The voice has been consistently described as belonging to someone with a close personal relationship to the subject2. The source of this is not currently understood.
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