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SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B.

Item #: SCP-5378

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B were kept in a small enclosure with soil, rocks and various flora. They were fed four raisins per day, and had their container cleaned every week.

Description: SCP-5378 is the designation for two sapient ladybird beetles,1 which are referred to as SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B. Both instances constructed miniaturized versions of manmade structures and objects using natural materials, such as leaves, rocks, and dirt.

Addendum 1: Below is a list of every recorded structure built by SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B, as well as the context of their creation.

Structure Created Context
A small tent comprised of two propped-up Rose leaves. SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B had just been contained.
A sleeping bag made of leaf petioles sown together. SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B appear to "sleep" together within the sleeping bag for eight hours.
A separate sleeping bag. After climbing around the enclosure in what is assumed to be an escape attempt, SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B meet outside the tent. They start making harsh buzzing noises at each other. After the altercation, SCP-5378-A makes its own sleeping bag.
Two two-story cabins. Probably a result of the former incident.
A letter etched onto a woodchip. After nine months since the cabins were created, SCP-5378-A gives the letter to SCP-5378-B at its doorstep.
A bench made of twigs held together by twine. SCP-5378-B slowly walks out of its cabin towards SCP-5378-A's cabin. It taps on the door. When SCP-5378-A comes out, they build the bench and sit next to each other. After an altercation consisting of quiet buzzes, they touch their forelimbs together.
A heart. SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B combine two leaves into the shape of a heart on the enclosure floor. They both lay in the middle of the heart sideways, holding each other's limbs.

After SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B were observed to be unmoving for several hours, they were removed from their enclosure. It was confirmed that SCP-5378-A and SCP-5378-B had expired, most likely due to old age.

Addendum 2: Below is the letter mentioned in Addendum 1. It was put under a microscope for comprehensiveness.

Hello my sweet Rose,

My limbs are aching, and the world around me spins uncontrollably. I think this is the end.

I'm sorry about the altercation we had long ago. Our jailing here wasn't your fault, and I should have been less harsh.

Without you, I have been mournful. I miss your touch, and the fluttering of your wings ringing through my ears. I miss traversing through the blue skies with you at my side. Wherever we were, you made it all the better.

I figured since we are taking our last breaths, we might as well take them together. We shouldn't have to die in isolation.

Please. Let's talk.



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