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Item #: SCP-5354

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of November 2018, SCP-5354 remains closed to the public. Regular updates are to be released regarding the instability of the area and social media is to be monitored for new mentions of SCP-5354. A boundary fence is in place around the site, warning signs are situated on associated footpaths and an on-foot patrol is in place to prevent further civilian incidents.

Description: SCP-5354 is the site of Caer Bran Hill Fort on the Penwith Peninsula in Cornwall. Any individual who crosses the outer boundary2 will become unable to experience anger, sadness, or produce tears. This effect continues until the affected individual exits SCP-5354.

Given SCP-5354's folkloric reputation as a refuge from evil spirits, it is likely that these anomalous effects have been active for several centuries.

Addendum 1: SCP-5354 Initial Incident Report

On 7th January 2016, West Cornwall emergency services received a call from a Mrs. Temple-Stewart requesting assistance for a non-responsive female at SCP-5354. This female was later identified as Ms. Anna Worthing. Complaints previously lodged with the local council3 indicate that Ms. Worthing had been residing at SCP-5354 for several months.


Initial Incident Report: SCP-5354
Field Agent Matthew Thomas
Date: 12/01/2016

07/01/2016, 07:46 - West Cornwall emergency services dispatch first responders to SCP-5354.

07/01/2016, 07:53 - First responders arrive at SCP-5354. Ms. Worthing is stabilised and transported to West Cornwall Hospital for further treatment.

07/01/2016, 11:30 - Ms. Worthing is admitted to West Cornwall Hospital. Records indicate that Ms. Worthing is suffering from the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements and keratoconjunctivitis sicca.4

10/01/2016, 08:50 - Ms. Worthing self-discharges during morning rounds.

10/01/2016, 12:30 - Field Agent Thomas5 becomes aware that Ms. Worthing has self-discharged.

10/01/2016, 1236 - Due to growing concerns that Ms. Worthing might be under the influence of a compulsion-causing anomaly,6 efforts are made to pinpoint Ms. Worthing's location.

10/01/2016, 13:35 - After a brief search, Ms. Worthing is located at SCP-5354. Ms. Worthing is fully compliant with initial efforts to remove her from the site but becomes significantly more resistant upon reaching the outer boundary.

10/01/2016, 13:45 - Ms. Worthing is detained for questioning. The area surrounding SCP-5354 is temporarily secured.


Interview SCP-5354-AW1
Interviewed: Ms. Anna Worthing
Interviewer: Dr. Kerry Young
Date: 18/01/2016

Note Whilst Ms. Worthing was originally taken into Foundation custody on 10/01/2016, she refused to respond to questioning for a period of eight days except to express her desire to return to SCP-5354.


[Ms. Worthing's eyes are closed. She wraps her arms around her body, then lowers her chin towards her chest.]

Dr. Young: Ms. Worthing, we'd like to ask you a few questions about -

Ms. Worthing: And then you'll let me go back?

Dr. Young: We won't stop you.

[Ms. Worthing inhales, then exhales slowly. She nods.]

Dr. Young: Okay. Can you tell us why you've been camping on the Peninsula? Did something happen to -

[Ms. Worthing raises her head.]

Ms. Worthing: What's wrong with me. That's what you really want to ask, isn't it? What kind of fuckup drops everything to go and camp out in the middle of nowhere? What kind of fucking -

Dr. Young: No, we just -

Ms. Worthing: You wouldn't get it even if I told you. Someone like you could never understand what it's like to be such a fuck-up that even your parents can't stand the sight of you. I - I just want to be left alone. By you. By them. By -

[Ms. Worthing pauses for a moment. When she speaks again, her voice is quieter.]

We had a fight that day - my Dad and me. I'd had another shitty day at work, and… It's like he can never leave it alone. "Why can't you work in the bank like Carol's boy? You're never going to get your own place." Before I even took my shoes off, he's at me about how I'm ruining their retirement, and I - I couldn't stay there. I couldn't. I just needed to get away for a while, okay? I needed a break from his bullshit. From all of it. It's too much to -

[Ms. Worthing pauses and presses both hands to her face. When she removes her hands, her cheeks are wet.]

Everyone says the view from the Caer is special. On a clear day, you can see for miles. The world looks… better. I just went up there to clear my head. Standing there, watching the way the ocean moved. I felt… light. I could sit looking out to sea for hours and not worry about a thing.

It was one night, at first. Just a break from all the yelling and judgement. The being compared to other people's kids. Never being good enough. One night and then… I don't know. The longer I stayed, the less I had to go back to. And the less I wanted to go back to it. My phone got cut off. I guess I lost my job, and -

Please. I don't want to be here. I can't deal with -

Dr. Young: Thank you, Ms. Worthing.


Note: Ms. Worthing has been amneticised and returned to her home in Sancreed, Cornwall. She is expected to recover fully from her physical symptoms.

Addendum 2: SCP-5354 Incident 2

Between May and September 2018, on-site team members reported a gradual increase in both overall civilian site traffic and mid-length7 visits. A review of containment procedures was brought forward to early October, but given the typical seasonal fluctuations in visit patterns, it was decided that no immediate action was required.

On October 28th, SCP-5354 was visited by self-proclaimed wellness coach Maxwell Finch. Mr. Finch reportedly remained at the site for three hours, taking multiple photos before ultimately returning to his vehicle.

At 09.38 on October 29th, an image of SCP-5354 was posted to Mr. Finch's Instagram page with the caption "I found tranquility here in Caer Bran - you too can rediscover yourself by welcoming nature into your life!" and a link to Mr. Finch's website. The image quickly amassed several thousand likes and comments from Mr. Finch's followers.

Over the course of the next week, SCP-5354 experienced an exponential increase in foot traffic, culminating in an attempt to establish a small on-site camp on the weekend of November 10-11th. Footpaths leading to the site sustained significant damage and car parks along a five-mile stretch of the peninsula were reported to be overflowing. On-site teams quickly acted to clear and close the site. Warnings were posted both along the trail and in local media claiming that subsidence associated with the underlying archaeology had made the area unsafe. A patrol was established to turn away new visitors, and any individuals who continued to seek access to the site were administered amnestics.

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