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by Elunerazim


A Manifestation of SCP-5347-1 off the coast of Carpenteria, California (Right).

Item #: SCP-5347

Object Class: Gödel-Euclid Gödel-Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5347-1 is currently uncontainable by Foundation efforts due to the failsafes of those who did not flee to the arboraceous nomenclative hazard, though it is largely contained by the effects of SCP-5347-2. Photographic and visual evidence of SCP-5347-1 has been discredited due to its resemblence to a Fata Morgana1, and entry to SCP-5347-1 has been deemed impossible by any means outside of SCP-5347-2.

SCP-5347-2 is known only to occult groups and thus requires no special containment procedures. The proliferation of an unrelated non-anomalous meme has made a part of SCP-5347-2's procedure a common phrase in certain communities, and as such has led to an exponential increase in victims of SCP-5347-2 since May 2020. New information regarding the procedures of SCP-5347-2 should be reported to the SCP-5347 Research Head.

Description: SCP-5347-1 is a partially-submerged island off the coast of Hy-Brasil. Due to the transitive nature of Hy-Brasil itself, SCP-5347-1 has appeared at multiple locations, usually appearing approximately 3 nautical miles off the coast of a calm and temperate beach. Attempts to approach SCP-5347-1 by any form of non-anomalous travel has been deemed impossible, as despite attempting to approach SCP-5347-1, any vehicles or persons appear to move in place approximately 1 mile from SCP-5347-1. SCP-5347-1 will maintain its position for exactly 3, 5, 13, or 17 days before disappearing under heavy fog.

SCP-5347-1 uniformly manifests with identical topology and size. Slight shifts, such as felled trees, fishing nets, and small signal or cooking fires indicate individuals sent to SCP-5347-1 remain active between manifestations. Sub-surface imaging has revealed large cocoon-like pods attached to the island's coast.

SCP-5347-2 is a series of thaumic rituals and triggers which, when enacted properly, teleport an individual to SCP-5347-1. The current specifics of SCP-5347-2 are unknown, though certain aspects and phrases have been identified in Document Hayforth-ESHU.

Findings of Document Hayforth-ESHU was a book obtained from college student and amateur occultist Vanessa Hayforth following her 1966 entry to the Pseudonymous Timberland. It described several occult rituals, including some mentions of SCP-5347-2. Much of the document's mentions were unclear, but the following mentions could be gleaned:

  • The subject sent to SCP-5347-1 must be painted with ceremonial tattoos and markings. This is believed to be a purely ceremonial aspect of the ritual, as no victims of SCP-5347-2 have been known to have been painted with such markings.
  • The subject sent to SCP-5347-1 must be of fae bloodlines, or have had their ancestors sworn to a fae blood pact - due to the proliferation of fae geneology during the first occult war, approximately 70% of humans alive today are believed to have trace amounts of fae blood.
  • The subject sent to SCP-5347-1 must be within "three times five times 13 times 17 Deiscéim"2 of the current manifestation of SCP-5347-1.
  • The subject sent to SCP-5347-1 must be told the exact phrase "You are going to Hy-Brasil"
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