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SCP-5340-1. Memetic vectors have been edited out for personnel safety.

Item #: SCP-5340

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: One copy of each SCP-5340 instance is stored in Storage Site 64. Viewers of SCP-5340 related media are to be located via embedded agents in video sharing services and amnesticized. Foundation web crawlers are to track and delete any re-uploads of videos containing SCP-5340.

Description: SCP-5340 is a collection of 143 cognitohazards with varying memetic and antimemetic effects, all derived from SCP-5340-1, a standard use Grant-Daniels memetic incapacitation agent capable of inducing a migraine in viewers.

SCP-5340-1 was first discovered outside of Foundation control on the image host website on 15/09/2019. . The post was logged and deleted 35 seconds later by a Foundation .aic. It was posted by an unknown former member of the Memetics and Infohazards division now associated with GoI-0267 ("Are We Cool Yet?") Foundation efforts to investigate the individual have so far been unsuccessful, but further anomalous posts have been intercepted without incident.

All further instances of SCP-5340 were discovered in a house located near Beeston, England following a welfare check on 12/02/2021. The previous resident was Sam Flagg, a Biochemistry student at the University of Nottingham and creator of SCP-5340-2 through SCP-5340-143. No staff or other individuals at the University can corroborate Flagg's attendance, nor do they appear in any government records. The sole proof of their existence is the creation of several video logs found inside the housing and uploaded to the online video-sharing platform YouTube.


Prior to coming to Foundation attention, Flagg uploaded 9 videos and 5 live streams over a period of 14 months under the pseudonym Backyard Memeticist. This channel had 97 subscribers as of 12/02/2021, with several hundred unique viewers. On this account, Flagg published videos on a very rudimentary understanding of memetic science. Excerpts considered relevant can be found below.

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