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Item#: 5372
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5372 is allowed to be accessed by the general public, with Foundation containment efforts focused on obscuring its anomalous nature. A Foundation agent is to remain stationed in the same cavern as SCP-5372 at all times under the guise of a Luray Caverns employee. Every 10 minutes, this agent is to press a button stationed next to SCP-5372, "activating" it. A series of false control solenoids1 with rubber mallets have been positioned on various stalagmites and stalactites in SCP-5372 chambers to further obscure its anomalous nature.

All publicly available information relating to SCP-5372 is designed to explain its anomalous properties using understood science. Agents stationed at SCP-5372 must remain informed on this cover story. This story may be provided to the general public upon request.

All non-Foundation speleological studies into Luray Caverns are prohibited from researching the cavern containing SCP-5372, as well as any area within 5 meters below this cavern.

Description: SCP-5372, publicly known as the Great Stalacpipe Organ, is a lithophone2 located in a 260,000 m2 chamber within Luray Caverns in Virginia, originally discovered by agent Leland Sprinkle in 1956. Unlike other lithophones, SCP-5372 contains no electronic components to actually produce sounds on the surrounding cave features. SCP-5372 is able to produce musical tones from the various stalagmites and stalactites within its chamber through anomalous means.

While SCP-5372's keys can be played traditionally and produce the expected musical tones, SCP-5372 will automatically begin playing itself at 10 minute intervals. The songs played by SCP-5372 have varied; however, SCP-5372 most commonly plays various compositions from composer Ludwig van Beethoven. These performances typically last an average of 3-4 minutes and contain no inherent anomalous properties.

Addendum 5372.1: Discovery

SCP-5372 was originally discovered by Foundation agent Leland Sprinkle in 1956 during an investigation into an unrelated anomaly originating in Luray Caverns. SCP-5372 was originally only partially completed, resulting in the Foundation setting up an observational perimeter around the object. Despite active Foundation observation, the entity responsible for the construction of SCP-5372 was never identified. Upon completion, SCP-5372 began playing, revealing its anomalous features.

Further investigation revealed that SCP-5372 was unable to be moved from its position. Due to a combination of the anomaly being low-risk, lacking any hazardous effects, being easy to cover up, and existing in an extremely public location, the O5 council decided to allow the anomaly to exist as public knowledge with the intent of using Luray Cavern tourism as a source of funding.

On July 24th, 1956, a small slot was discovered on the back of SCP-5372. Agent Sprinkle was able to open the slot without incident, and the slot was revealed to contain a book of poems and letters written by former Luray resident Edmund Heath3. All the literature contained within is addressed to former Luray resident Alexander Michael. The final letter recorded in the book is believed to reference SCP-5372 and has been transcribed below. For a full transcript of the contents of this book, please contact Dr. Caraway.

Though you will never read this, I write this to you.

The days spent without you by my side have been the most arduous that God has placed upon me. Each hour without you leaves me longing. Longing for your gentle touch, longing for the sparkle in your eyes, longing for the sound of your laugh, and longing for your endless smile. Truly I am a sinner, for I envy those who have what we never could.

I often find myself staring into the skies and thinking on the times we spent together. I will never forget the many times we absconded to the caves to steal small moments that we were never permitted on the surface. These moments, frightening yet intimate, are burned into my mind in a way I would never give away.

I give to you one final gift. I remember the many times you would look to the curves of the cave's walls and structures, marveling at nature's artistry. The wonder in your eyes was something that could never be matched! My gift to you, oh love, is an eternal sleep serenaded by the place we so adored. Allow the walls of our secret place of solace to be the lullaby that carries you off to across the moon river as you wait to see what comes next.

I too, will wait. Wait for a future where we might be together in the sun, and wait for the time God takes me to be by your side once more. And, should our love have been a crime in His eyes, I pray that I alone am punished for the sin.

Wait for me, my love, I'm coming.

Addendum 5372.2: Foundation speleological reports performed on January 14th, 1967, revealed that two entities had manifested beneath SCP-5372. Further investigation into the revealed these entities to be two human skeletons wrapped around each other. Aside from their sudden manifestation, they were otherwise non-anomalous and have been left undisturbed. When these entities manifested, SCP-5372 began playing Henry Mancini's "Moon River", and a note appeared in its back compartment. The note's contents have been transcribed below.

By Edmund Heath

Chilled air, warm touch.
Drips of water pierce tender silence.
Joy of being seen, fear of being known.
Dark's embrace, love's embrace.
All a comfort in sinful escape.
The eyes of nature on us, unjudging, uncaring.
Together we stay.
Intertwined souls forever more.

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