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Item#: SCP-5392

Object Class: Pending1

Special Containment Procedures: At time of writing, discovery is less than an hour old. Foundation webcrawlers are to ping any mentions of SCP-5392 to Site-26 for assigning to the appropriate MTF or unit to handle amnestic treatment.

Description: SCP-5392 is a faster-than-light spacecraft that has been perceived by Foundation satellites to be currently in orbit at 900km above sea level. Research is ongoing.

~Note: This just started and is moving very quickly. I'll update this with information as it comes in. ~Junior Researcher Mason Hedge.

Addendum 5392-1:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Security Log - Site 262 - Mission Control Main Observation Room - 10:05 AM MST>

Multiple people are peering over screens and running around or looking over each other's shoulders as they work. Some are watching the main screen at the front of the room, others are intently watching their computers, or looking over the shoulder of someone who is. A door to an adjacent room opens and Site Director Nate Ferris steps out and begins to address the room.

Site Director Nate Ferris: Hello everyone? Can I get your attention please? I apologize for having you brought here under short notice and little explanation. Here's what we know so you're all brought up to speed.

At nine-fifty am, our time, the HEIMDALL satellite detected a UAP travelling one-point-two times the speed of light in our solar system. Now, it was built to detect FTL outside of Earth's atmosphere, but its sensors showed an object moving faster than light, originating in the city of Othello, Washington in the United States, and ending in a position over nine-hundred kilometers above sea level, well over most satellites, but within range of certain telecommunications satellites. We thought it was an error until we received reports of an explosion near the originating point. We don't know much yet about the area so our nearest Foundation agent is en-route to investigate.

The UAP itself has settled into an orbit around the earth and is not in danger of colliding with any satellites, Foundation or otherwise. We're still getting imagery of the UAP so we're waiting on that.

As far as we know, we're the only ones who know about this, but seeing as multiple countries are constantly monitoring space as part of early warning systems against nukes and the like, to say nothing of their space agencies, we won't be the only ones for long.

Any faster-than-light travel is considered anomalous by the Foundation as it is currently not explainable by the laws of physics. If we learn the craft is using anomalous or even non-anomalous means of propulsion, then our objective is to retrieve it. We currently have retrieval units on launchpads beginning emergency launch procedures but they won't launch yet. The decision to retrieve will be based on our information. If the UAP was not going faster than light at all, then we correct the error in HEIMDALL and let the world governments act as they may. We need more information. Where are we on imagery?

Satellite Operator Stacy Lee: Image is coming in through SENTINEL-3, but it's extremely high resolution so it needs time to process the image. Estimated time of download, ninety seconds.

Site Director Nate Ferris: Keep on it. Any word from our assets inside NASA or ROSCOSMOS?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley:
<raising his headset microphone with his hand.> Still waiting for word from Iota-103 sir, and I've got Agent Nguyen on the line saying he's just arrived at the explosion site in Othello. He'll keep me posted.

Site Director Nate Ferris: Tell him I'm sorry we pulled him from his vacation, and to focus on what caused the explosion. We want to focus on confirming whether it's true FTL or not. Do we know if it's sending a signal anywhere? Some kind of ground control on Earth?

Communications Analyst Gina Morris: There's a constant 5Ghz radio-wave that we can detect sir, but I'm not picking up anything on local frequencies in the Othello region… wait… one moment… <Morris intently stares at her screen> sir, one of our webcrawlers has picked up a livestream claiming to come from the satellite. I'm not sure if this is legit though.

Site Director Nate Ferris: Put it on the big screen. We'll know in a sec.

<The large monitor in the room shows a YouTube livestream showing an elderly bearded man, approximately sixty years old, sitting down in what appears to be a spacecraft. There are various consoles on the interior of the ship, but due to the low quality of the stream, the writing is too pixelated to read. The man is wearing a mechanic jumpsuit with the embroidered nametag reading 'Albert' and the emblem for 'Maple Auto Repair' is shown.>

Livestream Audio: -theoretical maximum speed with this baby is 1.5c, but I didn't exceed 1.25c during launch. Okay, what is c? c is the speed of light. You remember that famous equation from Albert Einstein? e equals m-c squared? In that equation, he's talking about how energy and mass are basically the same thing, and c, is a constant expression for converting mass to energy. It's not like converting Celsius to Farenheit though, but that's getting off-topic-

Site Director Nate Ferris: Who the hell's he talking to?

Communications Analyst Gina Morris: Director, he's speaking with the people commenting on his livestream. They're asking questions, or calling him fake, or asking for more evidence.

Site Director Nate Ferris: How big an audience are we talking?

Communications Analyst Gina Morris: <Takes the livestream out of fullscreen, the amount of current viewers is shown as: '36 watching now'>

Site Director Nate Ferris: Leave this on-screen. Gina, send a priority request to MTF-Gamma-54on my authority. We need to nip this in the bud. Tell them we still want visibility into the stream but no one else. McCawley, get an engineering team in here for analysis to review everything in the video, and somebody figure out how to talk to this guy!

Livestream Audio:<continues> -all in all, I'm hoping NASA gets their eyes on this. I sent them a link to the stream through their publicly available email address. I really hope they pick me up for making this in the future with other engineers and eventually, go to Mars and beyond. It's all that much closer everyone! We can go to Mars in twelve minutes instead of twelve years! <He wipes a tear from his face.> You know, Chris Hadfield was right, tears don't fall, they just stay on your eyes. I'm so happy, this is the greatest day of my life!

<End Log>

Addendum 5392-2:

DATE: 31/5/2024
FROM: Site Director Nate Ferris <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>
TO: O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>
SUBJECT: Re: 5392 update

I have a few minutes so I'm writing this email to update you all on our progress.
First, our engineering team has confirmed it's nothing like any traditional chemical engines. It's not a rocket, the means of propulsion doesn't have any groundwork that our engineers are familiar with. Not chemical, nuclear, or even any known means of anomalous propulsion. It's still up in the air whether or not the ship 'Tachyon Express' is anomalous in nature.

Second, our agent has confirmed that the pilot is Albert Maple, a mechanic from Othello WA, where the original explosion occurred. He's described as an enthusiastic hermit by the locals, eager to help them with their cars, but was also described as 'extremely chatty and geeky'. Local HAZMAT teams confirmed no usage of any dangerous chemicals or material typically used to fuel spacecraft. They did however find press brakes, sheet metal, mylar, and other materials and machines used for the construction of spacecraft. The Village Idiots5 are working on the ground to amnesticize and disseminate misinformation, so we're mostly contained. The Herrings are still tracking down and amnesticizing everyone who saw the livestream, but this is well within their ability so I'm not worried. They've blocked the livestream to all except a few accounts we have access to and are spoofing the count so the pilot doesn't notice any drop in viewership.

We've also got a way to talk to the pilot in the works. In order to perform his livestream, Mr. Maple had to hijack a nearby commercial telecommunications satellite. We've gained control of the satellite and from there, we're working to gain control of the computer the pilot is using to livestream, but a more important priority is making sure no one else can hijack communications from us.

On that note… we've noticed some major world governments and agencies focusing on the craft. Satellites pointing cameras, missile silos on standby, etc. They're trying to communicate with the ship as well, but efforts so far have failed. Iota-10 has tried to mislead or otherwise sabotage their efforts, but they're spread way too thin as far as space agencies are concerned. We're past the point of no return for at least 10 countries and 5 space agencies. The GOC has reached out, presumably in good faith, offering to destroy the vessel, but they are respecting the 'dibs' clause in the TAO Treaty6. We're returning their gesture by keeping them in the loop as it's uncertain whether or not their offer will be needed. More than likely, they want the FTL technology as much as we do. We'll keep the diplomacy going for now as we don't benefit by being hostile or dismissive to them. Besides, we need them to keep UN-joined countries off our backs. It's not a perfect solution, but it's working for now.

We're also trying to see if we can hijack the spacecraft itself, but based off what Maple has been speaking about in his livestream, he has four redundant navigational computers onboard (standard in most spacecraft) and implied that the livestream computer was separate from any other ship systems. If this is correct, then we have no conventional way of gaining control of the craft, not at the moment at least.

As for who will be speaking with Maple, I've designated our communications analyst McCawley. I've chosen him because he used to be a police hostage negotiator so he has the experience for coaxing the pilot to come down to Earth. He'll be posing as a NASA SATCOM operator and his goal will be to get Maple to land close to somewhere we can retrieve him. We're working on the logistics of that.

On another note, we received a communique from the US Space Force stating that we have no business meddling in affairs that aren't anomalous in nature, and that we should butt out and taking over a commercial satellite was an egregious error on our part. We're ignoring them for the moment to let the GOC calm them down, but this is going to be an international free-for-all if we're not careful. Everyone wants their hands on this technology, and Maple is surprisingly not talking about how the FTL drive works. He's ranting and talking about sci-fi, future implications, how annoying it was to set up the software he's using, but nothing about the workings of the drive. My guess is that he won't share anything until he gets his wish, a job with NASA.

I'm being pulled away, will update later.
-Site Director Ferris

Addendum 5392-3:

<Begin Audio Transcript - First communication with 'Tachyon Express' - 10:45 AM MST>
Interviewed: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as 'POI-5392-1'

Interviewer: Santiago McCawley, Site 26 Communications Analyst.

Foreword: POI-5392-1 was contacted prior to this conversation through a Google Voice phone number they had set up for their auto repair business. POI-5392-1 was given directions to transmit on a secure communications channel for further audio communication. The livestream was playing at the same time as the conversation and any behavior displayed by POI-5392-1 on that stream is noted here for clarity.

POI-5392-1: I think I've got it working now. Testing? Come in Houston?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Houston here, before we continue I want you to check on your systems right now. Do you have a means of monitoring oxygen and carbon dioxide in your cabin?

POI-5392-1: Aww this is so cool, yeah CO2 levels are less than one percent, I've got enough filters up here for a few days if need be. O2 holding steady between twenty and twenty-one percent.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Are you experiencing any medical symptoms? Trouble breathing, headaches, pain anywhere?

POI-5392-1: Oh Houston, that's a great question, I'm not seeing any pain right now. I'm seeing flashes of white light, but that's actually considered normal. Fun fact, at this altitude, radiation can pass through your retina which causes the white light. They're called GCRs and for a while astronauts were too afraid to talk about it because it would mean being dis-

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Express, let's stay focused. Do you have food and water? And while you're talking about radiation, do you have a Geiger counter?

POI-5392-1: Ah, my bad Houston, god it feels good to say Houston out loud, Anyway I have three days worth of rations and water. Currently, I'm experiencing four hundred microsieverts of radiation. It goes up and down, but that's where it's at now. I've got alarms set to go off it goes over seven hundred.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: How are you.. err… disposing of waste?

POI-5392-1: It's okay man, we're all adults here, no need to be so formal. As to your question, I got lazy. I made a really small airlock compartment that I sit on. All my waste gets sent into a compartment which gets depressurized and ejected into space. I have sanitary wipes to clean up after which I dispose of the same wa- oh Houston, are you watching the stream?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Express, yes we're watching the stream. We got your email and it's amazing what you've accomplished. From all of us here at NASA, we're all really proud of what you've accomplished, hang on, can we get a round of applause for Albert? <McCawley starts clapping and the entire Site-26 mission control room joins in on the applause which lasts for several seconds. POI-5392-1 is wiping their face with their sleeve,>You hear that sir? That's for you.

POI-5392-1: I hear it sir… I hear it loud and clear… I'm sorry I need a sec. <POI-5392-1 is seen crying for approximately one minute before taking several deep breaths and coming back to the microphone.> You still there Houston?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: We're still here Express. That being said, we need to talk about what a surprise this was. You did raise a few alarms, what with the metal object in space and no one knowing what it was or who it belonged to.

POI-5392-1: I'm sorry, I didn't get clearance for this launch. I'm hoping I can atone for that with community service eh? Wink wink? <POI-5392-1 was pronounceably winking at the camera.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I think the higher-ups were willing to do something along those lines, but one thing man, you got to tell me, what kind of magic do you have running that thing?

POI-5392-1: Oh believe me sir, I really want to tell you but I haven't seen a formal job offer letter sent to my email address. Once I get that offer, we can talk specifics.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Well is it safe? You're breaking the known laws of physics here.

POI-5392-1: Perfectly safe Houston, but one thing I need to clarify that I haven't mentioned on the stream. I basically broke physics once, not twice.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Can you elaborate? What exactly did you do?

POI-5392-1: I'm only going to explain the what and not the how, but I had to do two things. First, was go faster than c, if you thought that was hard, imagine how hard it is to return to a stable speed and orbit! I had to come up with a whole way for a spaceship to hit the brakes while going faster than light, while taking care not to exert stresses that would rip the ship, or me, apart.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: But that's the law you didn't break? How did you get around the conservation of momentum?

POI-5392-1: I didn't. I had to store all that kinetic energy somewhere, so I figured out a way to store it in… oh, well would you look at that?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Look at what Express? <no response for a few seconds, POI-5392-1 is seen on the livestream as reading their computer intently for a few seconds> Express come in?

POI-5392-1: Sorry about that Houston, I got a message on my LinkedIn profile.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Say again? Your LinkedIn profile?

POI-5392-1: Yes sir, a message from Jeff Bezos, he's offering me a job at Blue Origin with a yearly salary that's more than I've made in my entire life put together. You don't got to worry Houston, I know what I want.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Right well, I can't speak for NASA on this so this is just me talking, but please don't respond to him further.

POI-5392-1: Yes sir, if I wanted to sell out, I would have filed an application at the US patent office. I mean come on! I didn't become the modern-day Zephram Cochrane just so rich boys like him could deliver Amazon Prime to the moon!

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: If you don't mind me saying so, it's a sigh of relief that you're saying that sir. Am I to understand you created this for everyone to partake and enjoy? Not just us?

POI-5392-1: Hell yeah! I needed to see if it worked first, beyond that, I was going to make my employment with NASA contingent on me making the specs for the propulsion public domain. None of this cold-war-space-race-only-one-person-gets the tech-bullshit. I mean, I love NASA, and I understand the need to classify some rocket technology so I'm not worried about regulation, but I want to share this. The Russians, the Chinese, the private sector, everyone. Everyone should get this! Space is too important that one group should have it.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Sir, I think that that's going to be a decision for the higher-ups to make.

POI-5392-1: Well, not if I make it for them! I can send the application to the patent office right now from here, I've got a redundant computer for communications separate from the one that's running my livestream.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Sir, if you do that, virtually every nation on Earth will have access to the blueprints for what you're doing. Including the ones that are on the list of state sponsors of terror.

POI-5392-1: Houston respectfully, you don't get it. This is something to bring people together. I believe that when people see what I've done…

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: They'll make bombs that kill people faster than light. I get it Albert, but other people won't.

POI-5392-1: <frowns and looks down> Houston, you've given me a lot to think about. I'll get back to you. Tachyon Express out. <POI-5392-1 turns off their computer, ending the transmission.>

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Shortly after the communication ended. The livestream also ended, but was still monitored in case POI-5392-1 started streaming again.

Addendum 5392-4:

DATE: 31/5/2024
FROM: GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>
TO: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>
SUBJECT: Re: regarding 5392

Hello Cathy,

In regards to your 5392, I'd like to preface this by saying that we've been extremely cooperative and honored the "Dibs" clause. We feel that the Foundation is not reciprocating.

While the transcripts and imagery you have provided thus far are great, and we very much appreciate it, we've taken on an unfair burden on our end to keep the US, Russia, and China all under a lid, to say nothing of the member countries of the ESA. I can confidently say that we need more. Not just more information, but we need something we can give the aforementioned countries so they don't go off on their own and try to ground or destroy the craft.

To add to the pressure we're currently facing, various private space companies are in danger of blowing the veil by pressuring politicians or other agencies in order to put more pressure on us to do something drastic. I've had calls from the UN General Secretary, the Chinese Minister of Defense, the head of NORAD, and our bosses have definitely been on the receiving end of this pressure. Jobs are being threatened in a way that has never been done before, which is only more indicative of how drastic and urgent our request is.

The biggest thing that can be provided is a path forward. Right now, the 'Tachyon Express' has gone dark for a few hours, and the silence is deafening. Waiting for Mr. Maple to make a move is not at all a good idea as that just gives more time for pressure to build. We (meaning the Foundation and/or GOC) need to make a move. Soon. Even if the craft isn't anomalous. Speaking of which, has the Foundation considered any anomalous means of retrieval?

I would like to point out again, that destroying the craft may be the safest option. Worst case scenario, everyone goes home disappointed, but normalcy will be maintained, to say nothing of any lives potentially affected by this technology. Nonetheless, we will not do so unless we receive a greenlight from the Foundation. This is already a large enough international incident that we won't add fuel to the fire. We've enjoyed the TAO treaty too much to throw it at the wall because of a backwoods inventor with a short attention span.

Victor Eckelberg
G.O.C. Director of Relations.

DATE: 31/5/2024
FROM: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>
TO: GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>
SUBJECT:: Re: regarding 5392

Hello Victor,

The Site Director has informed me that Maple is making contact again.

I'll forward your message to him for immediate consideration. He'll likely respond once the conversation with the craft is over.

I don't envy your position, and we sincerely appreciate all you and the GOC have done in this matter. If it wasn't for our continued cooperation, this issue would likely have escalated beyond our control hours ago.

Using anomalies to try and retrieve the spacecraft, while it's being considered, it is unlikely that we will go through with it. Of the anomalies in our custody that could pull this off, most of them are not trustworthy. The ones we can coerce or trust enough aren't necessarily reliable. Furthermore, using an anomaly to retrieve the ship, while under the eye of so many world governments, would be ill-advised. To add to this, there would be the possibility of a containment breach, which is the last thing we need right now.

Catherine Long
Head of Public Outreach
S.C.P. Foundation

Addendum 5392-5:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Second communication with 'Tachyon Express' - 2:23PM MST>
Interviewed: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as 'POI-5392-1'

Interviewer: Santiago McCawley, Site 26 Communications Analyst.

Foreword: POI-5392-1 did not re-enable the livestream at start of conversation.

POI-5392-1: Come in Houston.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Tachyon Express? This is Houston. How you holding up Albert?

POI-5392-1: I mean, after our previous conversation, it's been a splash of cold water. So while I was off the phone, I've been doing some math.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Math? What kind of math?

POI-5392-1: Well, it's more that I'm trying to war-game this out, but here's what I figure. We could try and make it so that only certain countries have this technology. I don't like it, but it would be mutually assured destruction if we did, right? I mean, that worked during the cold war. Then again, all it takes is one regime change and everything's so god-damn unreliable. That leaves too much of a chance than I'm comfortable with so I'm moving on from that.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Well, we're in the same boat down here. Right now, the higher-ups are trying to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone, so that's where we're at. How are you feeling?

POI-5392-1: I could be better. I just want to know where it all went wrong.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: You haven't done anything wrong Albert, aside from not notifying the authorities. Can I be frank with you?

POI-5392-1: By all means.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Shit happens.

POI-5392-1: <mild chuckle> Sorry Houston, but that seems a bit reductive.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I mean yeah, but that's what it boils down to. You wanted to create something for the world, and you succeeded. Now it's here, and it's nothing like you imagined.

POI-5392-1: <silence>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert? You there?

POI-5392-1: I'm sorry Houston, but my mind is jumping ahead to what I'm going to do now. If I come down to Earth, whoever gets me or the engine basically has a shiny red button to blow up the world. I don't like it, but I didn't build this thing for security. Like, you know how nuclear bombs have multiple levels of checks and balances to make sure they don't go firing off accidentally or if it's ordered by someone that shouldn't have the authority? Yeah, I have none of that in here. The only hurdle is calculating trajectories, which my navigational computers can do on their own. This is a proof-of-concept vehicle-a minimum viable product. I can't stay up here forever. I only have three days of supplies here, four if I ration, but I can't ration my CO2 filters. I'll suffocate.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Sir, I have an idea.

POI-5392-1: Oh? What's that?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I can't say right now because I have to run it by some people, but if I'm right, no one will be happy, but you may get your wish. Please keep monitoring this frequency. I'll update you when I can.

<End Log>

Addendum 5392-6:

DATE: 31/5/2024
FROM: Site Director Nate Ferris <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>
TO: O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>; GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>;
CC: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>
SUBJECT: Re: Re: 5392 update

Hello All,

I'm putting all of us in one email thread so we're not all disjointed.

An idea has been proposed to me which, while it isn't perfect, solves a lot of our problems.

The U.N. would have control over any future FTL-spaceflight programs. Not NASA or any individual spaceflight organization. The Foundation would also get an FTL drive, but would require the express consent and 'launch codes' from the GOC to launch at all. This would essentially mean that FTL as designed by Albert Maple, (Henceforth referred to as the Maple Drive) even if it's not anomalous, would become public knowledge and no one country would oversee it. Rather, the U.N. would announce that they are creating their own spaceflight program. It would require three of the five senior UN member countries to launch any spacecraft, and multiple 'Trust but verify' levels of security.

This is a big decision which I can't make on my own so I need to ask that the O5's conduct an emergency vote to approve or deny. In the meantime, the UN security counsel should also have an emergency session, albeit discreetly, to discuss the safeguards that would be made and to come to a decision, fast. This takes pressure off of the GOC, advances humanity in a meaningful way, and moves forward to secure an asset which we still don't know is anomalous or not.

As far as retrieving the ship, that would be a joint retrieval effort by the Foundation and the GOC once we can get the governments in line. The Foundation will keep and contain the ship, the GOC will get custody of Albert Maple.

All of this needs to happen extremely fast. The Tachyon Express only has 68 hours of life-support, after which I don't know what Maple will do as that timer gets closer to zero. He's rational, but his situation is desperate and he knows it. I don't want to push him too far.

That's our proposal. I'll hear any other plans if you have them.

-Site Director Ferris

Addendum 5392-6:

Proposal: To cooperate with GOC to establish the 'Maple Drive' as a controlled technology as proposed by Site 26 Director Ferris.


O5-03 O5-02 O5-01
O5-06 O5-04 O5-05
O5-08 O5-07
O5-10 O5-09


Addendum 5392-7:

DATE: 01/6/2024
FROM: GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>
TO: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>; O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>; <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>
SUBJECT: Re:Re:Re: 5392 update: UN sec council update

Hello All,

The UN Security Council convened late last night. There was a lot of yelling and assertions until the end when they agreed that they didn't trust each other enough for individual countries to have their own FTL programs. The Maple Drive is staying at the UN level. They plan on picking this up again in the morning. (Relative to your time, Director Ferris)

The lobbying and political hammering from countries has lessened drastically now that they have something they can do about it. As for the private sector, when it was learned that FTL would be handled at the U.N. level, they are working with us rather than pressuring us and now want to discuss contracts. Director Ferris, you and your negotiator have my sincere gratitude for suggesting a proposal that has likely saved the jobs of many of my bosses and colleagues.

I will say, this is relatively fast-paced for a decision of this magnitude. While they are used to making quick decisions in the interest of security, quick decisions usually amount to agreeing a group of people is bad, and passing it off to NATO or the fleet allied commander or something like that. For other, more longer or involved motions, say if a country on the security council is doing something that violates the sovereignty or compromises the security of another, there's a lot more 'You don't get to do that - I'm doing it - We're going to stop you from doing it - We're still doing it,' and so on and so forth. A stalemate like that can last for weeks in deadlock.

Agreeing to multiple oversight committees was an easy decision, but deciding which countries aside from the main three superpowers (US, Russia, China) would also have oversight is tomorrow's argument. Furthermore, there was a lot of debate on what to do when a country is caught making their own FTL drive, but that went on for hours and took up most of the session. Everything was thrown around from automatic sanctions, full trade embargos and tariffs, military retaliation, etc. They were extremely undecided about that.

Furthermore, the implications of creating a space program under the UN imply that there needs to be a consensus with the UN as a whole to agree to fund the program. That will come later. We agreed to focus on restrictions, security, and mutual oversight.

They are also undecided on whether or not the Foundation should have any FTL at all, GOC oversight or not. It came down to two opposing ideas: "They already do whatever they want. Keeping this technology from them would give them a reality check and it may not even be anomalous" vs "They were the ones that proposed this in the first place and if it wasn't for them, the GOC would have destroyed the ship and we wouldn't be meeting in the first place." I will let you decide what to do with that information.

I will say, you may want to speak with Maple and try to buy some more time with his carbon dioxide filters. It has been my experience that the council can agree on broad strokes quickly but get lost in the little details.

In short, despite all the setbacks, I'm satisfied the council will come around and agree to a proposition that, while it won't please everyone, will please humanity as a whole. Albert Maple may get his wish in the end.

Victor Eckelberg
G.O.C. Director of Relations.

Addendum 5392-8:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Second communication with 'Tachyon Express' - 7:15 AM MST 6/1/2021>
Interviewed: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as 'POI-5392-1'

Interviewer: Santiago McCawley, Site 26 Communications Analyst.

Foreword: POI-5392-1 re-enabled livestream, but set the stream to unlisted so only individuals who had the link previously could view it. Given Foundation security measures and blockers, this was redundant on the part of POI-5392-1, but they didn't know that. Their actions while on camera are noted here for the record.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Come in Tachyon Express, this is Houston.

POI-5392-1: <is seen with a headset floating in zero-g behind their seat, they are eating a packed sandwich before lowering the headset microphone to talk> Morning Houston, how you doing.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I'm doing well. I've good some good news, which I've been cleared to give you.

POI-5392-1: Oh? Do tell.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: The United Nations Security Council met last night. They are agreeing to keep your model for FTL flight and subsequent development of it at the United Nations. No individual country will have it, it will be as close to an international effort as we can get it.

POI-5392-1: <smiling>That's amazing. I bet that's making some people very angry right now. You know, I'm still getting messages from Space X, Blue Origin, even my old employer Boeing. They're all congratulating me and offering me exorbitant amounts of money. At least I was last night. Nothing new this morning, but they probably get the message at this point.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Right, well, I want to discuss what would be expected of you when you end up landing back on Earth.

POI-5392-1: Let me guess, I have to teach multiple rooms of people how all this shit works?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: That's correct. You'd be speaking to people of all different countries and they would have interpreters. Apparently, engineering conversations in different languages can get finicky and you'll find yourself having to repeat yourself if you teach them all directly. The workaround is you're first going to be speaking with engineers fluent in both English, and that of their respective countries. These aren't necessarily people building the ships, they are people on the oversight committees.

POI-5392-1: Oversight committees? Houston, you're starting to lose me here.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: The UN will be building and launching the ships, but every country wants to make sure that the engines are not being built or launched in a way that's going to compromise the security of their nation. You with me so far?

POI-5392-1: Forgive me Houston, I'm trying to focus on what you're saying but it sounds like something I can learn on the ground and on the fly. Can we focus on something else?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Umm… yeah we can talk. What's on your mind?

POI-5392-1: Well Houston, something that's occurred to me here is-uh, all these nations and governments and whatever are scared shitless to the point they're actually working together. Why are you the only one that I've been talking to? Doesn't your boss want to talk to me?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Umm… well, my boss was the one that wanted me to talk to you in the first place.

POI-5392-1: Yeah, but why you? Why not the head of SATCOM or director of NASA?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Well, talking with people is sort of my job. It's my job to talk with folks from other groups in NASA or maybe in the FAA or other similar agencies to get information and relay it to my bosses so they can all make informed decisions.

POI-5392-1: I get it, you're the people person.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Okay, now you're the one being reductive here.

<A laugh is shared by both POI-5392-1 and McCawley lasting several seconds.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Can we talk about something else now?

POI-5392-1: Sure.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: The downside to all this diplomacy going on in the background is that all these folks are arguing. If you came down to Earth while they were arguing, it may be jumping the gun a bit. You understand?

POI-5392-1: Right, if I come back too early and the UN has a half-cocked plan, it could backfire.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Exactly, so right now, we need to talk about ways to clean off your dirty CO2 filters. I've got some instructions here from one of our teams.

POI-5392-1: There's still the food issue and water issue.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: You may have to ration - Hang on Albert - my boss is trying to get my attention. <several seconds pass> Albert, I need you to listen to me very closely. Are you there?

POI-5392-1: What's going on.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Someone, I don't know who, has launched a missile. It is on an intercept course with the Tachyon Express.

POI-5392-1: Oh shit, oh shit, oh-

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, you cannot panic. If you panic, you die. We need to work the problem.

POI-5392-1: <slows their breathing> Okay, okay, how much time do I have?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Two minutes, five seconds.

POI-5392-1: <starts taking deep breaths and starts looking around the cabin.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: The livestream is on Albert. What are you looking for? I can try to help.

POI-5392-1: Notebook. Green. Small. Had a bunch of information I need to input trajectory.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: You're going to use the drive again?

POI-5392-1: <raising his voice> Are you going to help me or not?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I-yeah-okay-uh, I see something green in the bottom left corner of the screen. It's free floating, you see it?

POI-5392-1: <Floats over to the monitor to review, then looks at the object> Yeah, that's it thanks. <POI-5392-1 begins frantically flipping through the notebook before stopping at a page and moving over to their navigational controls.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Alber-

POI-5392-1: <shouting> Not now! <POI-5392-1 is seen typing frantically onto a keyboard before muttering to themselves> Delta V of… fuck is that a three or an eight, whatever, eight it is. <flips to another page before alarms start sounding.> Well there's the proximity alarm! <POI-5392-1 lets go of notebook and climbs handrail to reach a button on the other side of the cabin. The alarms cease, and POI-5392-1 returns to the console, clamoring to grab the notebook and flipping to another page> Houston! Time!

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Sixty seconds.

POI-5392-1: <returns to typing in console> Okay, I think I'm good, no, shit that's a negative. I have to fix that. <POI-5392-1 is seen hitting the arrow keys to go to a previous part before hitting the backspace button.> Really wish I brought a mouse!

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Forty seconds.

POI-5392-1: All good on navigation, I've got to run the startup checks.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: How much time will that take?

POI-5392-1: They're important! I don't need this right now!<POI-5392-1 rapidly removes their headset and moves toward the front of the cabin, closer to the camera.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: <Shouting> Albert! Damn it Albert! Put your headset back on!

<End Log>

Addendum 5392-9:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Security Log - Site 26 - Mission Control Main Observation Room - 7:21 AM MST>

<The mission control room shows a dozen people at their stations. The large screen at the front of the room shows two windows. One showing the livestream of Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as POI-5392-1, referencing a notebook and operating controls out of the view of the camera. The other monitor window shows a missile on path to intercept with the Tachyon Express.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: <standing up and shouting> Albert! Damn it Albert! Put your headset back on!

Site Director Nate Ferris: McCawley, he can't hear you. Let him work. Where are we on countermeasures?

Communications Analyst Gina Morris: Nu-77 launched an interceptor already but it's not going to make it.

Satellite Operator Stacy Lee: Thirty seconds to impact. Sir, the projectile's not on an intercept course! It's path is above the craft.

Site Director Nate Ferris: What the-

Satellite Operator Stacy Lee: <shouting> New contact! Approaching at Mach eleven.

Communications Analyst Gina Morris: Message from GOC sir, new contact is theirs! They're attempting to intercept the missile with a railgun!

Satellite Operator Stacy Lee: Confirmed! Missile intercept in three-two-one-impact!

<on-screen, the GOC projectile is appears rapidly to intercept the missile. POI-5392-1 is knocked off his chair and slams face-first into the ceiling of the cabin. POI-5392-1 grabs their head in pain as their body slides off to the left of the screen, out of sight of the camera.>

Satellite Operator Stacy Lee: Sir, imaging shows Tachyon Express is now spinning hard, they're knocked off of orbit. Albert's got to be hitting some g's, he could be unconscious.

Site Director Nate Ferris: Mason, what's the new trajectory look like?

Jr. Researcher Mason Hedge: I need more data points. It's too soon.

Site Director Nate Ferris: Give me a ballpark!

Jr. Researcher Mason Hedge: Northern Hemisphere, I want to say North Pole? Could be Canada, Northern Siberia, Finland, I'll know more in a sec!

Site Director Nate Ferris: Gina, request an emergency scramble of Delta-fourteen.8 Coordinate with G.O.C. on retrieval. Hedge, give her the coordinates once you have them.

<POI-5392-1's bloodied left hand is seen coming from the left side of the screen grabbing the armrest of the pilot's seat.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Director, he's conscious!

<POI-5392-1's right hand is seen coming from the left side of the screen grabbing the armrest of the pilot's seat. POI-5392-1 then pulls themselves 'up' with a mixed grip against the direction of rotational gravity before their face becomes visible. POI-5392-1 is suffering a nosebleed, which in the amplified gravity is extremely visible as a thick red line going 'down' his face, beard, and jumpsuit.>

Site Director Nate Ferris: <muttering into his headset microphone> Come on, you son of a bitch.

<The entire mission control room watches as POI-5392-1 loops their left arm around the armrest, and reaches for the controls with his right arm. POI-5392-1 is visibly straining for reach before grabbing the armrest again with his right hand to support themselves. They attempt again to reach the controls but fails again and in the process, more blood starts to eject from their nose. Their eyes appear to be bloodshot and blinking rapidly. One more time, POI-5392-1 attempts to reach the controls, this time reaching and succeeding to make contact with the console before losing their grip and falling in the direction of gravity off to the left of the screen.>

Satellite Operator Stacy Lee: Director, SENTINEL-2 is picking up elevated heat readings from the ship.

Site Director Nate Ferris: Put the ship on-screen! <all windows on main viewer are cleared to show a live feed showing the Tachyon Express. Notably, the rear of the ship is glowing a bright yellow for less than a second before the entire ship itself disappears out of sight.> He's gone. Stacy, check HEIMDALL for FTL events. Gina, cancel request to Delta-fourteen and inform G.O.C. Hedge, find out where the missile came from. McCawley?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Sir?

Site Director Nate Ferris: Lock the doors.

<End Log>

Note: The livestream cut out right after the second FTL event. SCP-5392 was found in the exact same coordinates and altitude with the same orbital velocity as its first FTL event. Attempts to communicate were made, but the telecommunications satellite hijacked by POI-5392-1 was too far away for use. A Foundation satellite was redirected for a rendezvous course in the hopes that SCP-5392's radio would still be monitoring the encrypted frequency.

Addendum 5392-10:

DATE: 01/6/2024
FROM: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>
TO: O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>; Site Director Nate Ferris <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>; GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>
SUBJECT: Re:Re:Re:Re: 5392 update: UN sec council update - missile update

Hello All,

I got off the phone with Victor earlier today, he's taking a lot of heat and fielding questions but I'm relaying this on his behalf.

In short, we have confirmed that the missile that launched against the Tachyon Express was launched from an ICBM missile silo in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Federation. The silo was deactivated as part of a Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty in the early 2000's, and was bought by a company calling themselves (and this is translated from Russian) "Kamchatka Agriculture and Livestock". In contrast to that, the missile that was used was called a 'Volleyball' missile because it was designed to knock satellites from orbit (as opposed to destroying them) by going above them, then detonating once it left a certain proximity which would 'spike' the satellite downwards. Test rockets were made, but abandoned during the height of the cold war as being impractical. It's clear that whomever launched this intended to salvage the ship, rather than destroy it.

This has caused the UN security council to turn against Russia claiming they were trying to spike the proceedings, and violating the previously mentioned arms reduction treaty, which is setting everything back.

The missile itself tripped NORAD which caused the DEFCON level to rise. Until the US can trust Russia again, the talks regarding the Maple Drive are being put on hold. Russia is stating that they shot it down as it was a danger to the security of Russia's assets in space. They are not explaining why a previously decommissioned silo was active however.

In short, the security talks are on hold until this mess is sorted out. Do we have any leads as to who launched it?

Catherine Long
Head of Public Outreach
S.C.P. Foundation

Addendum 5392-11:

Foreword: The following is a transcript of a phone call between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Kazimir Ivanov and Department of Public Outreach Head, Catherine Long. The phone call took place approximately sixty minutes after the second SCP-5392 FTL event.

Catherine Long: Speak.

Kazimir Ivanov: Hello Ms. Long. I am contacting the Foundation on behalf of the Russian Federation with an offer.

Catherine Long: What do you propose?

Kazimir Ivanov: I propose that the Foundation has reign to send in a qualified team into the missile silo in Kamchatka to investigate the recent launch.

Catherine Long: Why would you want to investigate your own launch?

Kazimir Ivanov: We did not launch it. We told the security council that we had to maintain our position and regard.

Catherine Long: You did it to save face.

Kazimir Ivanov: That is your expression, not mine. In any event, when we sent our forces into the silo, they came out screaming and were a danger to themselves and other military personnel. It seems they were affected by an anomalous force. I'm told there was internal conflict and shooting.

Catherine Long: Why not contact the G.O.C.?

Kazimir Ivanov: We cannot use the Coalition as they report to the United Nations. You understand… this is a delicate thing we are trying to do here.

Catherine Long: I see what you are trying to do and I think your proposal has merit with one large flaw. Why would the Foundation go behind the back of the G.O.C. who has been our ally in this matter?

Kazimir Ivanov: No one is saying you are going behind their back. If you involve them, things will only get more complicated and messy, and not involving them gives them deniability they will be grateful for.

Catherine Long: Messy for Russia as well. I'll be honest, Mr. Ivanov, despite the fact that you are trying to convince us to do your dirty work, I think it will be in everyone's best interest to accept your proposal. I'll work to make the necessary arrangements on my end. In the meantime, one of our people will contact you with explicit instructions for staying out of our way.

Addendum 5392-12:

Note: After the second SCP-5392 FTL event and with approval of the Russian Federation, MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") was deployed to the missile silo in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

Mission Statement: Clear the site of any hostile individuals and investigate the missile launch.

Team Leader: Z9-Papyrus

Mission Roster:

  • Z9-Papyrus
  • Z9-Roman
  • Z9-Ariel
  • Z9-WingDing
  • Z9-Calibri
  • Z9-Helvetica
  • Z9-Bauhaus

Mission Result:

  • Foundation Casualties: 0
  • Non-Foundation Casualties (killed): 4
  • Non-Foundation Casualties (Injured): 20
  • Hostiles Encountered: 0
  • Hostiles KIA: 0

Post-Mission Summary:

We entered the silo, and encountered our first hazard about five minutes after going underground. From the Russian's description, my guess is it causes psychosis, paranoia, and violent tendencies. Hazard was neutralized by covering it up with the spray paint we use to mark passages we've been in. It's been bagged, along with other hazards we encountered for further analysis.

Further exploration of the missile silo was mostly uneventful. We saw signs of recent activity. The only evidence we were able to acquire was a metal trash can that had its contents set on fire. Some scraps we were able to pull out of the ashes revealed two things. First being that they spoke English, and secondly, they referred to SCP 5392 as 'DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-67/546-78/211'. If we can cross-reference that with anything we know about how other anomalous groups log their stuff, we'll have our answer.

As for the Russians, the hazards are nasty stuff to the un-inoculated. I recommend a Foundation medical team pay them a visit with amnestic treatment.


Addendum 5392-13:

Note: Approximately four hours after the second FTL event, Foundation Satellite SENTINEL-6 had succeeded in approach and established a rendezvous orbit with SCP-5392.

<Begin Audio Transcript - Fourth communication with 'Tachyon Express' - 11:25 AM MST 6/1/2021>
Interviewed: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as 'POI-5392-1'.

Interviewer: Santiago McCawley, Site 26 Communications Analyst.

Foreword: No livestream video provided as POI-5392-1 had no telecommunications ability apart from their radio.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Tachyon Express, this is Houston. If you're still listening, we had to move one of our satellites to get within range.

<Silence for a few seconds>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Tachyon Express?

POI-5392-1: I'm here Houston.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: We saw you in the livestream before you used the drive. Are you injured?

POI-5392-1: Yeah… I could have died. Why am I not dead?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I can tell you that a missile was shot by persons currently unknown. The reason it didn't hit you is because the American government shot it down with a railgun.

POI-5392-1: That explains why I felt the explosion sooner than you told me it was going to. I see. I'm sorry for ripping the headset off.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: It's okay Albert. It was probably for the best. We need to focus on your injuries right now.

POI-5392-1: I stopped the nosebleed, I dislocated my left shoulder-that was the only reason I was able to reach the controls and engage the drive, and I've got muscles all over that hurt from either bruising or I pulled them when I was trying to save the ship.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Good that you're still alive man. I'm going to get our house doctor to walk you through self-treatment for everything, okay?

POI-5392-1: Houston… I'm not going to be able to come home, am I?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: The world governments were having really good talks Albert. Politicians were moving fast to get on the same page about how to help you out.

POI-5392-1: Houston, the second I touch ground, I'm going to get grabbed, tortured, or straight up killed and never seen again. The ship, if it ever comes down, is going to be pulled apart and studied for ways of how to turn it into something that I wanted to avoid. I'm fucked. No two ways about it.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: That's not-

POI-5392-1: <interrupting> I just wanted to matter.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: What do you mean?

POI-5392-1: I just wanted to unite the world. Maybe achieve world peace, bring us closer to realizing our proverbial world is bigger than our actual world, and maybe be satisfied with myself. <sighs> Fuck me right?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Some hefty goals Albert.

POI-5392-1: <raises voice> Instead, I have small-minded fucks trying to blow me up and kill me or get me to sell out or tell me I matter when it's all bullshit! <starts to cry> This is bigger than them, this is bigger than all of us! It's the only… fucking thing I could do.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Do for what?

POI-5392-1: <sobbing> To change everything. To prevent stupid shit from tearing us apart. I just… I wanted to make the world better.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, I'm told that you would fix people's cars for free when they were in tight spots, that has to mean-

POI-5392-1: No, it doesn't mean anything. They would have gotten their cars fixed no matter what. Only difference being how much they paid in money, and money? Money's shit. It doesn't mean anything in a few years when it's all inflated or in a few billion years when the world decays, and it barely means anything now! This was supposed to start something that lasted, damn it! This was supposed to kick us off into expansion and figuring out what's out there and learning… oh god I sound like an idiot. I sound like a fucking idiot. I sound like an episode of Star Trek. You know what I said to myself when I started this whole project?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: What did you say to yourself?

POI-5392-1: I told myself I was going to prove nihilists wrong. Like you know how they always say 'Oh the world's going to end, nothing we do matters, people get cancer, why would I bring kids into this world' and so on? I said fuck that. I wanted to give people hope. I wanted people to wonder again. You know when I was a kid, everyone was full of curiosity during the Apollo missions and wanting to learn about what was out there and what's going to happen next and it's all gone! The wonder was all gone! Now it's all about making money and hurting people. <POI-5392-1 is crying profusely> I wanted to do something that would bring people hope. I wanted to do something before I died… I'm sixty-two years old. I wanted to matter in the time I had left, I don't have cancer or anything, I'm just scared. <POI-5392-1 is trying to calm themselves down.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Scared of what?

POI-5392-1: I'm scared that I will die, and the universe, being as big as it is, will skip me by, and my life won't mean anything. I don't care if people never learn my name, I'm not afraid of the act of dying itself. I'm aware I'm going to die one day, but I don't want to die feeling like I didn't do enough.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: You're scared of regret?

POI-5392-1: I'm scared of being inconsequential.

<Silence for several seconds>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, can I tell you something?

POI-5392-1: Go ahead, I've told you a lot.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I used to be a police negotiator. I used to handle hostage situations, kidnapping and ransom, that sort of thing. That's why they picked me to talk to you.

POI-5392-1: <scoffs> Hell of a career change.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Oh yeah, it was. I asked for the change though. It was… very stressful, but I did get to help people.

POI-5392-1: I imagine it can't have ended well all the time.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: No it didn't. My last negotiation before I left, the perpetrator was irate, violent, there was no talking him down. There were kids in the house and it wasn't a pretty sight. We needed to get in there quickly because we were pretty sure they needed professional medical help. Broken bones, internal bleeding, that sort of thing. I had to… I had to do something that, until that point, I could avoid. I had to convince the perpetrator to go to a window so our sniper could get a line of sight on him.

POI-5392-1: I'm sorry, that sounds like a difficult decision.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I didn't make that decision. My higher-ups did. They told me that trying to save the life of the perp as well as the hostages wasn't going to happen. So I convinced him that we got his demands right in front of the house, and he looked out the window to check. I can't say I had a better alternative.

POI-5392-1: Why are you telling me this?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Because a week later, in an attempt to get me to stay, my captain came to my desk and showed me a card that one of the kids had made. It said "Thanks for saving us!" and had a picture of the little girl in the hospital bed smiling and playing with a nurse. I may not have saved everyone, but… I mattered to her, and the other kids present. <sighs> Albert, my point is that what matters is relative. I'm not saying that your attempt to matter on a large scale is invalid. In fact, I think that your actions matter on a scale that neither of us fully understand, but we're human beings. We have limits. I think that there's a lot to both of our situations we couldn't really control.

POI-5392-1: <chuckles> There's a quote from Star Trek that goes well here - It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not failure, that is life.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Perfect. Albert, I really don't want to take away from the conversation, but we really do need to get your medical situation sorted for now. My colleague is going to give you instructions on how to access our satellite's wi-fi. That way, you can use the camera and our doctor can get a better look at you.

POI-5392-1: Sounds good Houston. Ready when you are.

<End Log>

Afterword: The internet and livestream aboard SCP-5392 was restored. A follow-up medical examination by the on-shift Site-26 doctor allowed for POI-5392-1 to relocate his arm. No other serious injuries were found. However, the assigned medical officer noted that, from a mental health standpoint, POI-5392 was in serious danger of a mental breakdown. Specifically: "If he worked for the Foundation, I would have him assigned to Safe-class duty and weekly therapy. That's standard practice after an injury of his scale. Not just for physical recovery, but mental recovery. I recommend asking him to keep the stream or his camera online at all times for further visual review. "

Addendum 5392-14:

DATE: 01/6/2024
FROM: GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>
TO: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>; O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>; <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>
SUBJECT: Re:Re:Re: 5392 update: UN sec council update

Hello Cathy,

We noticed a helicopter carrying a small team enter and leave the launch silo area, and to make matters worse, the Russian government let them in. The helicopter in question returned to a Foundation-controlled airfield. We've worked together long enough to recognize when we are giving each other the run-around. I've done it to you many times so that doesn't concern me.

What does concern me is that the GOC would be left out of something so public. That silo was being watched by multiple countries, but the Foundation gets to go in?

Until I get your side of the story, I'm going to assume you had your reasons. Furthermore, I need to see all the documentation concerning that excursion to further keep the international community at bay. Russia maintains that they launched the missile, but no one believes it. Not for a second.

The worst part is, other countries are being put in a position where they have to assume Russia shot it down for hostile reasons. In other words, war. Alliances are being drawn between who is siding with Russia, and not.

Furthermore, the United States is considering shooting down the Tachyon Express in order to deny Russia the proverbial golden goose. China isn't tipping their hand as to what they are doing. I'm worried, they aren't the type to hold their cards for too long. The GOC's position is being weakened due to recurring questions about whether or not the craft is anomalous. I'm not sure how long we can keep them from acting on their own.

One other issue that has come up after this recent dilemma, is that Albert has the ability to maintain orbit indefinitely and can right the ship with under two minutes notice. This makes destroying the ship with conventional means exceedingly difficult, let alone retrieval and salvage. Waiting for Albert to slowly suffocate when his filters run out won't work for a couple of reasons. It's likely that someone will make a move before then that ends this, and it will be a free-for-all to see who can salvage the ship first.

A path forward isn't going to be enough, and negotiations aren't enough. The temperature in the room is too high. The first step is getting nations to trust each other again.

Victor Eckelberg
G.O.C. Director of Relations.

Addendum 5392-15:

DATE: 01/6/2024
FROM: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>
TO: O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>; Site Director Nate Ferris <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>; GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>
SUBJECT: Missile silo excursion
ATTACHMENTS: Addendum 5392-12.pdf


I've been given permission to disclose what happened.

Apologies for giving you the run-around. It wasn't Russia, they offered to let us clear it out because they tried, but encountered risk to their own soldiers. They wanted us to keep it quiet to preserve their standing, but now that we've gone there, we have no reason to keep it quiet anymore. Attached are our findings from the silo.

If you intend to bring this to the security council, I recommend saying it was covertly acquired from us, rather than we gave it to you. Not because we want to preserve a relationship with the Russian government, but because it would sound more legitimate. I am prepared to have a fake argument with you about "your egregious acts of espionage" in front of them if need be.

Catherine Long
Head of Public Outreach
S.C.P. Foundation

Addendum 5392-16:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Fourth communication with 'Tachyon Express' - 02:25 PM MST 6/1/2021>

Interviewed: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as 'POI-5392-1'.

Interviewer: Santiago McCawley, Site-26 Communications Analyst.

Foreword: POI-5392-1 was seen on livestream working on the navigational computers while referencing the green notebook.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Come in Tachyon Express.

POI-5392-1: <lowering microphone on headset> Hey Houston. I read you.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Hey Albert, we couldn't help but notice you're working on the navigational systems like before. Are you planning a course?

POI-5392-1: No, I'm plotting a destination. Several of them actually.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: What destinations are you planning on going to?

POI-5392-1: I'm not planning to go anywhere. When you told me about the missile, I had two minutes. My proximity alarm went off maybe ninety seconds before. If you hadn't told me before, I wouldn't be alive. The only variables I need when trying to get out of Earth's orbit were latitude, longitude, distance from the center of Earth, and my relative speed on my x, y, and z vectors relative to the ship. Now, my relative speed and distance from the center is going to be the same all the time because they relate to each other, but what I'm essentially doing is creating an array of coordinates to travel to in case I need to get out of the way again.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: So you're creating an escape plan?

POI-5392-1: I wouldn't say escape. More of a plan to keep dodging than anything else. I'm thinking about rigging it directly to the proximity alarm to jump immediately in case something gets too close, but there could be so many false positives with that. Just going to have to confirm it on my end then jump to the next coordinates in the array if need be.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: That's a pretty good plan.

POI-5392-1: It's the only thing I can think to do up here other than keep checking my equipment over and over again. I like actually having something to work on.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I hope it doesn't come to the point where you need to dodge missiles again, but if it does, we can have a satellite in the next set of coordinates if need be, so there's no downtime in communications. If you can tell us where the next set is, I can make that happen.

POI-5392-1: No.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I'm sorry?

POI-5392-1: As much as that would be nice, if this is going straight to NASA, then it means that the American government is listening as well. They could send a missile to provoke me to use the drive, then have a missile ready at my next set of coordinates. Even if the American military isn't listening to this, someone else may be. I'm not going to tip my hand like that.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, this frequency is encrypted. You have my word-

POI-5392-1: It doesn't matter Houston. You're not going to convince me to change my mind on this. It costs me nothing to have this contingency in place, and if no-one knows where I'm going next, no one can anticipate it. I trust you Houston, but I don't need to tell you.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: <After being told by site director to avoid pushing the question.> All right fair enough.

POI-5392-1: Okay, all done. I need something else to do… huh, hey Houston?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Yes Albert?

POI-5392-1: Well, part of what I wanted to do was spark a new age of invention. When we colonize planets, we're going to need to face a whole new set of problems for each planet. One such problem - how are Muslims going to point their prayer rugs at Mecca from Mars?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I'm sorry?

POI-5392-1: I mean, eventually we're going to get Muslims on Mars. Also-it's really fun to say Muslims on Mars. So alliterative. I'm getting off-topic. Now Muslims are going to need a mechanism that can point to Earth, or more specifically, to Mecca. A 'Mecca'-nism if you will.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Well, they would need a device to point to it like a hi-gain antenna and a satellite in orbit around Mars to facilitate connection. It would also need to be in a fixed position, the antenna, that is.

POI-5392-1: See, you thought of that because you work at NASA. That's how NASA would solve that problem. Maybe the Iranians or some other country would genetically breed a flower that would point at Earth like how sunflowers point at the sun. That would be cool for another reason, because then it could act as a crude compass to get back to Earth. Actually, no wait, that's too crude. You can't get an accurate bearing from a bastardized sunflower. Or maybe someone will come up with some other solution that's just as amazing. I don't know what they will do, but I would have loved to see that.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, can I tell you something?

POI-5392-1: What's that?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Half my colleagues in mission control are now muttering 'Muslims on Mars' to themselves.

POI-5392-1: <laughing> You know, if the Muslims were praying real quiet, they would actually be 'Muttering Muslims on Mars'.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Hey, why stop there? We're assuming it's more than one right? Multiple muttering Muslims on Mars!

<Both McCawley and POI-5392-1 laugh>


Afterword: Notice how he said he "would have" loved to see the solution for Islamic prayer on Mars. - Comm. Analyst McCawley

Addendum 5392-17:

Foreword: The following is a transcript of a phone call between U.S. Secretary of State Horace Miller and Department of Public Outreach Head, Catherine Long. The phone call took place approximately eight hours after the second SCP-5392 FTL event.

Horace Miller: Hello, this is regarding our American citizen in orbit.

Catherine Long: We have nothing to discuss.

Horace Miller: Your daughter here would disagree.

Catherine Long: Excuse me?

Horace Miller: I'll put her on.

Beatrice Long: Hi Mommy, I'm in a limousine!

Catherine Long: That's really nice! Hey Bodie, can you remind me of something? What's your favorite park? Like what amusement park?

Beatrice Long: My favorite amusement park? That's [REDACTED]! Why are you asking?

Catherine Long: Oh, I'm having trouble remembering. What was your favorite ride again? I want to take you there next weekend.

Beatrice Long: I liked the Ferris Wheel! I like being above everyone and everything to see all of it! Will you take me there this Saturday?

Catherine Long: I'd love to do that. Can you give the phone back to the man who I was speaking with before?

<a few seconds pass>

Horace Miller: Yes?

Catherine Long: You must be really desperate if you're threatening children.

Horace Miller: Oh me? I'm not threatening anybody. The local police got a tip that your residence was being used for storing narcotics and firearms. Sure enough, they were found at the house, as well as your daughter. I have the pleasure of escorting her to the Social Services office.

Catherine Long: You motherfu-

Horace Miller: And, this is just to make sure you listen closely: we found that several of your researchers appeared to have ties to a suspicious organization, which itself has ties to terror groups and other organized crime. Under the Patriot Act, we have the right to arrest them as we see fit. It also appears that several Foundation-owned companies have ties as well to these groups. We're seizing their assets as we speak. We're not threatening anyone Ms. Long, we're just protecting our country. As for what can be done about it, we've sent instructions to your office on how to turn communications over to us. It's in our best interest to make sure that our American citizen is in good health after that spin he had. Once this is all over, you can take your daughter to that Ferris wheel knowing you did the right thing.

Catherine Long: The Foundation will not answer to-

Horace Miller: Oh Ms. Long, please don't make a threat you aren't willing to follow through on. We're at the Social Services office now. Say goodbye to your mommy, Beatrice!

Beatrice Long: Bye Mommy! See you when you get home!

Addendum 5392-18:

DATE: 01/6/2024
FROM: GOC Relations Office <||eciffosnoitaler>
TO: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>; O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>; <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>
SUBJECT: Council Update


Two things. First, I'm sorry about your daughter. I had no idea the Americans would do this. Secondly, no one cares about the missile anymore, or even that it wasn't Russia. All it proved was that Russia was lying, which we already knew. The fact that a non-state-actor managed to launch a missile to try and ground it is only making them scramble more. It doesn't help that the Americans are already jumping the gun and attacking your staff, which means that the Foundation is now a target of other countries following their example.

The Secretary-General has ordered the GOC to stand down from this matter. He says we shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place because the ship isn't even anomalous. While I firmly believe that doesn't matter, my bosses have confirmed his order and told me to cease contact.

If it helps, I managed to find the address of the office your daughter is being held at: ████████████████████████

Other than that, my hands are tied.

I'm sorry.

Victor Eckelberg
G.O.C. Director of Relations.

Addendum 5392-19:

DATE: 01/6/2024
FROM: O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>;
TO: All Site Directors <noitadnuof.pcs|ridtis#noitadnuof.pcs|ridtis>;
SUBJECT: All-Sites alert.



Due to the events regarding SCP-5392, all Foundation sites are to be put on high alert for external threats.

All Foundation researchers are to head to their assigned site if currently off-site for their own safety.

With the exception of those containing and providing proper security clearance, no other persons are allowed on-site. Lethal force is authorized to terminate intruders that breach site perimeter.

Foundation staff are to stay on-site and make arrangements to remain until further notice. Any staff wishing to contact family members not on-site are prohibited from doing so, as this gives an opportunity for extortion by any nation that wishes to gain an asset on any site.

It is unlikely that any nation will invade any Foundation site directly, as the on-site nuclear warheads, in combination with the dangerous anomalies held in containment, pose a sizable deterrent. That being said, we are seeing military action in strategic positions around some Foundation sites. While this varies from country to country, we have reason to also believe that the military personnel engaged in this manner are being told there is a hostile group at these sites, but they are being told to 'stand by' for more information.

The following solutions have been considered for a resolution to the incident, and further proposals are to be sent to O5 General Secretary and cc'ing Site-26 Director Nate Ferris.

Proposal Number Description Approved / Rejected Notes
1 Shoot down SCP-5392 to prevent further escalation. Rejected The pilot has created a system to quickly move to another location in case of another attack. Furthermore, any attempt to shoot down the craft may be intercepted by another party.
2 Direct the pilot of SCP-5392 to an exoplanet to live in exile. Rejected There are insufficient supplies onboard to survive the journey to the nearest viable exoplanet, even at its top speed.
3 Send a supply mission to SCP-5392 to buy more time Rejected The supply mission will likely be shot down. Furthermore, SCP-5392 doesn't have any reliable docking system. It has an access hatch which can be opened but there's no airlocking system to keep the cabin pressurized.
4 Direct the pilot of SCP-5392 to land near a Foundation Site for quick retrieval Rejected The increased military presence is especially concentrated near Foundation sites that could facilitate retrieval. Furthermore, the nuclear launch early warning systems that detected SCP-5392 in orbit may be able to track and detect the location on the ground.
6 Send a lethal cognitohazard to kill the pilot of SCP-5392, followed by shooting it down. Rejected While this is a better idea than just shooting down the ship, shooting the ship may result in the wreckage crashing down to Earth, and the country it lands in may be able to reverse engineer the craft. We want to keep this technology contained.
7 Using SCP-738 to teleport SCP-5392 into Foundation custody, effectively undetectable by any radar or conventional systems Rejected Using any anomaly to try and contain SCP-5392 can backfire easily. Furthermore, with SCP-738, the price asked for would be much too high and we don't have the time to negotiate an agreement that suits our needs.
8 Reach out to our allies in other groups of interest for assistance Rejected The GOC has stepped away from the issue. As for other anomalous groups we have diplomatic relations with, we cannot guarantee that they would not abuse SCP-5392 for their own purposes, or that they could secure it from other powers.

All sites are to maintain lockdown until given further instructions.

-Office of the O5 Council

Addendum 5392-20:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Fifth communication with 'Tachyon Express' - 07:29 PM MST 6/1/2021>

Interviewed: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as 'POI-5392-1'.

Interviewer: Santiago McCawley, Site-26 Communications Analyst.

Foreword: POI-5392-1 initiated contact.

POI-5392-1: Houston come in?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: This is Houston, I read you.

POI-5392-1: Any chance there's a plan by now?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: We're still working on it.

POI-5392-1: I figured.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: We can't lose hope Albert, we have to-

POI-5392-1: Don't talk to me about hope right now Houston. Hope is something one person may have, but a group or groups of people don't. Right now, I'm guessing diplomacy isn't doing so hot, right? After the missile, I imagine diplomacy took a back seat. All the countries and scared little people are trying to grab whatever they can to make sure no one else can use me and my ship against them. It's not even about using FTL anymore… it's about denying it to other people. There's no way that if I land on Earth again, the nation that finds me is gonna want to use my knowledge to satisfy their wonder. They'll just make sure I don't get to make it for anyone else. <POI-5392-1 makes a finger gun and makes a motion to 'shoot' their own head.>

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: It's not as bad as you think Albert. I know it seems like that, and I can only imagine how scary-

POI-5392-1: I'm not scared Houston. I was done being scared when we were shooting the shit about Muslims on Mars. I'm tired. I just want this to be done. I <points to self> just want to be done. No worrying about whether or not I'm going to be forced to make weapons for a military, or worrying about my pre-flight checks every single hour, or worrying about how much I'm hurting the world rather than helping it, or what my ship will become when it eventually comes back down to Earth. The reason I have no hope Houston, is because there's nothing I can actually do about my situation. I'm stuck in a box with no air holes and it's only a matter of time before I suffocate. So much for trying to matter right? <POI-5392-1 weakly chuckles.> Hope is something I have to give myself, but I am dependent on a Hail Mary that somehow, the nations of the world are going to share and play nice.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, do you have anything you want to say to all the world?

POI-5392-1: <Raising an eyebrow> I'm sorry?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: The nations of the world, the governments that are scared about what happens, do you want to address them at all? Not only would this give you something to do, this could also re-ignite diplomacy between the nations. You're the creator of this new technology. Imagine the first caveman who found a way to make fire, and now he has to tell all the other cavemen that it's okay and to come closer. That's you, you're the caveman with the fire.

POI-5392-1: Again, you're being a bit reductive. You really think they'll listen to me?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Who else would they listen to? Damn it Albert, you're the one being reductive here. You built the Maple drive, you're the first person to go into space all on your own without any other backing, you're the first person to dodge enemy fire in a spaceship. Now channel your inner Captain Picard and bring back the wonder, damn it!

<Silence for a few seconds.>

POI-5392-1: Two things, first, Maple drive?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: That's what we're calling it in-house yes.

POI-5392-1: Awesome. The other thing, I know you're trying to appeal to my liking Star Trek here, but it's working.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Yes! Sorry, I don't know much about Star Trek so I'm going off what my colleague was telling me.

POI-5392-1: Well tell them to live long and prosper for me. One small problem: I don't know how to speak to people. Like, rallying hope into a crew? I'm great at figuring out problems or explaining problems to people like as a mechanic, I'm pretty good at explaining what's up with people's cars. I'm Geordi LaForge, not Jean-Luc Picard. Will you help me figure out the speech part?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: I'd be happy to. Can you give me five minutes? I've got to fill in my higher-ups.

POI-5392-1: Yeah yeah, do what you got to do, I'm gonna jot down some talking points that matter I think. We'll workshop this together when you get done.


Addendum 5392-21:

Proposal: Allow for SCP-5392's pilot to speak directly with leaders of world governments in an attempt to deescalate tensions.




Addendum 5392-22:
Note: The memo below was sent to world governments who had attempted to intimidate the Foundation through force. Following the memo's delivery, most addressed nations, while they did not withdraw their forces, they did not continue to add to the forces stationed at various sites.

To whomever it may concern.

If you have received this memo, you either are, or work with the leader(s) of your respective governments, and have taken some action against the SCP Foundation in an attempt to coerce us to hand over a spaceship currently orbiting Earth.

The creator of the spaceship wishes to speak with you.

If you wish to receive his transmission, you will cease hostile activity.

Catherine Long
Head of Public Outreach
S.C.P. Foundation

Addendum 5392-23:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Broadcasted transmission to YouTube Livestream - 08:15 PM MST 6/1/2021>

Speaker: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as POI-5392-1.

Foreword: Once Communications Analyst McCawley and POI-5392-1 had finished drafting his speech, POI-5392-1 kept the livestream unlisted, but the link was shared with governments who agreed to halt further aggression against the Foundation.

<POI-5392-1 is seen in his jumpsuit and has cleaned off the blood sustained from injuries. He is wearing his headset and at the beginning, Comm. Analyst McCawley is giving him the greenlight when all the intended countries have joined the stream.>

POI-5392-1: Okay, is that everyone? Alright, I'll take it from here. Hi everyone! My name is Albert. I am the inventor, pilot, engineer, and… you know what? I'm the captain! I'm Captain Maple of the starship Tachyon Express. It's my understanding that there's a lot of people hurting on Earth because of what I've done and that I've opened Pandora's box here.

I get it. This technology is scary and I can't blame people for being scared if they think everyone they love could die. I just want to say… I didn't build this to be a weapon. I built this because I wanted humanity to explore and see what was out there in the solar system and beyond. The 'Maple Drive' as I understand it's being called, is a means of getting to there <points a thumb off-screen, presumably towards space> from here. <points down, presumably towards Earth.> Well, we can do that! But, we can only do it if we stop fighting now and come back to the table. Right now, all this fear and defensive measures is just going to escalate and escalate until fear gets the better of someone. From there, that's the point of no return.

We're not past the point of no return yet. We're still here, and no one has fired a shot. I mean, except for those people that fired a missile, but from what I understand, they weren't a country and no one likes them anyway. So why should they matter? Right now, no one has any advantage here. This is the perfect time to get back to the table and hammer out an agreement. Otherwise, if people start shooting or hurting folks, it will be exponentially harder to come back from that. I'm all for regulating this technology, mainly because it's the only way I'll be able to come home.

I really don't want to die. Up here, my options are limited to death by carbon dioxide poisoning, oxygen deprivation, starving, thirst, or the cabin gets breached and I'll get caught in the vacuum of space. Technically, that's also oxygen deprivation but I'm nitpicking. I can come back down to Earth whenever I like, but if this isn't regulated before then, I'm stuck up here, and the ship is stuck with me, this can't come back down to Earth. Unless… well, <POI-5392-1 has a look of realization before continuing> um.. I get shot down again. Here's something I want you all to see while I'm up here.

<POI-5392-1 unbuckles his seat belt and grabs the camera before turning it towards the cockpit window of SCP-5392. Shown is the view of the United States Pacific coast.>

You can see my home from up here. It's really small, but it's my home. Up here, everything looks really small, even the planet itself. But out there? <shifts camera towards outer space> is stars and planets and other bodies just waiting to be discovered. Resources for our people, probably aliens we can interact with and some amazing phenomena we can only know of if we actually go there. When you think about it really, <POI-5392-1 shifts camera back to Earth> if we allow ourselves to succumb to all this mistrust and fear, we'll be stuck on this small ball of dirt and water we call home and deny ourselves all the wonder that goes with that.

Please, for everyone's sake, come back to the table. You have nothing to lose by talking.

Okay, that's my two cents. End transmission.


Addendum 5392-23:

DATE: 01/6/2024
FROM: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>
TO: O5 General Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o#noitadnuof.pcs|cesneg5o>; Site Director Nate Ferris <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>;

Hello All,
After the stream, I pulled China, the USA, and Russia into a secure video call. It seems they all want to agree with Albert but can't take the chance to be the first to stand down. The Americans believe that their leverage with my daughter and freezing and intimidating our assets in the US hasn't paid off yet, and the Russians are sore that the GOC/UN found out about our trip to Russia, causing a lack of trust. China, seeing their peers not willing to reconcile, is also not standing down.

I don't believe it worked.

Catherine Long
Head of Public Outreach
S.C.P. Foundation

Addendum 5392-24:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Communication with 'Tachyon Express' - 09:50 PM MST 6/1/2021>

Interviewed: Albert Maple, henceforth referred to as 'POI-5392-1'.

Interviewer: Santiago McCawley, Site-26 Communications Analyst

Note: Livestream was not enabled.

POI-5392-1: Houston come in. This is Tachyon Express.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Houston here, go ahead.

POI-5392-1: Just looking for an update since the broadcast.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: <pauses> Um, we're waiting to hear back.

POI-5392-1: Houston, it's been ninety minutes. You mean to tell me that no one has gotten back to you about what is probably the most important event in the world?

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, I'm not kidding. No one wants to be the first to ease up, but no one wants to jump the shark either. Everyone is waiting on someone else for take initiative.

POI-5392-1: So much for being Picard. Well, I tried.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: We're still working on our end, Albert. I know it's a lot to ask, but please, bear with us while we try to speed this up.

POI-5392-1: Well, here's what I think, and I've had a lot of time to think in between our talks. See, this whole time, I've been trying to work around me surviving the whole thing, but once I treat my life here as non-important, the math checks out.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, we are not at that point yet. You've got to-

POI-5392-1: Let me finish! No one can shoot me down without the chance of the ship coming back to Earth and risking me coming back down. Waiting for me to die and for the ship to fall into a decaying orbit is a waiting game no one wants to drag out. Least of all me, because.. well, dying slowly. That leaves me getting the ship out of orbit and crashing it somewhere, and doing so in a way that makes it irrecoverable. The sun is eight light-minutes away, so if I crank the speed up to it's theoretical max, it would be there in 6 minutes. I'd probably die sooner because I'd be hitting all that energy super fast. Let's say I'd die in five minutes. The ship would probably be destroyed around the same time. No one gets the drive, no one gets me, no one has a reason to fight, there's a better chance of everything de-escalating.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert, just because we haven't come up with a solution yet doesn't mean there's isn't one.

POI-5392-1: It doesn't mean there is one either. I don't want to wait on that Schrodinger's cat anymore than you guys do. This is the only solution that works. I appreciate all that you've tried. For what it's worth, I don't blame you. I'm glad we talked. Besides, way I see it, this is my fault for not thinking through everything when I was building this.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Is that what you think this is? Penance?

POI-5392-1: No, arrogance. This whole project started because I was too scared to admit I was just one old guy who builds shit. I thought I was God's gift to humanity, a fix to all the world's problems and miseries, but nope. This whole situation since you told me what could happen when we first spoke has been a massive reality check. This isn't a suicide Houston, it's not even a heroic sacrifice either. I'm just cleaning up my shit.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Express, you're being reductive again. You think that because you're just one person, that means your life isn't worth much. Since you like math so much, your life is worth just as much as mine. As much as my boss-

POI-5392-1: As much as everyone this technology could kill? An amount measured in billions? <silence for several seconds> Figured as much. Math's a bitch when it's not your bitch, isn't it? This is the only thing I can do to prevent this, so I'm doing it.

Communications Analyst Santiago McCawley: Albert please.

POI-5392-1: Thanks for trying. Express Out.


Addendum 5392-25:

<Begin Audio Transcript - Final Broadcast from 'Tachyon Express' - 10:02 PM MST 6/1/2021>

Livestream starts with POI-5392-1 drinking from a flask. Loud rock music is blaring in the background. He closes his flask before speaking.

POI-5392-1: Hi all, to everyone who might be watching this. Just wanted to say, shit happens.

<POI-5392-1 looks out the cockpit window>

POI-5392-1: Fuck your vastness, I existed.

<POI-5392-1 takes another sip from his flask and leaves it suspended in the zero-gravity environment of the cabin, before going back to operating the navigational controls. He is crying and simultaneously singing along with the rock music in the background. POI-5392-1 finishes his work and goes back to the pilot seat, presumably performing his pre-flight checks. He takes a single deep breath.>

POI-5392-1: Engage.

<POI-5392-1 reaches for the controls and the livestream ends>

DATE: 02/6/2024
FROM: Jr. Researcher Mason Hedge <noitadnuof.pcs|egdehm#noitadnuof.pcs|egdehm>
TO: Site Director Nate Ferris <noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn#noitadnuof.pcs|sirrefn>
CC: Foundation Dept of Public Outreach <noitadnuof.pcs|OPD#noitadnuof.pcs|OPD>
SUBJECT: updated 5392 documentation

Hi Director,

The updated 5392 documentation has been completed. I normally would have sent this to McCawley for review as he's above me, but the site doctor put him on leave after everything that happened. Thanks again for providing your side of the email chains.

Mason Hedge
Jr. Researcher | Site 26

Item #: SCP-5392

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to trace mentions of the events around SCP-5392 and notify Site-26 communications to confirm the event, followed by engaging MTF-Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") for response.

Description: SCP-5392 was a faster-than-light spacecraft created by Albert Maple (designated POI-5392-1) that was first discovered on 05/31/2024 but was destroyed by its own creator on 06/01/2024 after 36 hours of total orbital flight. SCP-5392 was capable of speeds of 1.25 times the speed of light but the creator has boasted a theoretical maximum speed of 1.5 times the speed of light. The nature of how this propulsion was achieved is unknown.

Incident-5392-A: When SCP-5392 first launched, initial suppression attempts were successful at keeping the incident from the public. However, it quickly gathered the attention of multiple governments, space agencies, and private aero-space companies. The incident escalated several times, nearly resulting in armed conflict with the Foundation and several major world governments. To prevent further escalation and potential abuse of their technology, POI-5392-1 flew SCP-5392 into the Earth's sun. See addendums 1-25 for a detailed recording of events.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License