Item #: SCP-5346

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the extreme rarity of SCP-5346 events, Foundation personnel have determined any full-scale preventative directives immediately concerning the anomaly to be unnecessary.1 Any individuals that are affected by SCP-5346 are to be immediately transferred into Foundation custody. If these events become fatal to said individuals, the resulting SCP-5346-1 instances are to be temporarily transferred to a Foundation morgue until the cause of their expiration can be investigated.

All media reports concerning SCP-5346 are to be falsified. Researchers immediately involved in the anomaly's continued investigation must maintain extreme caution towards obsessive tendencies concerning themselves and SCP-5346. Personnel are required to undergo psychological evaluations handled by Foundation staff in the event of any unusual or suspicious behavior. If said behavior is confirmed to be affected by — or tangentially related to — SCP-5346's inherent properties, the usage of Class E amnestics towards the affected individuals have been authorized.

Description: SCP-5346 is a cognitohazardous phenomenon that may manifest upon viewing a specific scene of the 1994 film titled Forrest Gump, which will result in severe cranial trauma to the viewer. The cause of this affliction has yet to be fully determined. This segment, known for the phrase, "My momma always said life [REDACTED] like a box of chocolates,"2 spoken by the film's protagonist Forrest Gump, does not exhibit any outward anomalous effects. However, expired victims of SCP-5346, otherwise known as SCP-5346-1, all previously shared an obsession over the particular scene and the phrasing of the quote, which is considered to be the primary trigger in causing SCP-5346 events to manifest.

SCP-5346-1 is largely centralized towards long-time admirers, film analysts, and popular conspiracy theorists. How SCP-5346 determines individuals remains unknown, but is currently being investigated.

At the time of this document's publication, only ███ recorded SCP-5346 events have been discovered.

Discovery: Foundation webcrawlers were alerted of a potential anomaly after monitoring the popular forum website, which convinced Foundation personnel to launch an official investigation. Added below are several discovered posts before they were removed by Foundation programs. All surviving individuals have since been amnestized per standard protocol.

RageTheComic 03/21/12 (Wed) 23:50:12 #68491173

So due to recent events, I've been binging many old childhood movies during my spare time at home. This included older Disney movies, the Matrix trilogy, some past animes like DBZ, and even a few seasons of Spongebob and the like. Is it weird? Maybe.

But anyway, as I was searching for movies, I happened to also stumble upon another classic. This movie, which mostly moved my parents and other friends at the time, was one of my favorite films of my childhood. Forrest Gump, the novel/motion picture that reimagined the American spirit and triumph, was instantly added to my queue of films to watch at home once I rediscovered it in my attic boxes.

So, last night, I actually got to watch it. And… I'm concerned. Not about Forrest Gump as a character or anything, but because of this line:

"Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates."

I vividly remember this quote, and when it came to the moment that the protagonist said it, I was beyond excited. But… this wasn't the line that I remembered. It was actually much different:

"Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates."

Now, I'm not trying to start anything, but this SCREAMS of conspiracies. Why hasn't anyone mentioned this much, much earlier? I mean, why do so many people misquote this line?

I remember someone a long time ago mentioning something about the "Mandela Effect," but this feels much more sinister than "false memories." I mean, after watching this scene, I couldn't even focus on Gump as a character. Like, beforehand, he was the "good guy" of the story. But, why does it feel different now that I've rewatched it?

Is it just me? I think I'm going to do some more research on it.

RageTheComic, signing out

fullhamslam01 03/21/12 (Wed) 23:55:49 #38492763

I can't believe someone actually posted this.

I was just thinking about this not too long ago, and honestly, I feel the exact same way. This movie gives me the creeps every time I watch it, and I have no idea why. Well, I didn't. But with the help of RageTheComic, I'm almost inclined to agree.

Forrest Gump, throughout the movie, is unnecessarily odd. And not in the obviously intentional portrayal of him that I remember. It's like he's watching us, almost from over the screen. I never understood why I thought this, and it was even odder to me that I couldn't remember his line clearly.

I'm betting this has something to do with an unstable time-lapse in our reality. Maybe someone went back in time and changed this line? But, if that is the case, WHY? I don't know, and it's aggravating. OP, help a friend out?

lynch1ng 03/23/12 (Fri) 11:22:34 #57328649

Bro I'd be too scared to admit this on something like Parawatch but since it's out in the open I also agree, and on multiple fronts.

It's like, the more I think about it, the more real it becomes… Idk how else to explain it. I've been putting this movie on repeat lately to try to figure out whats going on myself and, let me just say now; there is definitely something weird happening with this movie.

marmiduke 03/24/12 (Sat) 05:24:35 #57492759

Yall are insane. I've seen this movie atleast a hundred times and still have yet to be this spooked about it.

And there's already been several conspiracies about the mandela effect??? Like, legit, what in the blazing HELL are you on?

Yall are dumb lol.

RageTheComic 04/05/12 (Thurs) 13:23:14 #57382192


I haven't been able to stop thinking about Forrest Gump for two whole weeks. It's like, every time I close my eyes, I picture him to be even more… different… then the last time. Like, three weeks ago, I thought he was a cute and relatable guy and that Tom Hanks did a fantastic portrayal of him. But now, I'm not even so sure that it was really our Tom Hanks.

But the difference doesn't stop with just the Gump "character" for me. Not anymore. Let me explain:

Did anyone else notice the weird oddities of the film itself? The uncomfortable glances towards the camera, or the odd moments where it felt that the characters were referring to you? It only starts happening after the "Life was like a box of chocolates" line, which makes me believe that this line is like, a primary trigger.

I know it appears that I'm rambling, but try to listen to me here. Forrest Gump is much more than just a friendly, light-hearted film. Its a calling, maybe a subtle nod towards us theorists about the plausibility of an "alternate universe." I don't have the time to go through the exact details, but I strongly encourage you all to watch these videos:


They all take deep dives into the specifics of Forrest Gump and the possibility of the movie-making connections between another reality and our own. They go into all of the weird oddities of the film, which goes way beyond Forrest Gump himself.

Meanwhile, I'm going to remain at home and contemplate.

RageTheComic, signing out.

farcicik 04/05/12 (Thurs) 14:14:49 #58127467

Are you legit serious about all of this? I can't actually tell.

notflopys 04/05/12 (Thurs) 16:54:22 #58182736

This is literally Parawatch. What were you expecting, farcicik?

But really, this sounds like another generic theory for an already proven phenomenon. Can we move on already from this movie?

RageTheComic 04/07/12 (Wed) 06:56:26 #67481346


Please get him to stop.

I'm scared. I'm absolutely terrified. It used to be that I could just think about the movie and not have to worry about feeling worried that someone was watching me.

But now it's different. I'm obsessed.

I swear, it's like he's even in my room sometimes. Occasionally, I'll see brief images of his face, sometimes in a wicked smile or a satisfied grin. But whenever I go to take another look, he disappears. It's almost like I'm hallucinating, but… it feels real.


Is this even real? It must be fake.

This has to be my imagination playing tricks on me, right? There's simply no other explanation. Maybe I'm going delirious? I don't know exactly, and I don't mean to bog the thread down with ridiculous sentiments like I am right now. But frankly, no one else will listen. I've been locking all my doors at night, making sure to close off any entry points into my home.

I have to be going crazy, right? I think I am.

RageTheComic, signing out.

jakiswacklol 04/07/12 (Wed) 07:15:42 #57182756

Is Tom Hanks not allowed to leave his house now or something? Lol.

Addendum 5346-1: Agents assigned to monitor these targetted Parawatch forums noticed that multiple users, including fullhamslam01 and lynch1ng, became inactive shortly after publishing posts related to SCP-5346. Because these users had previously displayed daily activity before referencing SCP-5346, a recovery operation by Foundation staff was proposed. On 06/20/2012, personnel were only successful in locating user RageTheComic, also known as Jaxon Collins, who was discovered to have been deceased for several weeks inside of his apartment located in Chicago, Illinois. After a detailed analysis of the premises, Foundation personnel found the victim's cellphone and discovered a finalized draft of what appears to be an update towards his original post.

I'm not crazy. I know I'm not. This… thing is definitely onto me. I'm currently hiding in a closet, forcing myself not to burst into tears.

I hear it walking around my hallways. It lingers, constantly surrounding me at all times. This thing is not Gump. Hell, it's not even human. It's hungry… whether it be for revenge or blood, I'm not exactly sure… but that doesn't matter now.

I've called the police, but they won't be here in time to save me. Nor would they believe me if I told them about the monster that was hunting me down. I want to scream so badly, but I'm too terrified to throw away my life that quickly.

Please… do not fall down the rabbit hole. Save yourself. Or it'll come for you too.

RageTheComic, signing out.

Following the recovery of Jaxon Collins, an autopsy of the remains revealed that the subject suffered from severe cranial blunt force trauma. The infliction matched with all similar cases that were subsequently discovered.

Additionally, following several investigations within the victim's residence, a note was discovered near the entry door. This note has been attached to this documentation for further analysis:

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