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Item #: SCP-5388

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Following Incident 5388-01, SCP-5388 is to be considered Neutralized.

Archived Containment Procedures: SCP-5388 is to be kept within Site-550, located 1km north of Carrigkerry, Ireland. The perimeter is to be heavily monitored for any instance of SCP-5388-2 or SCP-5388-3 attempting to breach containment. Any instances of SCP-5388 attempting to escape are to be immediately neutralized via lethal means. Twice a day, four bulls are to be deposited into the cell for feeding SCP-5388. After it has been fed, three D-Class personnel are to enter the cell to collect the bones of said bulls, while avoiding SCP-5388. Any messages made by SCP-5388-1 are to be documented and ignored.

Description: SCP-5388 was the collective designation for a colony of Apatura Iris.1 SCP-5388 consisted of up to 800,000 individual members while in containment. Research into individual members of the colony (herein referred to as SCP-5388-1) showed that they all possessed sapience. Each member displayed strength similar to that of human beings, rather than a standard Apatura Iris. Notably, SCP-5388 was observed to show behavior emulating human colonial powers similar to territorial empires (Specifically, the [DATA EXPUNGED]) in the late 18th century. This was indicated by the way SCP-5388 acted towards separate political groups, feeding behaviors, and other factors. All instances of SCP-5388 were recorded to be female, with the exception of two individuals, herein referred to as SCP-5388-2, (the 'emperor') and SCP-5388-3 (the emperor's 'heir'). While SCP-5388-2 seemed to show little to no difference in behavior towards its 'subjects,' it was constantly seen being guarded by at least 2000 individuals each. Members of SCP-5388 all seem to show a resistance to standard attacks, capable of surviving direct blasts from flamethrowers and highly potent pesticides with minimal damage to itself.

SCP-5388-2 was capable of communicating with Foundation personnel by commanding SCP-5388-1 into forming phrases. Phrases had been noted to be disjointed, misspelled, and in multiple different languages.2 However, SCP-5388-2 would not speak directly to Foundation personnel, unless coerced into talking. When it neared the end of its life, SCP-5388-2 would choose an individual SCP-5388-1 as its "wife," and proceed to father a group of juvenile SCP-5388-1 and one instance of SCP-5388-3.

Juvenile individuals would develop in a manner identified to Apatura Iris, with the exception of SCP-5388-3. It would have had a guard detail approximately the same amount as SCP-5388-2. Once in the stage of metamorphosis, all instances of SCP-5388-1 would avoid SCP-5388-3 until it fully developed into its adult stage. After SCP-5388-3 had fully developed, SCP-5388-2 would begin to "teach" SCP-5388-3 how to command SCP-5388-1 into forming letters, words, and sentences.3 After SCP-5388-2 perished, SCP-5388-3 would assume command over SCP-5388, becoming an instance of SCP-5388-2. This cycle would have continued indefinitely. The body of the former SCP-5388-2 would be left alone.

Feeding patterns of SCP-5388 differentiated from that of a non-anomalous Apatura Iris. Rather than scavenging for corpses, it would hunt for prey. Prey had included animals of varying sizes, but larger mammals seemed to be the preferred option. Hunting was done by completely enveloping targeted animals and, while prey was distracted, either entering the mouth of prey or burrowing through the flesh via unknown means, destroying vital organs before prey succumbs to this attack. Once this had been achieved, all members of SCP-5388 would congregate around prey. SCP-5388-2 would then begin feeding on the corpse, and after approximately one minute, the rest would begin consuming their prey. This was repeated until the colony was completely fed.

Discovery: On 07/02/20██, SCP-5388 came to the Foundation's attention after a series of disappearances in the Carrigkerry Bogs involving multiple tourists, ecologists, and search and rescue teams. Embedded agents in the area were alerted to this and, upon discovery, the Foundation sent MTF Lambda-12 ("Pest Control") to assess the situation. Once the colony had been tracked down, a swarm of SCP-5388-1 led by SCP-5388-2 attempted to kill Task Force members. Following numerous failed attempts, SCP-5388 fled from Lambda-12. Upon locating and surrounding the entirety of SCP-5388-1, they began making one phrase: "SURRENDER" and held this formation until Lambda-12 retreated away from SCP-5388, to which the colony slowly emerged from hiding, and later allowed itself to be contained.

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