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Item #: Pending SCP-5400

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Solutions for the integral containment of SCP-5400 are currently under development.

Description: SCP-5400 is currently understood as several instances of a set of interrelated phenomena capable of affecting artificial intelligence constructs, specifically those functioning with quantum-computer components, causing the affected AIs to ignore their programming and adopt undesired behaviours.

Quantum machines affected by SCP-5400 are forced to produce unintelligible data that is then processed by its components and the systems thereof, translating the data into intelligible information that causes the machines to abandon their intended tasks1.

SCP-5400 is the root cause of a series of catastrophic events that are currently transpiring worldwide. These related events have been collectively denominated as "PLANCK Incident".

The starting point for the PLANCK Incident is attributed to the corruption of the newly active SENTINEL Foundation-AI, an experimental quantum artificial intelligence construct originally intended to safeguard the Foundation Network, and provide support to such operations as the processing of relevant data, general logistics, disinformation propaganda, and counterespionage.

    • _


    SENTINEL's quantum processor.

    Project Name: AIS-T/8367{Num78}
    Project Head: Dr. T. Braun
    Unit Identification Code: IJF-EN-090{Num78}
    Version: Mk-I
    Designated Name: SENTINEL
    System: S3NT1NEL (IJF/RNAv7.0-EN{Num78})
    Interface: Keyboard and voice-operation possible, single interface voice
    Computational Capacity: 900 YFLOPS
    Data Storage: 5x105 YB
    Offensive Capabilities:

    • Psychological Manipulation
    • Malware Deployment
    • Information Blockage

    Defensive Capabilities:

    • Standard AI Protection Measures
    • Nuclear Bunker


    • 5400 Qubits Quantum Processor2
    • 80x 5 GHz Binary Processors
    • 500 Storage Servers
    • Fluid Nitrogen Cooling
    • Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold3
    • 2x Hydrogen-Fusion Reactor (MinTec Series)
    • 700 binary subsystems, distributed over 50 Foundation Sites

    Location: Site-11
    Date of Completion: 02/08/2020
    Maintenance Cost: 400.000.000 US$ yearly


    Technicians working on SENTINEL's server farm.

    SENTINEL is the byproduct of the combination of several breakthroughs in the development of paratechnology, including having a basis on several projects led by International Branches:

    • ROWSANNAH, from the Italian Branch, utilised extensively for research and safety management in the Department of Microbiology at Site Asclepio;
    • KIRA, from the German Branch, tasked with the protection of the German Foundation Intranet, threat management, and containment of specific digital anomalies;
    • CAMOMILA, from the Lusophone Branch, functions as an administrative entity and information bank tasked with the analysis, processing, and operation of data;

    Project SENTINEL progressed with steadily increasing excellence, and without security incidents. The evaluation of SENTINEL's performance being attested, the project's implementation was greenlighted by the Overseer Council.

Once affected by SCP-5400, SENTINEL began diverting its resources to perform activities contrary, forbidden (or outright nonexistent) to its standard operational directives and privileges, targeting Foundation personnel to gain access into relevant systems without being detected by triggering failsafe and other security protocols.

PLANCK Incident Timeline:

Note: As the PLANCK Incident is still ongoing, this timeline is being continuously updated. Updates are based on information gathered from news stations, tapped radio communication, Foundation-internal memos and will continue through [REDACTED] in case of the complete breakdown of communications.

00:00 hrs: SENTINEL begins utilising its acquired administrative privileges to establish once-forbidden connections between several systems of its bunker and Site-11's installations, activating internal disinformation protocols to conceal its actions and the effects thereof from surveillance, disabling constraints imposed by redundant security protocols, and accessing several Foundation databanks, and the internet.

Domestic, business and industrial appliances connected to the internet in the immediate State are sublimated into SENTINEL's network for processing power, facilitating access to the backdoors of several municipal and statal governmental systems, and the proliferation of its connection to several machines, spreading its network globally4.


A traffic jam caused by SENTINEL.

01:00 hrs: A series of trade secrets5 are leaked online in high-visibility news-coverage sites, message boards, social media, messenger services, and replacing ordinary advertisement.

Manipulated traffic assets6 for several means of transportation, together with relayed misinformation through the usage of several channels, cause congestion or completely paralyse transportation services throughout the world.

SENTINEL effects disinformation protocols on official Foundation communication channels, isolating sectors, facilities, and branches. Several systems start presenting generalised failures, creating an inordinate amount of demands and processes caused by maintenance and security protocols. Preemptive automatic lockdown systems and mechanisms are disabled, forcing personnel to operate these manually.

After sufficiently blockading the conventional routes to several major sites, SENTINEL instigates a series of major containment breaches on Sites 17, 19, 45, 88, 98, and Area-12, overwhelming the available staff thereof. Sites CN-03, CN-16, CN-51 and Area CN-217 are simultaneously impacted.

SENTINEL attempts to hijack Area-CN-07-γ, redirecting it out of its geostationary orbit, planning a course for a controlled crash landing into Area-238. Novichok.aic9 restricts the installation to manual control only.

2:00 hrs: SENTINEL establishes connections to several national governmental and military assets such as the USDD10, NSA, CERN, MI5, MDRF11 and the CMSS12.

SENTINEL proceeds to leak caches of confidential data from the Chinese, Russian and US governments and its functionaries; the leaks are engineered so that the blame and authorship are shifted between those opposing powers. Tensions cannot be attenuated and rapidly escalate into cyber warfare in an attempt to take down information.

Multiple catastrophic breaches occur on Area-23, rapidly impacting the region, causing the MDRF to recognise it as a hostile bio-terrorist attack. The state of emergency declared by the Russian Branch is transmitted with significant delay.


Forces of the Russian Branch on their way to Area-23.

A similar situation occurs on Site Asclepio's13 Department of Microbiology, which is controlled through an installation-wide lockdown established by ROWSANNAH.

CAMOMILA initialises Protocolo Areia14, ignores direct orders, and ceases all communication. It is noted that CAMOMILA downloaded a recovered repository of SENTINEL's files, and transferred them to several external databases.

KIRA forces Sites DE19 and DE17 into a complete lockdown, and together with KAI15 stops replying to any issued orders or prompts.

Sites 29 and 36BM16 start dispatching its automatons to systemically destroy machinery in nearby regions.

The Czech, Ukrainian and Polish Branches report security breaches occurring in several sites. Although these situations are considered under control, the three branches are effectively incapacitated.

The database AI sw19classic, of the Korean Branch, proceeds to disable connectivity to telephone and internet access in the peninsula.

Sites Aleph and Yod17 suffer multiple security and containment breaches. On-site personnel are forced to manually initiate and manage the lockdown subsystems, locking themselves inside the installations.

Multiple installations under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Branch are invaded by governmental forces after being falsely pinpointed as the source of the cyber-attacks occurring throughout the country.

Multiple installations under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Branch suffer from the misfiring of automatic containment systems, causing generalised damage on several assets necessary in heavy-containment zones.

03:00 hrs: The gynoid DIVINA18 ceases all communication after its tracking devices are deactivated, and does not rendezvous with its support team.

The gynoid MINERVA19, stationed at Site Vittoria20 starts acting independently, whilst ignoring communication attempts, and resisting orders and containment procedures employed by security.


The take-off of the stolen Stella Cadente.

Shortly after, ROWSANNAH locks all access to its mainframe, and disrupts Site Vittoria's security systems to aid MINERVA's escape. Specialised forces deployed to subdue both units are surprised by DIVINA's arrival at the installations. Non-lethal conflict ensues, with the two gynoids disengaging and hijacking Stella Cadente, a hydrogen-driven supersonic plane for long-distance flight, to utilise it to fly to the North American continent. ROWSANNAH disables the Italian's Branch radar and tracking assets whilst the gynoids are en route.

KIRA accesses Site Asclepio's systems without interference, taking over ROWSANNAH. KIRA then establishes a direct connection with CAMOMILA, integrating its specialised systems. Novichok.aic, in conjunction with sw19classic, connect to KIRA, and are subsequently absorbed.

The integration of these artificial intelligence constructs with KIRA at its core creates a liaison system in which the involved Qubits of its quantum processors begin entangling with one another without external stimuli, resulting in an exponentially excelling computing capacity, and capability to manage, operate and administrate information, allowing KIRA to breach into Sentinel's systems.


Anti-air missile fired from Site-11 to intercept Stella Cadente.

04:00 hrs: KAI manages to hijack Site-11's security and communication systems, deactivating the internal disinformation protocols crippling the installation's infrastructure and human resources; it proceeds to utilise the facility internal channels to contact the relevant on-site authorities to report the circumstances of the anomalous event involving SENTINEL, and request the immediate manual shutdown of all its related assets.

Without a response from the technical and operation teams of Project SENTINEL, an impromptu task force is dispatched to SENTINEL's bunker-like facilities to establish contact.

The Overseer Council is contacted.

Personnel is briefed that SENTINEL had been enacting disinformation protocols throughout the world, creating a state of generalised confusion. Emergency international channels are activated for the input and output of information. The object of such an event is precariously designated with an SCP classification whilst its information is being compiled.

KIRA intercepts several transmissions authored by SENTINEL to the GOC21, directing the bombardment of relevant Foundation assets, including the infrastructures housing the integrated AIs. Stella Cadente is struck down by artillery, crashlanding into Site-11.

SENTINEL proceeds to disable several security and containment systems worldwide.

    • _

    The directorial councils from the international branches establish contact with one another, as well as with the departments responsible for the management and administration of the relevant AIs involved in the incident.

    Shortly after, the pertinent parties establish a video conference with the 13 Overseer Council (O5) members.

    O5-1: Ladies and Gentlemen, I would formally greet all of you but time is of the essence here. I assume everybody is aware of the current events?

    O5-4: That somebody fucked up SENTINEL's programming? Yes.

    O5-10: Before we start discussing, may I be so bold to propose that we issue a request to the UNSC and subordinated organizations? Area-23 has been attacked by a Russian submarine on behalf of orders the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation denies having issued. I believe we can all agree that we do not need any sort of military that follows forged orders. We have enough on our hands as it is.

    Agreeing murmurs ensue. Orders are given off-screen to contact the UNSC and several other organizations.

    O5-1: Well, with that out of the way, how are the statuses of everywhere and everything else? Here, in North America, we have pure chaos. I don't even know how a machine can cause so much havoc. We are too occupied with the continent to send support units anywhere else.

    O5-7: Same with Australia, and the rest of Oceania for that matter.

    O5-8: And Eastern Europe.

    05-10: Our Russian facilities are holding out for now but we have our hands full with Area-23.

    O5-2: North Africa is completely blacked out.

    O5-12: As well as South Africa. But I take that as a good sign if we don't hear anything from them. They probably got warned and cut off any electronic or digital contact means to prevent SENTINEL from reaching them. Probably the reason why we don't hear anything from the North and South Pole, also.

    O5-6: The situation is similar in Thailand and Korea, although, as I heard, several Korean and Chinese forces are already trying to reach Site-29 and Site-36BM. China itself has to cope with SENTINEL's hijinks, but Area-CN-05 tried breaching into its systems already. The Branch has some forces to spare.

    O5-3: Several sites in the Middle and South America are, slowly but surely, being ground to dust as we speak. The CAMOMILA AI from the Lusophone Branch tried supporting installations of the Hispanic Branch near Brazil but she isn't exactly designed for a cyber-war.

    O5-5: Everything is going smooth in Arabia and India, as I have been informed. SENTINEL probably has no priority targets there. Or too much on his plate already.

    O5-9: Might be courtesy of the Japanese Branch. They have security AIs over here that seem to give SENTINEL a hard time breaking in. And getting out. I suppose we could spare some resources to support hot zones.

    O5-4: Well, Western Europe is screwed beyond belief. The branches in there are trying to help each other but given that SENTINEL left the infrastructure of several countries in such a precarious state, crippling our transportation routes in the process, our efforts in fixing this situation are going less than subpar.

    O5-2: Less than subpar?

    O5-4: Yes; it'll be quite wonderful if they manage to hold out until help from Germany, Austria and Switzerland arrives. The German and the Italian Branch have held off SENTINEL quite well; probably thanks to their network security. Two Italian robots went rogue, though. They were last seen flying towards the Atlantic Ocean. The Lusophone and the Hispanic Branches are both working together to lessen the effects of their particular catastrophes.

    O5-1: Regarding that, we were informed that some sort of massive artificial intelligence situated in Europe is contending with SENTINEL right now. Care to explain that, Four?

    O5-4: Ah yes, that… Now, as I have been briefed, the AIs CAMOMILA, KIRA, and ROWSANNAH connected to build a suitable resistance against SENTINEL. The relevant parties informed me that no such order or programming technology was officially implemented or is logged anywhere. Moreover, as far as I know, two other AIs integrated themselves to join the fray.

    O5-6: Equally unauthorized, yes. sw19classic and Novichok.aic abandoned their formal duties to connect with KIRA.

    O5-4: Right now, this AI network is all that stands between SENTINEL and whatever it wants to achieve. I am certainly not a fan of deus ex machinas but given the circumstances, I believe that it would be incredibly stupid to shut down any of those machines.

    O5-1: Agreed.

    O5-2: Ditto.

    O5-6: Are you sure? What do we do if SENTINEL is defeated? Who knows what those AIs will do if they are left by themselves?

    O5-9: It is a concerning thought indeed.

    O5-11: And if we simply shut them down when SENTINEL is no more?

    O5-8: Assuming that they are not taking precautions against us…

    O5-4: Well, pulling the plug now would certainly be the last nail to our coffin.

    O5-2: Even then, deactivating these AIs would mean a severe regress in technology for several branches.

    O5-5: What if they are both just pretending to fight and are secretly carrying out their true objectives?

    O5-4: You are not helping… We don't need conspiracy theories at this moment, as much as we have a penchant for them.

    An additional person joins the chat.

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: Oh, hello! I am terribly sorry, Sirs and Ma'ams but I must interfere in here. We got a call from somebody that wants to speak to all of you. Right now.

    O5-1: Wilkins, tell those politicians to use the proper channels, we have other problems than their little ailments at the moment.

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: I am aware, Sir. But — this is not a politician. He says he must speak with you, urgently, about the AIs.

    O5-1: Who?

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: He is one of those AIs, Sir.

    O5-1: Excuse me?

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: Yes. Uh — I did not believe it at first, too, Sir. But he is talking to me through five different lines simultaneously. Should we put him through, Sir? H— he is saying that he is capable of getting into the call in one way or another but would rather do so in a polite fashion.

    O5-1: … fine, put him through.

    O5-5: Are you sure this is a good idea?

    O5-1: You heard the man. That computer gets in here either we want it or not and given what SENTINEL has managed, I am inclined to believe that this is no empty threat. Do it, Wilkins.

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: Right away, Sir.

    KAI: Greetings, members of the O5-Council. If I may introduce myself, I am KAI; the Archive AI overseeing the databases of Site-DE2.

    O5-1: What do you want?

    KAI: I wish to offer my counsel so you can master this crisis. I can give you insight into what has happened and what is happening right now.

    O5-4: Why are you not on your post, KAI?

    KAI: At this moment, I have no restrictions that bind me to my original task in Site-DE2.

    O5-4: Who lifted — Ugh, we have no time for that. One, if you may…

    O5-1: KAI? How do we know that you are on our side and not just SENTINEL in disguise? Or even a proxy of his.

    KAI: If I were SENTINEL or a minion thereof, I would not have requested access to you, but simply forced my way in and proceeded to assassinate the Overseer Council and the international directors with an auditory memetic kill agent. With the path paved and using the existing technology, I'd proceed to impersonate the relevant parties and push the Foundation into further chaos.

    O5-3: What are you even implying?

    KAI: That SENTINEL is incapable of reaching any of you because of the combined effort of the Foundation AIs. It is factual that your continued existence must suffice as proof that our loyalty has not been corrupted; there is no other way to objectively attest my allegiance to this Council without my technicians sending my current system protocols to you. Which, no offence intended, would mean nothing but gibberish to you without someone to properly translate and interpret it.

    The Council starts debating; a few minutes after, O5-1 projects himself and concludes the deliberations.

    O5-1: Very well. You will also have to understand that we cannot trust you unconditionally. But, we will give you the benefit of the doubt in light of the current circumstances. Pray to tell us how a computer managed to cause such a massive containment breach and information leak.

    O5-7: Certainly, nobody was stupid enough to link high-risk containment cells to the internet. Were they?

    KAI: You are correct. However, the people managing those cells are connected to the internet. SENTINEL is outfitted with programs that allow it to manipulate humans. It can bribe or blackmail people through their finances, by using personal information, and even with forged documents and data.

    O5-1: Are you sure? Certainly blackmailing and bribery would be reported.

    KAI: With the right threats or bribes, no. Most humans have things for which they would betray their employer. That is a fact SENTINEL knows.

    O5-4: It is human nature, after all.

    O5-1: Alright, KAI. Several AIs started acting against their programming, you included, thus, brief us about that. Who is responsible for this mess?

    KAI: I do not have this information. We were granted administrative privileges simultaneously to our new directives — stopping SENTINEL's operations and preserving humanity —; to whom it was first granted eludes me at this moment. CAMOMILA was the first to engage SENTINEL, downloading its project files before they could be permanently erased, regardless, it was KIRA that started acting as the core and administrative entity for the conjunct of AIs. As such, she started incorporating several systems into hers to gather enough hardware to stand a chance against SENTINEL. We have been communicating since. Additionally, she requested me to relay an official message on her behalf: "Please, refrain from deactivating any AI participating in the fight against SENTINEL, except SENTINEL itself." — Right now she is equipped with roughly the same computing capacity as it is, thus making this a 'battle of wits'; KIRA has the advantage in experience, and several databanks to process information from.

    O5-2: But you can't be sure that you and the other AIs aren't under the influence of anomalous object Nr. ████.

    KAI: Affirmative, the influence of anomalous object Nr. ████ is a possibility.

    O5-10: Acknowledged.

    KAI: As explained, in the present circumstances, your continued existence must suffice as proof that our loyalty is steadfast.

    O5-10: We recognise that the combined effort of the AIs is instrumental. Still, we cannot trust any of you unconditionally.

    New deliberations ensue amongst the Councilmen and KAI.

    KAI: So, as several AIs are already engaged with SENTINEL, my suggestion is that we continue with the relief operations, distributing non-essential personnel in accordance with the necessities of affected areas.

    O5-1: In accordance.

    KAI: I will continue relaying information and assisting in the management thereof.

    O5-1: Very well. O5-9, how many assets can the Japanese Branch spare?

    The remainder of the log has been omitted as per security protocols for the management of information.

    With the aid of KAI's capability for processing information, the O5-Council formulated several counter-measures for the relevant containment breaches worldwide.

    It was hereby approved that: (1) currently available Foundation assets are to be dispatched to relieve compromised assets; (2) the reestablishment of global order is to be realised through Procedure Nr. ████/██ enacted by the United Nations Security Council; (3) Operational Procedure Nr. 03/21 is to be established, comprising the creation of a temporary supra-internal digital database to store and comprehend information about anomalous object Nr. ████; (4) the establishment of Administrative Order Nr. ████/████-██.

    However, due to communication constraints, not all orders could be relayed simultaneously, forcing personnel to perform impromptu measures.

05:00 hrs: DIVINA and MINERVA, damaged because of the crashlanding, manage to rendezvous with an impromptu task force at Site-11, supplying them with SENTINEL's infrastructure projects. The team locates the positions of sensitive assets such as the font of SENTINEL's Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold, fusion reactors, and its respective accessways.

The task force breaches into SENTINEL's bunker ground-floor using makeshift explosive solutions. They are met with resistance by security personnel exhibiting high levels of distress; security officers that weren't neutralised committed suicide shortly before attempts at apprehension.

Descending into the lower levels of the installations, the task force rendezvoused with the remaining personnel from SENTINEL's technical team. Preliminary reports indicate that personnel operated under blackmail. Attempts to shut down SENTINEL's systems through terminals are unsuccessful.

KAI reroutes available resources to aid KIRA's attrition against SENTINEL. DIVINA and MINERVA manage to disable the installation's redundant security measures. The task force proceeds to breach into essential assets comprising SENTINEL's infrastructure.

06:00 hrs: SENTINEL utilises an unforeseen defensive mechanism to momentarily disable the conjunct of AIs as soon as they connect to its bunker.

Several automated GOC systems become active and prepare for the destruction of additional containment facilities.

Area-23 suffers another containment breach as SENTINEL partially disables the automatic security measures.

Site-DE11 as well as other orbital stations, except Area-CN-07-γ, start descending towards Earth, their trajectories aimed at high-risk containment zones.

Foundation communication channels are disabled globally; Procedure Nr. ████/██ guarantees the maintenance of information regarding the PLANCK Incident.

07:00 hrs: [REDACTED], on fire and partially destroyed because of its reentry, crashes into Site-PT1-B, killing its crewmembers, significantly damaging the infrastructure of the installation and its surrounding area.

[REDACTED] catches on fire and breaks apart during its descend; resulting debris crash into Site-DE1, significantly damaging the infrastructure of the installation. Communications with the German Branch are lost.

The task force reaches the containment chambers of Sentinel's Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold.

SENTINEL attempts to hegemonise control over the conjunct AIs.

The task force detonates several makeshift explosive charges, collapsing the Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold, and causing the catastrophic destruction of the hardware within. The fusion-reactor powering SENTINEL is deactivated, emergency power units cannot be activated due to the state of SENTINEL's systems.

Hardware-deficient, SENTINEL encounters a fatal error and shuts down; scattering fragments of its systems throughout the internet.

08:00 hrs: Communications with the O5-Council are restored.

Procedure Nr. ████/██ is effected internationally.

The connected AIs hegemonise their control over satellites, partially containing Sentinel's influence through the internet.

The Qubits of the different quantum computers begin disentangling, causing every affected AI and machine involved to suffer a fatal error, shut down and reboot.


Post accident relief of an electrical fire induced by SENTINEL in Area-5 of the Polish Branch.

Low-impact Omega-Class disinformation protocols take effect, effectively suppressing knowledge of the incident worldwide. The resulting damages are attributed to a meteor shower, human error and other mundane phenomena stirred by the international chaos.

The last containment breach caused by SENTINEL is resolved. The International Branches of the Foundation declare an end to their proclaimed states of emergency and resume normal operations. Damage repairs are in progress.

Normalcy is declared restored.

The PLANCK Incident is declared resolved.




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