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The following document is to be preserved as an instance of mistreatment toward self-repairing humanoid anomalies. All names of personnel in this document have been falsified to maintain anonymity. Several tests from the testing logs in this document have been removed. This has been done to highlight specific negligent decisions. For the full, unaltered document, please contact the RAISA by dialing 8124 on your SCiPNet intercom.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-5398-D

Object Class: Decommissioned (previously Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: No containment procedures are needed.

Description: SCP-5398 was a 16 year old male humanoid of Sri Lankan descent, formerly known as Mihindu Fonseca. SCP-5398 was capable of regenerating lost cells at an accelerated rate. While the rate of regeneration differed depending on the type of cell, it was found to regenerate at least 10 times the rate of baseline humans.

Discovery: On March 13th, 2018, SCP-5398 was in a motor vehicle accident in Galle, Sri Lanka, which resulted in 4 casualties and 2 injured, including SCP-5398. Upon arrival at Asiri Hospital Galle, first responders and medical personnel began to report signs of accelerated regeneration. Foundation agents embedded within the hospital quickly used cover story Chi-421 to extract SCP-5398 from the facility. Amnestics were used as needed. Foundation agents were able to confirm that SCP-5398 did possess enhanced regenerative capabilities during transport.


Addendum-5398-1: 26 hours following test #28 (see Testing), SCP-5398 began to report increasingly great pain from its left inner elbow. Upon examination via the camera placed on its armband, it was seen that while the discoloration caused by the necrotizing fasciitis infection was visible, cell death was found to be heavily slowed. This resulted in SCP-5398's regenerative properties being capable of regenerating cells at a rate faster than the cell deaths. It was also seen that the infection was beginning to spread to further areas of SCP-5398's arm. The fail-safe for the procedure was immediately enacted.5 While the procedure was completed without any complications, upon regeneration, the limb was unchanged in regards to the infection. A state of emergency was called with regards to SCP-5398, and testing was expedited for the purpose of removing the necrotizing fasciitis bacteria within SCP-5398. SCP-5398 was also to remain in its provisional containment during this time.

Addendum-5398-2: On March 29th, 2018, the following Decommissioning Department mandate was approved by the Ethics Committee:

Notice: The following section was added to this document following the decision to preserve it.


I am Eleonora Grosse, the, at the time of SCP-5398's termination, Chairwoman of the Ethics Committee. Following the reading of the prior sections of this document, you are most likely appalled by the actions of the Foundation, and rightfully so. That is the reason why I, personally, am editing this document, to apologize for what we have done. Apologize for the medications it was refused, for the allowance of test #28, and especially for the termination of an otherwise benign anomaly. I have not only come to apologize, but also show you what precautions have been taken to ensure this is not repeated. There will always be lapses in ethical judgement. What we must do is remember them, and prevent them.

— Elenora Grosse, Chairwoman, Ethics Committee

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