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This file's Containment Procedures and Description are slated for major revisions to more accurately reflect events since their publication (see Addenda 5375.1-4). As such, the current file likely contains outdated or no longer accurate information.

In addition, due to recent changes in the Foundation Personnel Database and PANOPTICON system, we cannot confirm that the names of entities described in the following document are correct. Due investigation and verification of all mentioned entities is still underway.


4/5375 LEVEL 4/5375
Item #: SCP-5375


SCP-5375. The empty cell is the slot for the DeVry Core.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Anderson Systems executives are fully cooperating in an effort to locate and secure SCP-5375. Due to the involvement of SCP-5353, the investigation is being headed by MTF θ-15 ("Nametaggers"). The PANOPTICON system is operating at peak efficiency and should be capable of triangulating the location of PoI-0000 (Nobody) should they come in range of a node or Aerial Surveillance Drone.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5375 is a proprietary piece of paratechnology developed by Anderson Systems, LLC, identified by the codename "the Name Machine". SCP-5375 was designed & constructed under an exclusive contract between the Foundation and Anderson Systems, and kept strictly confidential by both parties. Information tracing is ongoing to discover any unauthorized individuals who could feasibly have discovered SCP-5375's existence.

SCP-5375's stated purpose is to more effectively combat and contain identity-based cognitohazards and paramemes. It accomplishes this through a mixture of paratechnology and traditional engineering, the specifics of which are available with proper clearance at the SCP-5375 Full Schematic Dossier. SCP-5375 is capable of extracting identity-based concepts and topologies from individuals or objects, applying them to other individuals or objects, or fabricating such concepts and identities to apply to semantically null individuals or objects, given a 'source' to pull concepts from. At the time of loss, SCP-5375 had only been tested in controlled laboratory conditions.

SCP-5375 was stolen from its secure location in Lab 34E of the Anderson Complex, New Portland, on 09.27.2077, by an unidentified party of two individuals. The prototype was largely complete at this point, only lacking a critical power component removed for maintenance (the DeVry Core), paid for in full, and set to be transported into Foundation custody on 10.02.2077. The individuals evaded the significant security systems installed in the building and lab, disconnected the 5-ton prototype, and transported it out of the building without attracting attention, implying some level of anomalous capability. In addition, they possess a deleterious effect on surveillance data depicting them. Camera footage will depict them as a shifting black blur, and biometric sensors fail to record any data when they enter or exit a facility. Whether this is anomalous ability or technologically-based is currently unclear.

However, by piggybacking onto these tracking systems, global surveillance and identification system PANOPTICON was able to track the physical presence of one individual by identifying the absence of data wherever they appeared, effectively creating an informational silhouette. The ability of individual to evade the PANOPTICON is a pressing threat to Foundation security interests; Engagement Rule B-19 "Good Hunting" is in effect for the remaining individual.

Foundation Fast-Response Fireteams aerially deployed to the discovered individual's location in a disused warehouse on Bumaro Plaza and forcibly took them into custody for questioning. At this point, it became clear that this individual was SCP-5353.

Addendum 5375.1

LOGS — 09.30.2077

Addendum 5375.2

LOGS — 09.31.2077

Addendum 5375.3

INCIDENT 5375.1 — 09.31.2077

Addendum 5375.4


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