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Instance of SCP-5337-1, currently rendered non-anomalous.


Instance of SCP-5337-2, allegedly associated with "oath breaker theft."

Item #: SCP-5337

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A team of Foundation researchers is to be assigned to identifying, tracking, and monitoring SCP-5337 activity in the public view. Reports of unusual barcode displays consistent with SCP-5337 manifestation are to be investigated, and any discovered instances of SCP-5337-1 and/or SCP-5337-2 are to be confiscated. Amnestics may be applied to aid in the acquisition and subsequent cover-up of the anomalies.

SCP-5337-1 instances are to be cataloged, and the items associated with the instances held in a low-concern auxiliary items vault at Site-17. Access to the SCP-5337-1 instances requires Level-3 authorization.

SCP-5337-2 instances are to be kept in an avian enclosure at Site-17, and provided standard care per their apparent species. Every week their plumage is to be scanned using a cordless barcode scanner connected to a designated Foundation laptop; any differences in displayed text are to be immediately reported to the SCP-5337 project head.

Description: SCP-5337 is a phenomenon that occurs when a printed UPC-A barcode symbol is scanned by any barcode scanner (devices found in libraries, supermarkets, warehouses, etc.). Barcodes affected by SCP-5337 (designated SCP-5337-1) will cause any screens connected to the scanner to display variations of the phrases "help me" or "forgive me" in the language the screen is configured in.

SCP-5337 is currently believed to only affect printed labels on products labeled for individual sale. Repeated scanning of an affected barcode will cause corrupted or fragmented text to display. After approximately 50 consecutive scans of an SCP-5337-1 instance, the displayed text will consist of words outlining a contract with "the being whom holds the barrier forgiving." The entirety of the contract will be displayed after approximately 200 consecutive barcode scans (see Document SCP-5337-132-7 for a copy of a full SCP-5337 contract). The terms of the contract generally note that "the being" is agreeing to act as a caretaker for a "fallen wisdom greed-giver attained purgatory" who must "live an existence in reminds of their failed gift."

Upon the 200th consecutive scan, the SCP-5337-1 instance will be rendered non-anomalous, and an instance of SCP-5337-2 will manifest.

SCP-5337-2 appear to be silver-coloration Sebright1 chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus). SCP-5337-2 instances are incapable of breeding, do not produce eggs, have difficulty flying despite being fully fledged, and possess unusually poor health despite the quality of care given. Nevertheless, based on observations of individuals currently in containment, the lifespan of SCP-5337-2 instances is believed to extend past 50 years. SCP-5337-2 also exhibit resistance to pests and avian disease. No matter the state of cleanliness of their enclosure, the feathers of SCP-5337-2 instances always remain pristine.

SCP-5337-2 do not behave similarly to their non-anomalous counterparts. Rather, they move very little, eat sparingly, and only exhibit excitement in the presence of certain objects. Items that pique SCP-5337-2 curiosity are consistently related to human developments loosely or directly associated with money, such as calculators, smartphones, lottery tickets, and cuneiform tablets detailing business transactions.

Addendum SCP-5337-1: Using a barcode scanner to scan any part of an SCP-5337-2 instance’s plumage will result in partially uncorrupted text displayed. This text denotes a name (typically obscured or otherwise unreadable), an "error", and the length of a "penance." The data obtained for the three SCP-5337-2 individuals currently in containment is as follows:

NAME: [text corrupted]

NAME: [text corrupted]

NAME: [text corrupted]
ERROR CREATED: [text corrupted] INEQUAL

Foundation personnel will continue to closely monitor SCP-5337-2 instances to determine the events that occur upon their penance expiring.

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