Item #: SCP-5366

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5366 is currently believed to be uncontainable; therefore, all civilian-facing SCP-5366 events are to be discredited as superstition. Until suitable containment procedures of SCP-5366 are determined, SCP-5366 has been placed under the collaborative study of the Department of Tactical Theology and the Department of Sciences.

Corpses with surviving family members that have been buried less than 1.5m below the ground are to be reburied immediately at a depth of at least 1.8m. An information campaign has been launched to convince as many civilians as possible to cremate their family members instead of burying them. All Foundation agents are to be cremated upon death whenever possible.

Description: SCP-5366 is the designation for a phenomenon observed at various burial sites1 around the world. SCP-5366 events are presently believed to occur whenever a living individual speaks “lovingly” towards the grave of an individual that they have had a prior 1st-order relationship2 with. Because each SCP-5366 event occurs differently, information of the longest tracked SCP-5366 event has been recorded in this document in lieu of a formal description of the anomaly (see addenda for significant developments of this event).

In the hours surrounding an SCP-5366 event, the area enclosing the targeted gravesite will be subject to a series of anomalous phenomena:

  • Wind speeds will increase dramatically.
  • Nearby stones will move when not observed.
  • Nearby flowering plants will grow and decay rapidly.
  • Crows, ravens, and other corvids will gather and roost in nearby trees and buildings.
  • Stress levels will increase in canines proportional to their proximity to the gravesite.

Discovery (19/09/2007): On September 3rd, 2007, GOC agent Erluzor Lynas died while in Argentina - presumed to be the result of an an encounter with a hostile anomaly. In order to exploit the mental state of his wife, GOC agent Perl Kori, and gather intelligence on the GOC and the event that lead to his death, Foundation agents were instructed to plant microphones at the gravesite of Agent Lynas. The first microphone was placed into Lynas’ coffin for the purpose of gathering intelligence during his open casket funeral on September 19th, 2007, and was subsequently buried with him. The second microphone was placed on his headstone for recording conversations around his gravesite. During a review of recorded audio after Agent Kori's first visit to the grave, Foundation agents noticed that signals had been received from both devices, despite radio silence from microphone 1 since total burial.

Transcript of September 21st, 2007 Audio Recording

10:17 - Perl approaches the grave of Erluzor Lynas. Microphone 2 picks up a moment of disturbance before returning to normal. Microphone 1 begins transmitting data again.

10:18 - Perl: Hey, I brought you something.

Something is placed at the base of the headstone.

Perl: It’s bellflowers. Your favorite.

Erluzor: What’s going on? Where am I? Why can’t I move?

10:19 - Perl: I know I told you this at your funeral, but, it's hard without you. There's so many things I still want to show you. So many places I still want to be with you…

Erluzor: Is there anyone out there? Somebody! Anybody! Please! Turn on the lights! I can’t move or see anything!

17 seconds pass.

Perl: Hey, do you remember when we climbed Nanga Parbat? The hike up was excruciating and halfway to the top you thought your legs were going to freeze off! And it seemed to only slope up at a steeper and steeper angle. And remember when we were only five minutes from the peak and we both thought that we were going to regret this for the rest of our lives?

Erluzor continues to yell out for help.

Perl: But then we got to the top, and… that sunset. The relief and beauty of it all was- astonishing! It was like, like seeing Heaven, just, wash over the clouds and the mountains and the trees and us and…

Perl: You know, I think that was the first time I saw you cry.

45 seconds pass.

10:23 - Perl: I… I have to go now. I know we didn't get much time to talk, but- I promise I'll be back tomorrow…

Erluzor: If you can hear me, find my wife and tell her where you heard this! Her name is Perl! Perl Kori! She will know what to do! Hurry! It's so cold in here!

10:24 - Perl: I love you.

Perl is heard walking away from the site. 10 seconds later, microphone 1 stops transmitting its signal.

Addendum 1 (17/01/2014): On January 17th, 2014, Foundation agents were able to confirm the cause of death of Erluzor Lynas as the result of an interaction with a hostile anomalous entity in Argentina. Foundation task forces have been made aware of the presence of the entity in GOC Base-897 - where Perl Kori is currently stationed. The Department of Science has been requested to investigate the past 7 years of audio recordings for any further information about the anomaly that caused the death of Agent Lynas. The transcript of the interaction has been included below:

Transcript of January 17th, 2014 Audio Recording

10:15 - Perl approaches the grave of Erluzor Lynas. Microphone 2 picks up a moment of disturbance before returning to normal. Microphone 1 begins transmitting data.

8:41 - Perl: Hey, sweetie, I'm back. I know it’s been a while, but I had a mission in Argentina that kept me from coming to see you.

Erluzor: Please. No. No! Not again! It was finally over!

8:42 - Perl: It just wasn’t the same without you. I haven’t been back since you died, but the therapist said visiting where it happened might help me grieve.

Microphone 1 picks up the sound of light rustling and a soft clicking. Erluzor goes completely silent for a moment before vocalizing again

Erluzor: Ow! What the fuck was that? Who’s there?!

8:43 - Perl: It was so hard, you know? Seeing where you were murdered by that - that thing? We got it though. The monster is locked away deep underground and will never hurt anyone else. I can't imagine what that thing did to you. It makes me sick to walk by it every day. I promise you that it'll suffer once we figure out how to kill it though. It will feel the pain that I've felt every day. I have no idea what that doctor was thinking. Going there just made the pain so much worse.

Erluzor: Please! Please let someone hear me this time! Fuck! Something is biting me! I can feel them. They’re all over my body. Somebody! Anybody! Help me!

8:44 - Perl: It never gets easier. Every day I hope that it’ll hurt a little less and that I’ll start to forget the pain. That’s what I’m told is supposed to happen. But it’s not like that for us. The mnestics we take keep it feeling like you were with me just yesterday. I wake up every morning thinking that you had fallen asleep in my arms and I have to remind myself that it’s just the memories being unable to fade. It’s agony, Erluzor, pure agony.

Erluzor: Help me! I can feel them everywhere! I can feel them behind my eyes! What do you sick fucks want from me! I’ll tell you anything you want! Please! Just stop this!

8:45 - Perl: I know today was short, but I have to go to my mission debriefing now. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Next year I’ll spend the full day with you. Happy birthday, my love. Rest peacefully. I love you.

Erluzor continues to scream in pain and call out for help for the remainder of the event until Perl exits the area. At 8:45, Microphone 1 stops transmitting its signal.

Addendum 2 (04/06/2018): On June 4th, 2018, Foundation agents were able to determine the cause of SCP-5366 due to the discovery made by Agent Lynas. The transcript of the interaction prompting this discovery is included below:

Transcript of June 4th, 2018 Audio Recording

15:32 - Perl approaches the grave of Erluzor Lynas. Microphone 2 picks up a moment of disturbance before returning to normal and microphone 1 begins transmitting data.

Perl: Hey, honey, happy anniversary.

Erluzor: Please… Stop…

15:33 - Perl: It's raining quite a bit out here so I’m not going to be here long.

Erluzor: Perl. Please. Leave me… Let me… Rest…

15:34 - Perl: It would have been 11 years today. Isn’t that crazy? We were barely newlyweds when it happened and it feels like we still are.

Erluzor: It… It must be you. I c-can feel the roots d-digging into me. It's s-spring… our anniv-versary. I f-figured it out. Our v-vows. You ha-have to forget… to forget them. Please.

Perl: You would be so proud of me. Remember how you would tease me for giving up on things and being forgetful? Well I haven’t given up on you yet. I haven’t broken our vows yet. We promised to visit every single day if one of us ever died before the other and I think I have done very well at sticking to that. I don't think I've missed more than a few days since you died.

Erluzor: There’s… nothing left. I’m s-stripped down. Ripped ap-apart. You need t-to move on. L-leave me here.

15:36 - Perl: I just saw some lightning strike nearby so I’m sorry love, but I’ll need to go if you ever want me to be able to come back. I love you so much!

Perl can be heard running away from the grave plot. Microphone 1 stops transmitting its signal.

Addendum 3 (02/09/2018): Ever since June 4th, 2018, Erluzor Lynas has repeated only one phrase on loop throughout each subsequent SCP-5366 event (included below). As such, it is believed that no more useful data can be obtained from the recorder buried with Mr. Lynas and a request has been submitted to expand the scope of the SCP-5366 study team into looking at other corpses with equally consistent mourners.

Perl… Please… Let me go. I can’t… I can’t take this. I need you… Please… Move on. Please… Stop bringing me back… Please.

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