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Item #: SCP-5399

Object Class: Safe Euclid/Pending

Special Containment Procedures: A single dormitory room in the D-Class residential wing of Site-19 has been refitted for low-security humanoid containment including a controlled access airlock. Containment shifts are for a duration of eight hours and are assigned in a round-robin format to all personnel residing in the wing. At the conclusion of a containment shift, outgoing personnel is not to leave the cell until their relief has crossed the threshold of the chamber.

At no time is the containment chamber of SCP-5399 to be left unattended or unoccupied. All personnel assisting in the containment of SCP-5399 are barred from carrying headphones, earplugs, or any other device which may interfere with aural acuity. If any member of containment personnel is experiencing either chronic or acute hearing impairment, they are to be immediately exempted from containment rotation until the precipitating condition is cleared.

Due to the nature of SCP-5399, shifts are now limited to a maximum duration of two hours for both containment personnel and security.

Any personnel assigned to the containment of SCP-5399 who are unable to hear the buzzing of a singular fly are to report this to site command immediately. Additionally, any personnel that is not assigned to containment and report a persistent, insect-like buzzing for a period greater than thirty minutes should report this to site command immediately.

Description: SCP-5399 is an antimemetic Musca domestica (common housefly) whose presence can only be inferred rather than directly observed. The typical methods of inference include a persistent but erratic buzzing common to houseflies, and occasional tactile sensations such as the presence of the insect on exposed skin.

SCP-5399 must, at all times, be inferred. Otherwise the object will demanifest and reappear at another location which will allow it to be inferred. There are currently no known means of containing or limiting this effect.

The evidence demands that SCP-5399 be reclassified to Euclid and amended to include its secondary effect. It is clear from the events recorded in Amendments 5399.1, 5399.2, and 5399.3 that there are additional psychological pressures and influence being exerted by the object which require a level of interaction beyond the threshold for the 'Safe' object class.

-Dr. Natalie Ellingbrook

Dr. Ellingbrook, the events of amendments 1, 2, and 3 are a tragic affirmation that we cannot let our guard down after establishing preliminary containment procedures and nothing more. Our analysts and containment specialists have assured me that our procedures are adequate to contain the object and your proposal represents a dramatic over-allotment of resources which, obviously, could be better spent elsewhere. Your proposed changes have been declined.

-Lead Researcher Chalmers

Dr. Chalmers, this is an irresponsible aversion to the evidence. I must insist that this matter be brought before the Classification Committee as soon as possible and I have CC'd you with a copy of my submission to be put on their agenda. I believe strongly enough in this matter to risk political capital and assurances you've received are not enough to dissuade me. There is more going on here than you're willing to admit to and I will not have a repeat of what happened at Site-35.

-Dr. Ellingbrook

Re: Re: Re: update blah blah
I guess we'll find out at the committee meeting. It's just a fly. One long-lived, hard to observe fly. But just a fly.


Re: Re: Re: Re update blah blah
You've never spent eight hours in a room with nothing but a fly's buzzing.


Foreword: On 2019-10-10, Foundation Site-35 indicated it had entered a Code Delta1 emergency state. Emergency relief crews were dispatched and confirmed an uncontrolled fire had consumed the majority of the facility. As Site-35 was primarily a research site, the loss of property was generally confined to specialized equipment and paper records.

Although the majority of on-site servers were destroyed in the fire, several drives in the security array were intact which provided relevant information about the destruction of Site-35. That footage has been appended to this document and transcribed below.

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