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Close-up of a dormant SCP-5393-A whale specimen.

Item #: SCP-5393

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its location and size, there is no method to contain SCP-5393 in its current form. The area around SCP-5393 and surrounding areas have been turned into Provisional Site 34.

The information campaign 5393.34 “High Radiation Levels” has been initiated and expeditions into the Mariana Trench around Provisional Site 34 from unauthorised personnel have been prohibited. There is to be constant surveillance on the entities in SCP-5393 in the case of abnormal behavior.
Experiments regarding SCP-5393-A have been denied following statements from the Wilson’s Wildlife Solutions Aquatics Team.

Description: SCP-5393 is the designation given to an area approximately 4000m below sea level, located near the Mariana Trench. Sightings have reported large structures made of osseous matter in SCP-5393, as well as the several animate endoskeletons of various fish, sharks, whales and humans.

Following notes written by Elizabeth Crane1, SCP-5393 entities seem to be controlled by an infectious microalgae, designated SCP-5393-A. This microalgae has the ability to travel and secure itself onto organic matter. After first contact has been made, SCP-5393-A will decay the cartilage and muscle around the body, eventually reaching the desired endoskeleton. It will then reanimate it, and transport it to SCP-5383.

Addendum 53.35
The following email correspondences are between Senior Researcher Dr. Michael Lynx and Wilson’s Wildlife Solutions Employee Elizabeth Crane.

Addendum 53.36

A note inside a glass bottle was recovered at Provisional Site 34.

Addendum 53.37

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