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Item #: SCP-5350

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: An international ad campaign is to be launched advocating for the consumption of plant-based products, and to eschew eating meats. Vaccinations in the forms of thaumaturgically-enhanced flu vaccines and memetic agents reducing the urge to eat meat are to be distributed among the global populace. Those infected with SCP-5350 are to be placed into permanent quarantine, until the subject has expired or recovered.

MTF Beta-7 "Maz-Hatters" is responsible for clean up and disposal of animals infected with SCP-5350. Infected animals are to be neutralized and remains cremated. Gen+ and Gen++ technology is to be used to systematically destroy and recreate portions of the biosphere, slightly editing the genome of recreated species to be immune to SCP-5350. A sample of SCP-5350 is to be retained in Site-14, a dedicated anomalous diseases research facility.

Informational pamphlet that was widely distributed by the WPO and the CADC (Center for Anomalous Disease Control). Expand image.

Description: SCP-5350 is a thaumaturgically altered pathogen derived from the influenza virus, that spontaneously grows into a fully functional eye (SCP-5350-A) on contact with mammal tissue. These eyes are often nonhuman in physical appearance, and can exhibit conflicting biology with its host. SCP-5350-A are filled with an aqueous solution containing more SCP-5350; the eyes easily burst, further propagating the spread of SCP-5350. As such, initial high-density infections on human bodies are in areas frequently subject to friction or prolonged contact with objects, such as the palms, back, groin, or soles of feet.

SCP-5350 is weak to extreme temperatures, and can only last outside of a host for 30 minutes before expiring. Infection of SCP-5350 has been correlated to a high degree of certainty to a meat-based diet.

Due to wide consumption of meat contaminated with SCP-5350 before the Foundation was fully aware of the anomaly, a significant portion of the population had been infected by the colloquial terms "Oculus Flu," or "Oculoma". Symptoms may include: sore throat, ulcers, upset stomach, eye-filled diarrhea, little-to-no appetite, and difficulty breathing. There is no known cure for SCP-5350, only preventative measures. Treatments can neutralize the spread of a SCP-5350 infection in its early stages, but even as SCP-5350 ceases to be virulent, the eyes become coated with a hard, translucent chitin, remaining fully functional but rendering excision from the surrounding tissue next-to-impossible.

The majority of untreated patients die of asphyxiation due to buildup of SCP-5350-A within the lungs, and patients who are infected for more than six months invariably become covered in SCP-5350-A. People infected rarely survive longer than a year without treatment, and those who recover are subject to extreme emotional trauma due to body dysmorphia and discrimination. A joint action between the Foundation, World Parahealth Organization (WPO), Manna Charitable Foundation (MCF), and Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU) was organized to stop the spread of SCP-5350.

Addendum 5350/1: Archived documentation of online civilian reaction to SCP-5350.

Project Scopophobia Recording:

Addendum 5350/2: Thanks to the efforts of the organizations involved with the effort, the spread of SCP-5350 was slowed drastically. From 2026-2030, the amount of infected individuals lowered from 1.3 billion to under 500 million. Projections estimate SCP-5350 will cease to be an epidemic in 2034. Complete eradication, however, is unfeasible at this time.

Recovered Documentation: A piece of paper was found at the meat-packing plant where SCP-5350 originated. Analysis matches the handwriting to that of Emilia Roberts.

Who are we, to constantly commit genocide against our four-legged relatives?

Who are we to determine what's sapient or not based on skin-deep analysis?

Who are we to determine a dog's life is worth more than a pig's?

With animals, there's more than meets the eye.

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