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Item #: SCP-███

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-███ has been bricked up. SCP-███ is to be repaired if it becomes so weathered that entry or sight of the interior is possible. Only 'Pataphysics Department personnel of Level 3 and above are to know of SCP-███'s existence.

Description: SCP-███ is a large mausoleum located in Site-██'s on-site cemetery. The building is constructed from severely weathered stone and bears no external distinguishing features. Its only access point is a rusted iron gate at the center of one wall. When the object was first discovered, a tarnished brass plaque emblazoned with the words "Department of Abnormalities" was affixed to this gate.

It is not known when SCP-███ was constructed, or by whom.

Beyond the entrance gate, a hallway extends for approximately 10 meters before opening into a larger room. There are six small burial chambers along each side of the hallway, each behind a stone door. Some of these chambers contain an undecorated stone sarcophagus, roughly 2 meters long and .75 meters wide and high.

Each door is engraved with a name or other moniker that presumably describes the contents of the room behind it or the sarcophagus within. These labels and the contents of the associated rooms are as follows:

Door Engraving Contents Notes
“The Curse” An overturned rowboat made from an unidentified black wood. A large spike of electrum penetrates the hull near its center. The name "Vampyre" is painted on both sides of the prow in faded red paint.
“Hell” A sinkhole has seemingly opened beneath this chamber. Its horizontal dimensions are approximately those of the burial chamber, but its depth is unknown. An inscription is visible on the interior wall of the sinkhole several meters down, but it is illegible at that distance and angle.
[illegible due to damage] Room is entirely empty. Area smells faintly of fish.
“The Devil Machine” A sarcophagus containing a complex, heavily rusted clockwork device of unknown function. Rust has rendered all components immobile.
“Promethean Alloy” A stack of 120 ingots of an unidentified gray-green metal. Ingots were heavily tarnished.
“Lilith” Sarcophagus containing the desiccated remains of an adult human female wearing the standard uniform for humanoid SCP objects. Bone growths resembling vestigial wings extend from the shoulder blades. Tongue was removed before death.
“Jack” Sarcophagus containing the desiccated remains of an adult human male wearing casual clothing. Individual was castrated before death. A heart shape surrounding the letter "J" has been carved on the outside of the sarcophagus's lid.
“Epon” Sarcophagus containing the desiccated remains of an adolescent human female. Length of corpse's hair nearly exceeded its height. Nude. A rosary is clutched in one of the corpse's hands.
“PSR B0531+21”1 unknown Door cannot be opened.
“Mr. Brass” Sarcophagus containing a large assortment of mechanical parts, consisting mostly of brass. Parts appear to be the components of a humanoid automaton. Reassembly is impossible due to extensive damage and degradation.
“Job 10:10”2 Empty sarcophagus. The crypt door and sarcophagus were both open when discovered.
“Things Lost” Room is empty. There is a small hole in the rear wall. It has been plugged with concrete.

The room at the end of the hallway is square, roughly 7 meters on each side. A large stone tomb stands at the center of the room. On the top of the tomb, the following has been engraved:

A memorial for the remembered
atop a grave of the forgotten.

All attempts to access or view the tomb's interior have failed.

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