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Item#: SCP-5345
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View of SCP-5345 from the southeast, exhibiting extensive erosion.

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter of 5 kilometers around SCP-5345 is maintained by Foundation naval assets posing as Korea Coast Guard to deter any civilian vessels that may come into proximity of SCP-5345. Shipping routes within the Yellow Sea have also been rerouted as to minimize any possible contact. The existence of SCP-5345 is obscured via operatives embedded in space administration institutions with satellite imaging capabilities, and the governments of the Republic and Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Description: SCP-5345 is an uninhabited island located in the Yellow Sea at 35°██'██.█"N, 125°██'██.█"E. The island contains several heavily damaged structures, believed to have been office blocks and warehouses. Numerous abnormal rock salt formations have been observed to protrude from the floors and walls inside and around these structures. It is noted that a significant amount resemble human beings.

Thus far, 2 identical sets of thaumaturgic sigils of different sizes have been discovered, one of which had a diameter of 10 meters, and was bleached into the floor of a warehouse from regular usage. The other is approximated to have been several hundred kilometers in diameter, with only a fraction of the set being visible via aerial surveys. No activity was recorded during observation of these sets.

Identified sigils bear marked similarities to those used in known ontokinetic manifestations, thaumaturgical rituals, and temporal alteration incantations for or related to divinity, teleportation, and seances. It is believed they served as ascendance rituals to access afterlife locations, allowing for the transportation of matter and entities. Very few documents have been found that describe the exact methods and resources required to conduct such rituals, and thus they have not been attempted.

Geographical surveys indicate the island did not form by natural means, which has been corroborated by evidence of several major thaumaturgic events detected during psychometric analysis. It is currently understood that SCP-5345 was an inland region within a larger landmass that was displaced from consensus reality via thaumaturgic means. It is expected that SCP-5345 will fully collapse into the Yellow Sea within the next 80 years due to a combination of wave erosion and tectonic shifts.

Discovery: SCP-5345 was discovered on 21/08/1987, following the detection of a spike in several energy signatures, including electromagnetic, Humic waves, Akiva radiation, and Elan-Vital Energy, from its current location during routine surveillance from several Foundation satellites. Obfuscation protocols were successfully enacted to obscure SCP-5345's existence from surveillance satellite-capable states. Foundation naval and aerial assets were dispatched to investigate the island and evaluate any potential threats, but found nothing of immediate concern. Expeditions into SCP-5345 were approved shortly afterwards.

Addendum 5345.01:
To date, numerous expeditions into SCP-5345 and its structures have been conducted. Identical insignia found on walls across several structures point towards SCP-5345 being the former site of a complex for an organization. Intact documents and audio recordings from interviews and surveillance recorders have been found in intact filing cabinets and safes. All recovered documents did not use the Hangul script, but instead used a modified version of the ʼPhags-pa script.1 Translated excerpts have been attached below.

Addendum 5345.02:
As of the most recent expedition into SCP-5345, the epicenter of a previously undocumented thaumaturgic sigil was discovered in a warehouse, identical to the other sets but centered around metallic debris.8 A thaumaturgically reinforced safe and two rock salt formations were found next to the sigils. The safe was recovered and sent to Site-52 for inspection and subsequent storage. Several documents and cassettes were found in the safe after Foundation personnel managed to unseal it.

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