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Item #: SCP-5341

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5341 is to be confined to a standard humanoid containment cell located 50 m below ground beneath a small foundation facility located in ██████, Norway designated site ██ as the area has a minimal chance of disturbing SCP-5341. The cell of SCP-5341 is to be equipped with various fire suppression systems such as sprinklers and foam. Additionally, the corridor leading to SCP-5341 containment cell is to be flooded in the event that SCP-5341 breaks containment.
Should SCP-5341 break containment all personnel are to stand down and abandon anything that can be considered a weapon until SCP-5341 has calmed down and been returned to its cell.

Any personnel entering SCP-5341 containment cell is under no circumstance to make any loud noises or sudden movements that may be perceived as threatening. All personnel are to exit the containment cell should SCP-5341 show any signs of anger.

SCP-5341 is generally cooperative and has therefor been allowed to request items that have a minimal chance of making any loud noises or be perceived as weapons. Notable requests include:

  • A small pet bird, specifically a white dove (approved)
  • Various flora such as flowers and small trees (approved)
  • A sword or Axe for training purposes (denied)
  • Access to various locations located in Northern ███████ (denied)
  • A blank journal, a quill and ink for drawing and writing (approved, all contents within the journal is to be examined by SCP-5341 head researcher)

Description: SCP-5341 is a sentient humanoid entity resembling a charred human corpse clad in black medieval armor. SCP-5341 armor appears to be from 14th century England, composed of steel and has displayed the ability to regenerate even after being cut in half, the same goes for the body of SCP-5341. A close inspection of SCP-5341 body has shown that SCP-5341 is fused to the armor, invasive tests are impossible at this time due to the risks involved.

Should SCP-5341 see or hear anything it perceives as threatening such as loud noises and sharp objects it will involuntarily enter its active state. Upon entering its active state, it will adopt a berserker-like rage and attempt to kill anything it considers a threat. Additionally, when SCP-5341 is in its active state the temperature of its armor will rise to 1 890 °C, SCP-5341 does not seem to have any control over this ability whilst inactive. Only when all threats are removed from SCP-5341 line of sight will SCP-5341 revert back to its usual nonthreatening behavior, it will then usually return to its containment cell without resistance.
Water and various means of fire suppression has been shown to have a calming effect on SCP-5341 while in its active state, though this will not stop its rampage, only slow it down. Additionally, once it has calmed down it will often show remorse and even sorrow after killing someone during its rampages such as during incident 5341-7-Blue (see addendum-2). This indicates that SCP-5341 has a conscience and that its rampages are an involuntary reflex, possibly something similar to PTSD.

SCP-5341 is somehow capable of vocal communication despite lacking the necessary organs to do so. Despite being capable of speaking English and other languages such as Latin it has difficulty pronouncing words and will instead growl or shake its head. SCP-5341 behavior and knowledge seems to suggest that it was at some point part of human society but that it has since lost the social skills necessary to do so. Despite the problem it has with vocal communication it is capable of understanding complex words and phrases, which suggest it is intelligent. IQ tests have so far been inconclusive.

Researchers note: SCP-5341 seems to have experienced some traumatic and highly stressful event in its past. Due to its reluctance to share information on its past as well as its compulsion to draw and write about the aftermath of some sort of war or great battle it is believed that this event is the cause of its involuntary rampages. It is recommended that all who interact with SCP-5341 be careful when asking it about its past.

Addendum: Recorded interview between Dr. Edvard Heyerdahl and SCP-5341.

Interviewed: SCP-5341

Interviewer: Doctor Edvard Heyerdahl

Foreword: The following interview was recorded on 19.██.20██. The interview was conducted following incident: 5341-5, in which SCP-5341 showed mercy while in its active state. The purpose of this interview is to determine what caused the abnormal behavior displayed by SCP-5341 during the incident.

<Begin Log>

Dr Heyerdahl: Good day 5341. I would like to ask you a few questions regarding the incident a few days ago, if that’s alright with you?

SCP-5341: (nods).

Dr Heyerdahl: Good, let us begin. What was it that caused you to become enraged this time?

SCP-5341: (Growls)… I saw… w-weapon. Attacked…

Dr Heyerdahl: So, you thought you were in danger?

SCP-5341: (Nods) don’t like… weapons (growls).

Dr Heyerdahl: Okay then. You realize that we mean you no harm correct, and that your containment is for the safety of others?

SCP-5341: Y-yes, but… (incomprehensible roar).

Dr Heyerdahl: (Recoils, but quickly regains composure). Let’s move on. After attacking and killing several guards and personnel you stopped once you saw agent ████, why?

SCP-5341: (Remains silent).

Dr Heyerdahl: 5341, why did you stop when you saw agent ████?

SCP-5341: (Growls). Remembered… friend.

Dr Heyerdahl: So you stopped because you consider him a friend? I don’t believe that you have had any notable interactions wi- (gets cut off by SCP-5341).

SCP-5341: No, other friend…

Dr Heyerdahl: Then, do you mean that he resembles someone you knew prior to containment?

SCP-5341: (Remains silent)

Dr Heyerdahl: 5341, please answer the question.

SCP-5341: (Roars, then remains silent)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After being asked to elaborate on its last answer SCP-5341 refused to speak or answer any further questions for the remainder of the interview. Based on the limited information given by SCP-5341 during the interview it has become apparent that its life prior to containment may have been more complex than previously thought. It also seems that SCP-5341 knew someone that closely resembles agent ████ as prior to incident: 5341-5 it has had only two known interactions with agent ████, neither of which contained more than a simple greeting.


Incident log: 5341-7-Blue

Foreword: During a routine interview with Dr. Edvard Heyerdahl SCP-5341 was continually asked about its past which seems to have triggered a traumatic memory which in turn caused it to enter its active state and go on a rampage killing several personnel including Dr. Heyerdahl. During its rampage SCP-5341 engulfed itself and a large part of the facility in anomalous blue flames, the reason for this is still unknown.

15:00. Interview starts.

15:17. SCP-5341 refuses to answer any and all questions about its past despite Dr. Heyerdahl's insistence.

15:24. SCP-5341 begins to scream and roar for several minutes seemingly in a panic before entering its active state, Dr. Heyerdahl leaves the containment cell just before SCP-5341 activated.

15:33. SCP-5341 appears much more violent than normal, repeatedly slamming its body into the walls and clawing at its head. It is not slowed by the fire suppression or flooding of the corridor leading to its containment chamber.

15:41. After engaging and brutally killing several unarmed personnel attempting to surrender SCP-5341 began convulsing before becoming engulfed in blue flames which quickly started to spread to everything the entity came into contact with.

15:49. SCP-5341 continues to roam the facility spreading its blue flames wherever it goes whilst repeating the phrases: "Per ignem" and "Ignis, mundum emunda".

16:01. After covering roughly 34% of the facility in blue flames and killing/attacking 13 unarmed members of staff SCP-5341 finally calmed down and stopped its rampage, this also caused the blue flames to die out in mere seconds leaving no damage to any non-organic material having only damaged the corpses of those killed or attacked by SCP-5341.

<End log>

Final word: So far this is the only recorded instance of blue flames being produced by SCP-5341, when questioned about these flames or the incident it enters an unresponsive state which can last anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 hours. SCP-5341 has also started to become less responsive when conversing with personnel, often spacing out or beginning to repeat the phrase "No more" several times before refusing to speak for several hours.
The Blue flames produced by SCP-5341 spread at an incredible pace despite them seeming to be unable to consume anything other than organic material. Additionally, the phrases uttered by SCP-5341 "Per ignem" and "Ignis, mundum emunda" meaning "By fire" and "Fire, cleanse the world" in Latin are unknown to SCP-5341 as it claims to have never heard either of them.
Further questioning and investigation into the phrases uttered and blue flames produced by SCP-5341 is currently ongoing.

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