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Item#: 5389
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Special Containment Procedures


SCP-5389-A containment, with SCP-5389-A-1, "Barney", exiting for transfer to another site as part of Protocol Ib-e.

SCP-5389-A instances are to be housed in enclosures with no more than 4 other SCP-5389-A from within the instances' family unit. SCP-5389-A enclosures are to be lined with concrete and separated from observation decks by a moat. In the event that an instance does reach an observation deck, researchers should engage with SCP-5389-A as they normally would. Continually giving the instance minor tasks and rewarding obedience with authorized treats may aid in keeping the instance occupied until security staff arrives.

No humans or sapient anomalies are allowed within 10 km of SCP-5389-B. Staff are authorized to terminate any that persistently attempt to enter SCP-5389-B. Should Foundation staff mention a desire to enter the radius around SCP-5389-B or mention an entity residing inside SCP-5389-B, they are to be administered amnestics and relocated immediately following psychological evaluation. Any news reports or online discussions of tsunamis, earthquakes, or other such natural disasters occurring in or near the Korea Bay are to be suppressed.

Staff are to continually monitor ultrasonic communications made by SCP-5389-A or that occur within 50 km of SCP-5389-B. If the 91919 or "triple-heartbeat" pattern1 is detected, site staff are to enact Protocol Ib-e2.


SCP-5389 refers to two closely-related anomalies, designated SCP-5389-A and SCP-5389-B.

SCP-5389-A are hypercarnivorous3, quadrupedal vertebrates with a semiaquatic lifestyle. All SCP-5389-A possess a total of six limbs: four legs with a bear-like posture and a pair of emaciated arms attached at the base of the neck. All digits of SCP-5389-A are webbed and tipped with 5 to 10 cm claws. SCP-5389-A are completely hairless and lack any pigmentation in their skin, though they do excrete a thin layer of mucous. Each SCP-5389-A instance discovered thus far has a unique pattern of irregular marks across its flanks akin to a leopard's spots. Dissections found these patterns to be made up of scar tissue.

SCP-5389-A possess no eyes, nose, or external ears, though they do have an elongated nasal cavity similar to that of a dog. SCP-5389-A specimens have a series of sensory organs dotted along their "snout" that are believed to be thermoreceptors and electroreceptors akin to those possessed by some snakes and sharks, respectively.

SCP-5389-B consists of former secure Foundation facility Site-109 located in the Korea Bay. On April 13, 2018, Site-109 experienced catastrophic structural failure, causing it to sink into the bay. Following this event, Site-109 was designated as SCP-5389-B. Most anomalies contained within are now classified as decommissioned, though no attempt has been made to retrieve said objects or confirm their destruction.

Special Protocols, Containment History, and Other Addenda

Addendum 1:

Addendum 2:

SCP-5389-A was first recovered on August 14th, 2014, when the Foundation sent out a team to investigate reports of mutilated tiger corpses near ████████, North Korea. The team had entered heavily armed, supplied with both lethal and nonlethal weaponry, including traps, sedatives, and bindings to aid in containment of the suspected anomaly. The team was led by Agent Orne.

As this interview was conducted before the designation of SCP-5389-B, instances of SCP-5389-A are referred to only as "SCP-5389".

Addendum 3:

On July 11th, 2015, a small, inflatable pool was introduced to SCP-5389-A containment by Dr. Olmstead. Within a matter of hours, multiple SCP-5389-A instances were witnessed fighting over access to the pool. Whenever one gained control of the pool, it would spend hours on end lying down within it.

In the months following, researchers began introducing various "toys" to the moat in the SCP-5389-A containment pen without authorization. After taking punitive measures for the breach of security protocol, it was ultimately decided to provide a standard set of enrichment items to SCP-5389-A containment, including large tanks of water and items with which they could play.

The following is an excerpt from an interview between Dr. Olmstead and Dr. Allen regarding the behavior of SCP-5389-A. Doctor Allen is presumed dead, having been on-site during the collapse of SCP-5389-B. As this interview was conducted before the designation of SCP-5389-B, instances of SCP-5389-A are referred to only as "SCP-5389".

Addendum 4 (Incident Report S109-O):

On February 23rd, 2017, a mass containment breach occurred at Site-109, during which ██ Keter-class and ██ Euclid-class entities breached containment, hereby referred to as Incident S109-O. This incident occurred over a year prior to the collapse of Site-109. As the incident caused no noteworthy damage to any structural component of the Site and no anomalies that breached containment are believed to have been capable of causing the Site itself to become anomalous, it is deemed unrelated to the Site's later designation as SCP-5389-B.

The following is a transcript of video feed from the security cameras in the observation deck of SCP-5389-A Containment Pen 6 during Incident S109-O.

Addendum 5:

The following messages are communications between O5 command and Dr. Olmstead. They have been deemed relevant enough to SCP-5389 to warrant inclusion.

Addendum 6:

In light of his emails, Dr. Olmstead was detained and questioned regarding his unauthorized exploration of SCP-5389-B. The following transcript is taken from Olmstead's interrogation.

Addendum 7:

Seizure of Dr. Olmstead's personal belongings yielded the discovery of journal entries on his computer containing information relevant to SCP-5389. As such, a selection of entries from the journal has been included below. As some of these entries were written before the designation of SCP-5389-B, instances of SCP-5389-A may be referred to as "SCP-5389".

Addendum 8:

The following transcript is of an interview with Dr. Marsh on SCP-5389-A. Dr. Marsh was on-site when SCP-5389-B collapsed and is presumed deceased. As this interview was conducted before the designation of SCP-5389-B, instances of SCP-5389-A are referred to only as "SCP-5389".

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