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Item#: 5384
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5384 must be protected at all costs. Any personnel under Level-4 clearance attempting to interfere with SCP-5384 must be terminated. All experimentation must be approved by a Level-4 clearance member or higher due to the potential impacts on the marine ecosystem of earth.

SCP-5384 is to be contained in a 1m x 1m x 1m glass tank filled to 80% capacity with 3.5% salt based salt water contained at Cell 2/██ of Site ██. Another glass tank with the same dimensions is to be ready in the case SCP-5384 needs to be transferred.

Approximately every 1-2 months, SCP-5384 needs to be transferred indicated by the PH level of water in the tank. PH level is to be measured twice a day, once at midnight and once at noon. When the PH level is above 9, the spare tank is to be filled to the same capacity and same salt water mix. A D-Class is assigned to carry SCP-5384 from its current tank to the new tank, after which, said D-Class is to be issued class-A amnestics.

Due to the anomalous effects of SCP-5384, a public disinformation campaign (codenamed "marine alpha") is to blame effects such as coral bleaching, and loss of marine life as "human-caused problems". such as "ocean pollution", "climate change", and "overfishing". However, due to the success of this campaign, as a Foundation money saving venture, and other campaigns created by non-Foundation-affiliated groups and corporations that have similar messages, marine alpha has been discontinued.

Due to the nature of SCP-5384, SCP-5384 relies on the existence of sharks and the numbers of the global shark population. After human shark hunting got worse, another campaign (codenamed "marine beta") was created. Marine beta is to discourage all shark hunting activities, and politically influence the stop of shark hunting. This is achieved through various interviews, advertisements, marketing, and sponsorships from Foundation front personnel.

Internally, the Foundation is to breed various species of sharks. These sharks are to be released into various oceans depending on the species of the shark, and depending on the age of the shark by Taskforce 2119.

Taskforce 2119 is to put a stop to illegal or legal shark hunting activities (by force or by any other possible means). Taskforce 2119 is to report any notable news about the overall state of marine life, the overall state of the shark population, and news about illegal or legal shark hunting to Level-4 researcher █████, further passed onto the Foundation. If news is notable the Foundation is to accelerate breeding of sharks and Taskforce 2119 is to search for any potential shark finning or hunting groups in the ocean or sea via radio, satellite imaging, or in person.

The Foundation is to not feed SCP-5384 food as this has been proven unncecessary.


Photo of SCP-5384 when first discovered

Description: SCP-5384 is a dismembered shark head of species Carcharodon carcharias (also known as "great white shark"). Extremities of SCP-5384 always stay attached, however, SCP-5384 bleeds all the time. SCP-5384 swims freely throughout its tank, with the same behaviour of a normal great white shark. SCP-5384 has the standard diet of a great white shark. When food is consumed by SCP-5384, the food does not get digested like a normal great white shark, said food disappearing through anomalous means.

The health of the global marine ecosystem is directly influenced by the rate at which SCP-5384 bleeds, and SCP-5384 in turn is influenced by the global shark population. This is why preserving the health of SCP-5384 is a high priority on the Foundation. SCP-5384 causes no harm to any researchers in its tank, however, doing so will strengthen SCP-5384's anomalous effects on the marine ecosystem (see Addendum 20A).

Discovery: SCP-5384 was discovered after reports of many marine creatures washing up on the shore of beach █████ on March 14 2012.1 A Foundation member (hereby referred to as Alpha) was assigned to watch over the beach and take photos to report any anomalous events.2

2 days after Alpha reported on the happenings, Alpha saw a shark head wash up at the beach. At first, this wasn't notable to Alpha, however the shark head started moving. Alpha notified the Foundation, and the Foundation took custody of SCP-5384.

Addendum 20A: A log of a public news report of the events that happened after SCP-5384 affected the marine ecosystem:

News Report Transcript

Date: 1 January 2015 12:21

Interviewer - Interviewer of doctor (name remains anonymous)
Doctor - Professional on marine life interviewed by reporter (name remains anonymous)


Interviewer: Good morning, welcome to Fox News. Today there has been an extraordinary amount of marine life washed up on various beaches around the world, and the ocean is slightly more acidic. This event has never happened before and it truly shows the extent of human ocean pollution. I have Doctor here, an expert on the marine ecosystem here to explain things a little better.

Doctor walks into the room and shakes hands with Reporter

Interviewer: Good morning Doctor.

Doctor: Morning to you too.

Interviewer: So we've heard a lot of information about the recent marine ecosystem mishappenings. What could have caused this, and what are your thoughts?

Doctor: Well there are many reasons for the event such as global warming, causing marine life to "drift" to that part of the beach, China's overfishing affecting the food chain, and human pollution. However, these effects may have drastically affected the underwater ecosystems, but it would not have caused these events to happen.

Interviewer: So what do you think, in your professional opinion, could have happened?

Doctor: Take this info with a grain of salt, but I think there may have been more than human pollution or other factors at play here. Potentially high-frequency military communication may have caused marine life to wash-up on beaches. For the acidity of the water, I don't think there is any reasonable scientific explanation, so there may have been something from above at play here… I don't know. It's strange.

Interviewer: Well, what do you think about the lowering shark population?

Doctor: The lower shark population is caused by the lowering marine life population. The lower shark population would, in the future, cause the marine life population to go higher, however that does not seem to be happening accoreding to marine life researchers.

Interviewer: Alright *coughs*, do you think the lower shark population is causing other marine life health to go lower?

Doctor: As I said, both of these populations are going down, with neither of them going up. The lower shark population should cause marine population to go higher, however there must be some strange correlation between shark population and marine life population. This could be some missing link in the food chain or ummm, something else…

Interviewer: Now final question, how does this relate to the marine life beaching events that happened in 2012

Doctor: All I can say is that the same things that caused that event to happen caused those events to happen.

Interviewer: Alright doc, thank you.

Doctor: Well thanks for allowing this information to go public

Doctor stands up, shakes hands with reporter, and walks out of the room.


Addendum 20B: A log of a news report about riots occurring just before SCP-5384 was discovered

News Report Transcript

Date: 12 March 2012 14:12


Reporter: Today, what only could be described as a message from above. Many marine life has washed up, with many riots and suicides. Many people believe this is the "second coming" and others believe in human pollution. I am at the scene with 1 rioter here. What are your thoughts on these events?

Rioter 1: This is the end of the world. This is the second coming!

Rioter 1 walked away

Reporter: Well it seems that there is a common opinion amongst these rioters

Interviewer walks up to Rioter 2

Reporter: Hello, I am from Fox news, I am interviewing people about these riots. What are your thoughts about these events?

Rioter 2: Well I'm glad that no fake news is interviewing me. (Rioter 2 chuckles) So my thoughts are that military communication or something like that is causing these whales and fishes to wash up on this beach.

Reporter: Why do you think they would be washing up on this beach in particular?

Rioter 2: Well obviously there are transmissions from this area ain't there?

Reporter: I supposed there could be.

Rioter 2 shakes hands with interviewer and walks away

A man wearing a mask walks up to Inerviewer

Rioter 3: I have nothing to say except one thing. The Foundation is to blame for this.3

Reporter: What Foundation?

Rioter 3 walks away. The news report has no more notable events.


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