Item #: SCP-5395

Object Class: Safe

Artistic depiction of SCP-5395-C created following test #3.

Special Containment Procedures: The server room containing SCP-5395 has been repurposed as a containment chamber. Access is only to be allowed for project staff.

Tests with SCP-5395 are to be pre-approved by the current research curator. Update: By the direct order of O5-2, testing with SCP-5395 is prohibited.

Description: SCP-5395 is a spatial rift localized within the server room of the RAISA Central Department in Milford, Connecticut. Individuals approaching within one meter of SCP-5395 begin to experience vivid visual hallucinations with no apparent pattern or meaning until they are removed from the object's vicinity. When a person touches SCP-5395, their life signs cease. After several hours, the biological processes in the subject's body are spontaneously restored, and the subject regains consciousness.

Affected individuals report that following contact with SCP-5395, they are transported to a location designated SCP-5395-A, where they remain until regaining consciousness. Subjects describe SCP-5395-A as a deserted location of enormous size with white terrain; the sky is reportedly covered with brightly colored cloud-like clusters composed of a variety of objects.1

SCP-5395-A also contains a large number of multicolored spherical objects of variable diameter2 made of an unknown material (SCP-5395-B). These spheres levitate at a height of several meters and are interconnected via a system of narrow, elastic tubes visually reminiscent of human neuron connections. These tubes have been observed to undergo short periods of rapid, rhythmic constriction, transferring an unidentified substance between instances of SCP-5395-B.

SCP-5395-A also houses a large3 creature (hereby SCP-5395-C) with an indeterminate number of limbs. SCP-5395-C moves in a manner similar to quadrupedal animals and is capable considerable speed. The entity is hostile towards human subjects (see Testing Log). No further information regarding SCP-5395-C has been documented thus far due to its aggressive behavior.

SCP-5395 manifested on 2020/02/23 following a failure of defensive memetic constructs implanted in the Foundation intranet, resulting in the partial leakage of several infohazardous anomalies into the RAISA server system.

Addendum: Testing Log

Test #1

Subject(s): D-1325

Time in SCP-5395-A: Two hours

Summary: Shortly after appearing, D-1325 began inspecting SCP-5395-B as instructed. The subject pulled one of SCP-5395-B down by the tubes and saw different colors, objects, and shapes moving within its solid surface. After touching the sphere, D-1325 started to visualize images of unknown persons and events with no apparent context. The inspection of other SCP-5395-B gave similar results.

Shortly before his return, the subject noticed SCP-5395-C roaming at a large distance and occasionally striking the spherical objects. The entity did not notice the subject and roamed away soon after the encounter. Notably, D-1325 used the adjective "grim" several times while describing SCP-5395-C in the initial interview.

After the test, it was established that the subject became well-versed in trends of surrealism in pictorial art and could remember many theses of French philosopher Édouard Le Roy despite not being familiar with his works in the past.

Test #3

Subject(s): D-1325, D-4942

Time in SCP-5395-A: Three hours

Summary: Upon emerging, subjects began exploration. D-4942 observed multiple objects and items falling down from the clusters in the sky. The objects were then absorbed by SCP-5395-B before hitting the ground. On several occasions, SCP-5395-B ejected items or shapes that then rose to the sky instead. While exploring the area, the subjects could hear musical compositions of different genres and composers, which were played several at a time with varying volumes. It was later established that the music was coming from one of the clusters that consisted of musical instruments, tape-players, gramophones and vinyl records.

The individuals then came across SCP-5395-C. D-4942 hid under the spherical objects and was able to stay undetected. The subject reported being overwhelmed by feelings of dread, fear of death, and hopelessness when the entity was passing nearby. SCP-5395-C noticed D-1325 shortly after and began moving towards the subject. D-1325 attempted to escape by jumping on one of the SCP-5395-B but failed as the sphere fell down and shattered. D-4942 reported that a clot composed of various items, folders with texts, images, and lights emerged from the sphere as D-1325 fell to the ground unconscious. The entity lost interest in the subject and wandered away shortly after.

After the subjects returned, D-1325 did not regain consciousness and entered a comatose state. Several employees stationed at the RAISA department demonstrated awareness of facts and persons related to D-1325's life despite not having contacted with the subject or having read the related documentation previously. D-1325 resides in the Site's medical department under supervision.

Test #6

Subject(s): D-4942, D-4830, D-3739

Time in SCP-5395-A: One hour

Summary: Following a brief exploration, the subjects arrived at a slope that contained an unusually large number of SCP-5395-B. Reportedly, the spheres in this area were arranged in a circle split by three lines leading to its center. The subjects began inspecting SCP-5395-B; D-4830 noted that SCP-5395-C could be seen nearby. D-4942 panicked and urged the subjects to leave the area. D-3739 protested due to his desire to finish the mission, and a conflict ensued.

As the entity started approaching the subjects, D-4830 became agitated as well, and an argument escalated to a physical confrontation. At this moment, the individuals hit several tubes holding SCP-5395-B, which resulted in them striking against each other and shattering upon impact. More than a hundred spheres were destroyed during the following chain reaction. Clots that emerged from SCP-5395-B upon their destruction formed a large cluster, which consisted of files, folders, laboratory equipment, weapons, boxes, chains, and cages of various sizes. The cluster then rose into the sky near the other ones.

A minute later, a large number of items, mainly documents, started pouring down from the newly formed cluster. Surviving local SCP-5395-B subsequently absorbed all documentation; their elastic tubes began to constrict immediately after the fact.

Following the subjects' return, an SCP-5395-related incident occurred. For additional detail, refer to the respective addendum.

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