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Item #: SCP-5329

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is to spread a misinformation campaign claiming the water produced by SCP-5329 is contaminated by toxic substances, and an undercover Agent is to remain placed near the location to prevent civilians from consuming it. The use of SCP-5329 is only allowed for testing by authorized personnel, and civilians who accidentally consume SCP-5329's water are to be administrated with amnestics.

Description: SCP-5329 is a water spout located near the city of Southampton, England. Once consumed by a human, the water produced by SCP-5329 will make the individual unable to lie within the following thirty minutes. This effect will only take place if the consumer drinks or collects the water produced by SCP-5329 before it falls into the puddle located below the spout, as upon mixing with different liquid substances (including non-anomalous water) it loses its anomalous properties.

Besides the aforementioned effect, no other anomalous properties were observed regarding SCP-5329 and the water it produces. Currently, the Foundation has stored approximately 1000 liters of SCP-5329's water within Site-73.

Discovery: SCP-5329 came to Foundation's attention when the number of verbal and physical conflicts between civilians with previously close relationships1 began to increase unusually within the region around the middle of 2018, to the point of local media starting to publish and broadcast content related to it.

Due to that, on September 15th of said year, 2 investigational teams composed of four Agents each were sent to the city to investigate the cause behind the anomalous behavior of the population. After 3 weeks of fruitless efforts, on October 6th, the group composed of Agents Edward Freed, Jason Cornell, Joseph Hemming, and its leader John Collins, accidentally found SCP-5329.

Addendum 1: After a careful examination of SCP-5329 two days after its discovery, a small but still visible text was found carved on a stone next to it. The message says: "For those who seek for a better, more honest world. Water purified by members of The Truth Shall Prevail." Investigations regarding this group are still ongoing.

Addendum 2: The possibility of SCP-5329's water being used by the Foundation in specific cases in order to get pieces of information from Groups and/or Persons of Interest is being considered, however, its use on individuals for other purposes is currently prohibited, to avoid meaningless violation of mental privacy.

Addendum 3: Agent Edward later apologized to the O5 Council via his superiors for his statements while under the effects of SCP-5329’s water, and on 04/03/2019 requested his own retirement, stating: “I can’t continue working to the Foundation after the things I’ve said. If that’s what my inner self truly feels like, I probably should just leave. Thanks for everything guys, and despite what I said I had a bunch of fun moments here. I will really miss working with you, John!”

Edward's request was granted and he no longer works for the Foundation. John Collins was considerably impacted by his companion's decision and is currently assigned to SCP-5329's containment preventing civilians from consuming SCP-5329's water, as requested by himself.

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