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Item #: SCP-5381

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/2048, Virginia City, Nevada has been converted into a Foundation site. Road maps and GPS maps have been modified to remove Virginia City, and any civilians who approach Virginia City are to be prevented from entering with an appropriate cover story as listed in Document 5381-B.

Staff stationed are to monitor the area for any incoming instances of SCP-5381. Any SCP-5381-1 instances delivered by SCP-5381 are to be retrieved by unarmed personnel, with any given papers to be signed under the name of Martha Jane Cannary.

All retrieved SCP-5381-1 deliveries are to be brought to the site's containment sectors, with each delivery to be placed in a Safe containment locker. Once secured, no other protocols are required, save for a weekly inventory check. Researchers may file a request to use any SCP-5381-1 items for testing.

Four (4) secondary outposts 200m away from Virginia City have been established. Should an instance of SCP-5381 be observed carrying a delivery outside of Virginia City's bounds, staff members are authorized to shoot the chain binding SCP-5381 to its parcel. This procedure has been statistically proven to decrease out-of-bounds deliveries by 49%. Intercepted packages are to be handled the same way as properly received parcels.

Description: SCP-5381 is the collective designation given to a group of intangible, semi-translucent humanoid entities native to Virginia City, Nevada. SCP-5381 are approximately 2.5 meters tall on average and are in good physical condition. SCP-5381 lack facial features, hair, or any defining exterior gender qualities.

SCP-5381 wear a set of chains looped around their arms and back that cross over SCP-5381's chest in an "X" pattern. These chains show signs of extreme weathering and pulling these chains has proven to be the most effective method of moving SCP-5381-1 instances. While the chains bear a resemblance to rusted iron or steel, they are actually comprised of an unknown material.

SCP-5381-1 refers to the packages that SCP-5381 instances drag by their chains. SCP-5381-1 have an average volume of 15 cubic centimeters and are resistant to weathering and decay. The contents of SCP-5381-1 are diverse, and a comprehensive list can be found in the logs below.

SCP-5381 will produce a pen, clipboard, and a sheet of paper from a cavity within their abdominal region upon the completion of a delivery. Signing the paper under the name "Martha Jane Cannary" is the only method of relinquishing inbound SCP-5381-1 deliveries. Forcefully detaching SCP-5381 from its package will cause a distressed response from the entity. SCP-5381 will make physical contact with SCP-5381-1 and vanish once contact has been made.

All attempts to interrupt this process, or subsequent attempts to relocate SCP-5381 instances afterward, have failed. SCP-5381 do not exhibit this behaviour during outbound deliveries.

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