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Item №: SCP-5362

Object Class: Euclid (Provisional)

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor for the appearance of literary or artistic depictions of SCP-5362. These items are to be immediately seized and stored within containment locker B at Site-301. Those affected by SCP-5362 are to undergo extensive Class-F amnestic therapy by order of the O5 council. SCP-5362 manifestations are to be monitored by MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") and are to be halted before contact with a subject can be made.


Non-anomalous depiction of SCP-5362.

Description: SCP-5362 denotes a fictional character depicted in northern European folklore, most commonly referred to as "The One with a Thousand Faces". Most physical depictions vary, however SCP-5362 is commonly represented as a frail, skinless humanoid wearing torn clothing, lacking a mouth or eyelids and having an exposed brain underneath a thin membrane. The character is usually described as "smelling of rotting meat". One of its most notable characteristics is its ability of therianthropy, transforming itself into mice, rats and other rodent species. Another notable characteristic is the ability to transform its face into that of any existing person. SCP-5362 has appeared in texts dating as far back as the 11th century.

The frequency of physical manifestations of SCP-5362 are dependent on the number of interactions it has had with human individuals. SCP-5362 has only been observed manifesting near those who have viewed artistic or literary depictions of SCP-5362. The entity will stalk the individual upwards of 7 days, before making contact with the subject as they have entered REM sleep. Upon contact the subject will undergo several anomalous alterations.

Immediately after contact, the subject will lose functionality in many of their facial muscles, which will eventually lead to paralysis. Once this has occurred, a transmutagenic process will begin, with several of the individual's facial features being covered by abnormal skin growths. Once this has occurred, SCP-5362 will be capable of transforming its own face into that of the subject.

This process is able to be delayed, and in some cases, halted with the use of Class-F amnestics, completely removing the individual's identity. SCP-5362 can also be intercepted before it is able to make contact with the subject. By doing this it causes SCP-5362 to immediately dematerialise.

Muscle tissue from SCP-5362 was retrieved after it was intentionally shot in the forearm during an intervention. Biological analysis of SCP-5362's muscle tissue have revealed the appearance of specialised chromatophores. Complex tube systems have also been discovered within SCP-5362's head, allowing it to rapidly transport fat deposits around its face, giving the illusion of its transformative properties.

SCP-5362 was first properly documented by "His Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal, (HMFSCP)" which is when containment methods were first implemented during the 19th century. The Department of Mythology currently holds a detailed account of SCP-5362 which can be found in an 18th edition of the book "Monsters of the Developed World" seized from the estate of Lord Blackwood.

The One with a Thousand Faces

Falling under the category of mimics, this entity I first heard of from the local populus of a small little coastal village in the isles of Great Britain. A farmer by the name of Frederick spoke of a foul beast hidden away in the Scottish Highlands and perhaps even further out into the wild seas, that would steal the faces of the children who had not been on their best behaviour. A simple folktale to scare the children into being nicer to their superiors I thought, yet I was proven wrong.

I had heard of the mystical and fantastical before, but nothing of this sort. Some kind of reddish humanoid creature lacking many characteristics you'd consider universal across nature. It had an oblong head, with its brain visible through a white film. Beneath a broad brow sat two black eyes with two nostrils in-between. It had no mouth to speak of, only just flat bone in its place atop a frail, grotesque body that emanated the stench of rotting carcasses. An unpleasant sight to see for sure, but I am not the type to back down from gaining new knowledge.

It disappeared over the hills some time later, and in an attempt to follow and track down the creature, we came across one of its victims. In a large field stood a cottage by its lonesome, a path of dead grass leading up to the front door. Somehow ignoring the bolts and locks, this frail creature had busted the door open. Checking inside I was greeted to the sight of a man who must have been in his late seventies, collapsed dead. Turning the body over, I came across his face. A layer of flesh had formed over his eyes, ears, nose and mouth, suffocating him as he attempted to leave through the door. Poor old chap.

In legends it's said that the creature, once a child, was mocked for his appearance to the point where he began to conspire with demonic forces in the hopes of releasing a deadly calamity on the people who wronged him. Like always there was a price to pay, transforming him into the nightmare that plagues these lands today.

I hope someday he finally finds peace.

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