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Instance of SCP-5361

Item #: SCP-5361

Object Class: Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers were to monitor UK weather agencies and other media outlets reporting on abnormal weather patterns detected to be as a result of SCP-5361-1, suppressing this information from public view.

SCP-5361-1 was prepared to be contained within a corporeal entity containment chamber at Site-301, with a Faraday cage constructed around the unit. The activity of SCP-5361-1 was to be monitored at all times. If SCP-5361-1 began to dematerialise, an inbuilt SRA would be activated.

As of 20/6/2021, SCP-5361 and -1 are considered neutralised.

Description: SCP-5361 were a series of weather phenomena that occurred based on the emotional state of SCP-5361-1, a humanoid entity, superficially resembling the late Doctor Fordham who died on 27/5/2021.

SCP-5361-1 produced an intermittent antimemetic effect on subjects viewing it and would manifest at a variable time at a variable location within the UK before beginning to wander without direction. After travelling for roughly 2 hours, SCP-5361-1 would dematerialise. SCP-5361-1 was not affected by outside stimuli, capable of walking through solid surfaces and would ignore any attempts at communication.

As of 20/6/2021 SCP-5361-1 has yet to manifest again.

Addendum.1: Below are a series of text messages between Doctor Roberts and the late Doctor Fordham.

Roughly 2 hours later, Doctor Fordham was killed during a head on collision after the Foundation vehicle swerved off the road and hit a civilian vehicle. Doctor Fordham was situated in the front passenger seat.

Upon hearing what had occured, Doctor Roberts was allowed a week off work for grieving purposes.

Addendum.2: Roughly 2 weeks after its discovery, Doctor Roberts was informed about the manifestation of SCP-5361-1. Doctor Roberts applied for a test to be conducted on SCP-5361-1. This application was approved.

Date: 20/6/2021

Procedure: Dr. Roberts would make contact with SCP-5361-1 and attempt to communicate with the entity.

Purpose: To test whether SCP-5361-1 will react when presented with a person of interest from Dr. Fordham's life.

Results: While SCP-5361-1 had begun to walk down an alley, Dr. Roberts rounded the corner and stood in front of SCP-5361-1. SCP-5361-1 proceeded to tilt its head downwards to observe Dr. Roberts, before they both embraced each other in a hug. SCP-5361-1 then proceeded to dematerialise.

Note: After a prolonged absence of SCP-5361-1 once the test had concluded, the item was reclassified as neutralised.

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