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Item #: SCP-5385

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:

Updated: The remains of SCP-5385 and SCP-5385-A are to be stored in Level-I Bio Chambers and may be accessed for research purposes.

The Homeburg Hotel and the surrounding buildings are closed off from the public and are currently being investigated for further anomalous activity.


SCP-5385 was an approximately 30-meter wide amorphous mass of flesh that was located in the center of the Homeburg Hotel1 in Tampa, Florida, and had spread and embedded itself inside the infrastructure of the building around it. SCP-5385 is composed entirely of human skeletal smooth and striated tissue, with patches of bulbospongiosus and ischiocavernosus tissue being found in small quantities throughout it even after its neutralization. In its center, was a 5-meter-wide mass of functional cardiac tissue in the shape of a human heart and had a heart rate of 120 times per minute. SCP-5385 was capable of locomotion and had the ability to compressed and elongate its mass.

Throughout SCP-5385's mass were the cadavers of 45 humans, 16 domestic canines, and 20 domestic felines. The cadavers' biological matter were structurally merged with SCP-5385's mass to the point where fully intact removal is impossible. Tumors in the shape of human heads were present on every cadaver. These tumors possessed facial features that appeared to be grinning with their eyes rolled back. All lacerations and injuries made to SCP-5385 and the attached cadavers rapidly regenerate. It is theorized that the corpses within the mass of SCP-5385 were trapped inside it after its sudden formation and died of suffocation, as its mass covering their abdomens would have prevented airflow.

SCP-5385-A is was an unknown entity with similar composition to SCP-5385. It was purplish in coloration, with its epidermis being covered in a viscous, mucus-like substance. SCP-5385-A's origins are currently unknown and its connection to SCP-5385 as well.

An investigation into the Homeburg Hotel revealed that 8 weeks before the appearance of SCP-5385, several letters from a person self-identifying as Douglas Lamb were sent to it to an unknown individual. Transcripts of them are provided below.

18 hours after this letter was delivered to the local authorities, an unidentified man entered the Homeburg Hotel naked. Several hours after this, reports of a flesh hive were reported to the local authorities in the area and Foundation agents were deployed to asset the situation. The agents then found a large amount of bio-mass that would later be classified as SCP-5385 and set up a perimeter under an ammonia leak cover story.

SCP-5385 Incident-001:

On February 14th, 2004, SCP-5385 began to show signs of vertical movement beneath its surface; its center, the heart, also began to rapidly beat. Several seconds later, it began to transform.


[00:00]2 SCP-5385's lower parts begin to twist and elongate, with ossification being observed within its crevices at the same time. The upper section also begins going through a similar process.

[00:04] The upper and lower sections of SCP-5385 begin to resemble humanoid arms and legs and attempt to move. As it tries to stand with its legs, it uses its arms to grab the structure to support itself but is inhibited by its sagging mass. Simultaneously, the flesh of the cadavers trapped within SCP-5385 begins to pull away from their bodies and fuse with the main mass; all that is left are bones. This new mass travels beneath the skin of SCP-5385 and convulse until it starts to compress on itself, giving the mass the shape of a humanoid.

[00:08] SCP-5385 latches onto the roof with its arms as its legs dangle in the air and swings in a back and forth motion before letting go of the roof, and falling into the lobby of the Homeburg Hotel, destroying four floors in the process and causing pieces of wood and concrete to erupt beneath its feet.

[00:12] Hundreds of faces bearing the same expression as the tumors on the cadavers appear on the skin of SCP-5385 as the entity begins to dig into the floor of the hotel lobby. Once SCP-5385 has ceased digging, a large crevice in the floor is seen. A loud, wet noise, similar to meat being slapped on stone, is heard from this crevice when a purplish, cone-shaped mass of flesh emerges from it, hereby designated as SCP-5385-A. SCP-5385-A's surface then splits open into four sections, revealing a pink tube, and vocalizes "YOU WILL BECOME UNTO ME, AS I WILL BE UNTO YOU."

[00:16] SCP-5385's skin ruptures, causing the tumors to fall off its body and shrivel into an atrophied state. Cone-shaped masses then begin to grow and take their place where the tumors once were as they release large amounts of white foam.

[00:20] A head begins to rapidly form at the top of SCP-5385's section as a nose, a pair of eyes, ears, and a mouth takes shape. The face then mimics the expression found on the tumors and enters, head first, into SCP-5385-A, causing foam to overflow from inside it. SCP-5385 then vocalizes, albeit muffled due to its head being inside SCP-5385-A, "TO THE END OF TIME. TOGETHER FOREVER." Unidentifiable noises are heard for several minutes before SCP-5385 and SCP-5385-A both begin to vibrate and eventually combust.


After this event, SCP-5385 and SCP-5385-A were both reclassified as neutralized.

Timmy Orseworth's Statement:

The former owner of the Homeburge Hotel, Timmy Orseworth, gave a statement regarding the letters from PoI-584 to the local authorities before SCP-5385's formation. An excerpt was retrieved and is provided below.

I'm telling you, you need to find that kid. Fucking weirdo. I swear to God he isn't right in the head. He talks in this strange way and never looks you in the eye either. I keep telling people to keep their kids away from that television. And when they start looking at me like I'm crazy, I take them by the arm and point at him! Then I say, "That's what happens when you let television raise your kids". They listen after that. That they do.

Proof? What other proof do you want? I gave you the letters, didn't I? He's not mentally sound, put him in a straight coat or something. I don't care what you do just keep him away. Why didn't any woman come to you? Cause there isn't one. That boy doesn't want a woman or a man. In fact, he doesn't want any human.

Let me tell you something. A year after I had my Hotel built, I saw that punk wandering around the building every single day. Raining, cold, or hot, it didn't matter. He was determined to be out there no matter what. One day I decided to see what the fuck is his problem and found him in the act. Motherfucker had his dick rubbing against the wall of my building!

That boy don't want no woman. He wants that building.

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