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Item #: SCP-5387

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

Four contained instances of SCP-5387 are to be kept at Biological Containment Site-103 in a standard greenhouse containment unit. Units are built with remotely regulated air filtration systems installed for humidity and temperature. SCP-5387 should be watered weekly and kept under direct sun-light through a frosted, reinforced glass sun-roof and trimmed daily to avoid overgrowth and a possible containment breach of SCP-5387-A's anomalous effect.

Should SCP-5387 show signs of growing an instance of SCP-5387-A, it is to be allowed 24 hours to ripen before being plucked. SCP-5387-A must not be allowed to broadcast before being plucked. Any individual exposed to an SCP-5387-A broadcast must report to on-site staff for immediate Class-B amnestics. SCP-5387-B and -C instances are to be contained in standard human containment chambers and are given limited remote-controlled interactions with the outside world. After plucking, SCP-5387-A instances are to be placed in a small led container fitted with a modified shortwave radio and be recorded for a period of 24 hours for any broadcasts that play. The recording is to be reviewed, documented, and the instance of SCP-5387-A destroyed.

Requests for experimentation on SCP-5387-A must be approved by head researcher Dr. Julius Iscariot and must be handled remotely to avoid the effects of SCP-5387-A. Requests for D-Class personnel for the purpose of experiments must be approved in advance by Dr. Julius, and individuals chosen for testing must have no prior experience working in agriculture or broadcasting before interacting with any instance of SCP-5387-A. SCP-5387-B that shows signs of its secondary anomalous effects must be immediately terminated with no exceptions.

MTF-Theta-4 "Gardeners" is assigned to the discovery and acquisition of wild instances of SCP-5387. SCP-5387-B and -C are to be detained and administered Class-B amnestics terminated following the events of incident-5387-2. (See Addendum 1)


SCP-5387 is a genetically modified species of epiphytic cacti from the genus Hylocereus1. Current studies suggest SCP-5387 can grow to 25 to 30 meters tall. Contained instances are dated to be 2,800 years old. Each instance of SCP-5387 is marked with a Roman numeral and is designated accordingly as SCP-5387-3, -5, -8, and -13.

SCP-5387's anomalous qualities manifest when it begins to grow SCP-5387-A. The marked carvings found on its trunk will illuminate for forty days before an instance of SCP-5387-A ripens. The only exception is SCP-5387-13, which has yet to bloom during illumination.

Only one instance of SCP-5387-A can grow at a time and resembles red pitahaya2. When it ripens, the fruit sends a radio transmission using shortwave frequencies. A host will tell a short passage from a book titled The Book of Red. The host begins by asking its viewers a question relating to the central theme of the passage before reading. The overarching story features a male character attempting to free a group of entities referred to as They, imprisoned by a godlike being referred to as The Fool. SCP-5387-A share the central theme and overarching narrative with other instances originating from the same SCP-5387 instances. Listening to recordings of SCP-5387-A has no effects.

SCP-5387-3 Misotheism Passages portrays Misotheism through the character performing some form of ritual around a pillar before cursing at the sky. The character curses The Fool and other historical figures before collapsing on the ground. 8
SCP-5387-5 Overcoming fear The character is portrayed running on earth made of flesh while an unknown beast chases him down. The passages end with the character escaping the beast through the clever use of his surrounding. 4
SCP-5387-8 Guilt The character attempts to ███ ██ commit ███████. The ████ distractions ████ ███ ███████ in the dark. ███ █████ ███ appears and will attempt to ███████ the character only to fail. 2
SCP-5387-13 N/A N/A 0

As of 6/02/████, forty-five percent of the passages recorded have been organized chronologically.

Subjects exposed to the broadcast, hereby designated as SCP-5387-B, express a desire to replicate the narrated events. However, SCP-5387-B will not replicate these events unless specific parameters are met. Subjects that have prior history in the field of agriculture or broadcasting, hereby designated as SCP-5387-C, express an extreme desire to share their passage and will actively seek out an audience. SCP-5387-C avoid large public spaces, prefer to talk to individuals in private and intimate settings, and share their passages in a similar to the host. SCP-5387-C will continue to spread the passage until it expires. Listening to SCP-5387-C will create the same effects as of SCP-5387-A.

If SCP-5387-B successfully replicates the narrative, SCP-5387-B will spontaneously ignite. Once it dies due by burning, the body explodes. The explosion's blast yield is equivalent to 18,000 kt. After 40 days of the explosion, a new instance of SCP-5387 will materialize in the blast zone's epicenter. Class B amnestic can be used to erase SCP-5387-B mental triggers Further research on alternative containment procedures on SCP-5387-B and -C remains ongoing.

Addendum 1

On 3/21/████, a containment breach on the west side ████ ██ allowed the escape of various Euclid class SCPs. MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") arrived shortly after the breach to capture and contain the escaped SCPs. The aftermath of the ensuing chaos left the site heavily damaged. Surviving staff members were evacuated from the premises with the exception of D-40.

Three months prior to the containment breach, D-40 participated in an experiment involving SCP-5387 with Dr. Julius Iscariot as the supervisor. The purpose of the test was to research an effective, humane way to contain SCP-5387-B instances. During the test, D-40 listened to the SCP-5387-A broadcast. Before being placed in an environment that is similar to the narrative's setting, D-40 was administered Class B amnestic. D-40 had little to no memory of the previous experiment and showed no desire to replicate the passage. SCP-5387-B classification was removed on D-40's file, and Dr. Julius determined the use of Class B amnestics to be an effective form of containment.

During the evacuation, D-40 was described to be acting strangely by MTF agents. D-40 danced around a large steel pillar for 30 minutes before kneeling on the base of the pillar while crying. Afterward, D-40 began to curse at the sky. Agent Victoria Giuliani reasoned that D-40 was merely suffering due to the trauma caused by the breach and approached D-40 to calm him down. D-40 suddenly burst into flame when Agent Giuliani was about to embrace him. Agent Jude Muertigue shot D-40 dead before he could make contact with Agent Giuliani.

After careful reviewing bodycam footage of the incident, Dr. Julius and site director █████ ████ confirmed that Agent Jude's action saved the site and its occupants. D-40's strange behavior was due to the effects of SCP-5387-A, and the Class B amnestics proved to be ineffective for long term containment. After the incident, site command created the MTF Theta-4 "Gardeners" to find and contain the remaining instances of SCP-5387 and to terminate suspected SCP-5387-B and -C.

To: Dr. Julius Iscariot
From: Dr. Katelyn Zheng
Subject: None
Julius, I heard you wanted to remove the SCP-5387-B and -C classification on the SCP-5387 document. I understand where you are coming from. But you need to accept the facts. We can't afford to save them, to save everyone. You saw what happened. We were this close to losing everything - that includes you. I don't know what bullshit you heard from the ethics department, but the only effective option for containing this anomaly is to terminate any suspected SCP-5387-B and -C, and those classifications help us. They are SCPs that are literal living nukes that could be out there in the world, walking in broad daylight. Sure, I can only name two places in the world where the ground is made of human flesh, but we are not even sure if they are triggered by their physical environment or emotional state. And we don't even know what is being broadcasted from the missing instances. They could be difficult to replicate, but they could well be normal enough for people to blow up in the middle of the city just because they heard or saw something that triggered them.

Julius, as a friend, I'm worried about you. I understand you want to protect the world. But we are the Foundation, not the Justice League. People will die, especially if we are not quick and decisive in our actions. We must be pragmatic because if we don't end one person's life to save millions, we might not have any lives to save at all.

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