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Item #: SCP-5404

Object Class: Keter

How To Make Safe: Please do not talk about SCP-5404 ("boom-boom words"). No making words about boom-boom words on computers or not-computers.

In the time that is now, we are not having smart-knowing about which words go boom-boom. To keep everyone being safely alive, please make not normal talk style.

Words and bunches of words that are in red are known to go boom-boom. Remember to never ever assemble them.

Remember to always make two "boom-boom" with an in-between hyphen. Other styles of making this meaning will go boom-boom.

New Thing: Sometimes safe is made to not be safe. Always test with boom-boom computer.

What It Is: "Boom-Boom words" ("letter-clusters") is a thing that makes some bunches of letter-clusters make a boom-boom when you put some letter-clusters by other letter-clusters, but only when the thing you are making about is boom-boom letter-clusters themselves. Sometimes just a single cluster of letters will go boom-boom.

Only when making mouth sounds or making symbol mouth sounds will letter clusters go boom-boom. Reproducing old before-times mouth sound records is safe, but only goes a certain amount of safety. All Foundation computer-symbol letter-clusters are saved right at the time of making, so if you see red bunches of letter-clusters, it means mistake happened.

Trying-Things-Out Log: We have computer arms make button-hits on computer letters to try out what makes boom-boom. What you can look at under this is just a small bunch for example to show how not-safe boom-boom letter-clusters are.

Thing to make happen Happened?
special containment procedures Bad
s pec ial conta inment proced ures Bad
$p3cial c0ntainm3nt pr8cedure5 Bad
spesh cont pro Good1
ecialspay ontainmentcay ocedurespray Bad2
explosive Bad
word Good
sentence Bad
detonate Bad
boom Bad
boom-boom Good
be careful Bad
be making safe Good
word Bad3

More Thing:

Boom-boom letter clusters made by don't-like-us group. New styles of boom-boom letter clusters keep happening. It gets more bad again and again.

If boom-boom letter-clusters started to happen when making mouth-sounds about things that aren't boom-boom letter-clusters, world could boom-boom.

The Big In-Charge Group has made it happen that trying-things-out and looking-into must keep being happen to stop don't-like-us group and safely keep world not being boom-boom.

They make unlikely demands. Tiamat is maybe. For the now-time, Eshu stands.

We keep-out. We keep-in. We keep-safe.

Big In-Charge Group #08

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