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Item#: 5328
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5328 is to be contained in a cryogenic preservation tank,1 with the ability to be removed and thawed for testing. During observation periods, hallways may be open for use in navigation tests, following and preceding decontamination of floors and walls, but all doors must remain locked, and all unrelated staff must evacuate any rooms or corridors potentially being used by SCP-5328.

Although SCP-5328’s affliction does not appear to be directly transmittable, the villages of Faro and Norman Wells must be covertly monitored in the event that a second instance manifests.


SCP-5328 shortly after acquisition

Description: SCP-5328 is the corpse of an Inuit woman, initially discovered partly frozen in Yukon Territory, 30 km from the village of Faro. Judging by the bodily anatomy, the subject appears to have been 7-8 months pregnant at time of death, however, surgical investigation has revealed no presence of fetal tissue or fetal remains.

SCP-5328 is bisected in a jagged pattern approximately 6 cm below the naval. Appearance of the torn flesh suggests that the subject was forcibly ripped in half by a pulling or stretching motion, rather than being cut with any type of incision. There are no scars or markings on the limbs or head to indicate that the bisection was made by an external force.

Cellular analysis of the top half of the body, including head, arms, and upper torso, reveals no living tissue of any form. MRI scans and surgical analysis have shown that all internal organs are mostly intact, save for the colon and the enlarged uterus, which are torn along the margin of bisection. MRI scans reveal that the brain is 0.32 kg lighter than what would be considered normal for a human of the subject’s body type. The loss in mass comes primarily from shrunken portions in the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, and hippocampus.

Analysis of the corpse's lower half reveals an abnormally large quantity of overactive nervous tissue ostensibly overtaking and controlling the dead muscular tissue. While thawed, the neurons present throughout SCP-5328 undergo rapid growth, slowly consuming the dead tissue, primarily in the bones. These use strong electrical charges to manipulate the muscles into convulsive contraction and retraction. The neurons will repair or replace the torn muscles at a rapid pace, but the bones and ligaments continue to degrade, often breaking or dislocating. Though its movements are often erratic, SCP-5328 is capable of notable feats of navigation, as it was able to travel several kilometers through the snow in Yukon territory towards Faro, where it was first reported, then return to its top half, where the Foundation first made acquisition (see Addendum 5328-A for further examples).

DNA analysis reveals that the active neurons are human cells and are a match to DNA taken from both halves of the corpse. Since they consume mostly non-muscular flesh, tests have been performed to determine if they behave similarly to flesh eating bacteria. Samples were applied, in order, to dead human tissue from volunteers, live tissue from animals, including rats and geckos, and live tissue from two class-D personnel. In all instances, the neuron samples died after a period of six hours, while the test subjects remained unchanged. The current hypothesis is that this nervous tissue only consumes flesh with matching DNA, which it converts into electricity.

Because SCP-5328’s life depends on the presence of its own tissue to consume, its lifespan is extremely short; estimated to be approximately two months of cumulative time spent unfrozen, starting at the time this file is written. It is estimated that enough tissue will have been consumed in the first cumulative month that it will effectively deflate in shape and its motion will be hindered beyond function. Therefore, SCP-5328 must remain frozen in order to drastically slow the rate of decomposition, and any time spent studying SCP-5328 when thawed must be greatly limited in order to preserve the specimen for as long as possible.

Addendum 5328-A: Third observation session audio recording

Addendum 5328-B:
After Dr. Bosco’s audio recording was submitted, several researchers pointed out the presence of an indiscriminate noise that occurred at the 4:57 mark as he closed the door to the freezer at the end of the session. Most speculated the sound was a vocalization made by SCP-5328, possibly as a result of the legs transferring neurons to the mouth and vocal cords via physical connection. Dr. Bosco claimed he did not hear this during the observation session, but turned off SCP-5328’s freezer unit and installed an audio recorder in case any similar noises were made. The following audio clips were recorded over the course of two weeks.

1/15/21 4:54 PM:

1/19/21 5:20 AM:

1/20/21 12:58 AM:

1/24/21 7:02 PM:

SCP-5328 regurgitated part of its larynx during the final clip. No subsequent vocalizations occurred.

Addendum 5328-C:
In an attempt to identify the corpse, inquiries have been made about missing person reports in Alaska and the Canadian territories. The only report found that nearly matches SCP-5328 originates from Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, over 400 km from where SCP-5328 was acquired. The report was made five days after the acquisition of SCP-5328, by the father of 30-year-old Lana Qarpik, when her vehicle, rented from Yellowknife Airport, was discovered abandoned 100 km from the border of British Columbia. Files were confiscated from the local medical office and Lana Qarpik’s home in hopes confirming SCP-5328’s identity and determining the cause of its affliction.

Ultrasound files for Lana Qarpik during pregnancy

Date: 8/3/20
Gestational age: ~15 wks
Sex: unidentified
Cardiac activity: present
Structures visualized: skull, neck, heart, spine
Head circumference: 126 mm
Visit summary:
All readings normal.
Patient is under high distress, claiming she has been abstinent for several years. Referred patient to online stress management workshop and women’s shelter, if she believes she was sexually assaulted without her knowledge.

Date: 9/28/20
Gestational age: 23 wks
Sex: F
Cardiac activity: present
Structures visualized: skull, neck, heart, spine, abdomen, right arm
Head circumference: 240 mm
Visit summary:
Fetus shows minor signs of macrocephaly; no fluid buildup or defects detected.
Patient is extremely distressed, showing signs of delirium and hypochondria; asked if the fetus is human. Recommended rest and add’l sleep.
Blood samples taken from patient and fetus per patient’s request.
Note-10/8: Fetus and patient blood samples came back identical. Nurses, please ensure that the next blood draw actually comes from the fetus. Don’t miss with that needle.

Date: 11/2/20
Gestational age: 28 wks
Sex: F
Cardiac activity: present
Structures visualized: skull, brain, neck, spine, abdomen, pelvis, right leg
Head circumference: 355 mm
Visit summary:
Severe macrocephaly present. Still no fluid buildup detected. Fetus’ blood taken for analysis.
Patient’s speech is slurred and is walking off balance. Possibly drunk? Breath didn’t smell of alcohol. Reprimanded patient for drinking while pregnant. Patient claims the baby is sapping her memories away and telling her where to walk. Recommended appointment with traveling psychiatrist for Sahtu region.
Note-11/11: Again, fetus and patient blood samples came back identical. Nurses, this shouldn’t be that hard!

Internet search history from laptop confiscated from Lana Qarpik’s home

7/27/2020 17:32:40 nauseaa
7/27/2020 17:33:15 Nausea causes
7/28/2020 18:55:02 Dr. Jason Carter phone Norman Wells
7/29/2020 17:02:03 pregnancy symptoms
7/29/2020 17:10:44 pregnancy no father
7/29/2020 17:11:50 Pregnancy no sexual partner
8/3/2020 12:21:21 how to know if you’ve been raped
8/3/2020 12:26:00 impregnated without knowledge
8/4/2020 06:56:26 stress management
8/5/2020 20:48:04 best funny netflix shows
8/5/2020 20:51:48 best relaxing netflix shows
8/10/2020 19:02:37 Dr. Carter Norman Wells reviews
8/15/2020 13:10:09 order cat food bulk
8/22/2020 15:05:59 pregnancy headaches
9/1/2020 11:45:21 womens shelter northwest territoris
9/4/2020 18:40:23 dad birthday gift ideas
9/4/2020 18:42:03 dad birthday gift ideas during covid
9/10/2020 22:00:29 dr Carter phone norman wells
9/12/2020 02:39:38 headache remedy
9/12/2020 17:35:56 do fetuses take brain power from mother
9/18/2020 19:08:15 best cat toys
9/20/2020 17:39:08 asexual reproduction
9/20/2020 17:42:53 have humans reproduced asexually
9/23/2020 20:33:29 human asexual reproduction
10/8/2020 17:35:01 do fetuses have same blood as mother
10/25/2020 10:30:48 Asexual reproduction
10/25/2020 16:10:41 asexual reproduction
10/29/2020 15:03:22 pregnancy memory loss
10/29/2020 17:12:39 memory loss
10/31/2020 12:23:23 memory loss
10/31/2020 19:00:30 urge to walk in random directions
10/31/2020 21:40:56 Human asexual reproduction
11/1/2020 09:47:31 long term memory loss
11/1/2020 10:20:00 not regognizing family mambers
11/1/2020 10:32:18 forgetting pets
11/2/2020 16:06:22 sahtu psychiatrist
11/3/2020 12:58:30 sahty psychiatrist
11/6/2020 18:09:28 exorcist Canadian territories
11/6/2020 18:12:31 exorcist alberta
11/6/2020 18:18:19 exorcist british Columbia
11/6/2020 18:22:50 oogle maps brish cloumbia
11/7/2020 01:55:06 memory loss
11/7/2020 04:06:07 exorcist british Columbia
11/7/2020 13:40:39 memry lodd
11/8/2020 06:55:02 exrcist britsh Columbia
11/8/2020 09:00:36 dxocist dribdsh clunba
11/8/2020 11:50:22 whedre was i going
11/8/2020 12:05:05 plane tickcket to yellownkife
11/8/2020 18:50:00 maps brsh itish colnumba
11/8/2020 19:58:27 exocict brtish clmbfia
11/9/2020 04:10:49 brithsh columbia dexorcist

Addendum 5328-D:

Notice regarding SCP-5328


As of today, both of SCP-5328’s fibulae have been completely consumed, and the legs have reduced in thickness by 7 cm. Although the quantity of living cells present has not changed, its movement has become noticeably sluggish, and it is unable to stand or reach upwards more than 50 cm. Moving forward, we will be using cryogenics to preserve SCP-5328. It may only be released if new regenerative technology is developed for it or another separate instance is discovered.

To the junior researchers involved with this specimen, especially those for whom this was their first project, first of all, yes, this will likely take a matter of years. Second, any further appeals by staff to satisfy SCP-5328's alleged requests made in Addendum 5328-B will continue to be ignored. The Foundation's living specimens are not pets, and you will need to learn this the hard way if you want to continue to work here. "What harm would it do?" is not a valid question. Be aware that this is neither an act of mercy nor cruelty. Anyone who insults me again by referring to this as the latter will be recommended for a project with a high risk rating so that you will better understand why we are doing this.

-Dr. Alistair Bosco

Incident I-5328-1:

Date: 5/21/21
Location: Site 17- West entrance
Casualties: 1

At 3:15 AM, an intruder was detected climbing the outer fence at the facility's west gate. The intruder ignored warnings by security to stop and was gunned down after successfully entering the nine digit passcode to open the west entrance door. The intruder was identified as George Qarpik, 63, of Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Because of the intruder's speculated relation to SCP-5328, his remains were given to Dr. Alistair Bosco for DNA sampling before incineration. Dr. Bosco has confirmed that the man was related by blood to SCP-5328.

Due to the clear connection between the intruder and an SCP, plus his knowledge of the entrance passcode, the Foundation is thoroughly investigating all staff members who have been involved with SCP-5328 for an intentional information leak. Any staff members with knowledge that may help the investigation are asked to report to upper management.

Addendum 5328-E:

The current state of SCP-5328 research


Due to the recent happenings in regards to SCP-5328, which I'm sure you all have no doubt are related to incident I-5328-1, it is imperative that I share my recent findings with the senior staff involved. Since the information leak from the incident was almost certainly caused by a junior researcher with an unfortunate bleeding heart, who is yet to be identified, I will not be copying any of them on this information, and I recommend anyone reading this message also withhold it from them.

Frankly, the appearance of the father of SCP-5328's former self is a blessing in disguise. Thanks to those in upper management who allowed me permission to dissect the corpse, my genetics team and I have isolated at least two abnormally mutated gene strings that both SCP-5328 and its parent possess. Although research is ongoing, they appear to be related to reproductive function and brain function, respectively. This all but confirms that the affliction is hereditary, and not caused by a contagion, as some of us feared. Thus, unless George Qarpik had other offspring that we don't know about (I suggest we make the necessary inquiries to be certain), Lana Qarpik, who we know as SCP-5328, was the only person affected.

This brings about my main hypothesis that I'd like to share, as I believe it may interest some particularly high ranking researchers. SCP-5328 is not a fluke of nature, but rather an unfathomably rare step in evolution, albeit a flawed one. Had Lana given birth, and not died in the Yukon wilderness, forcing the fetus to devour itself to stay alive, we may have seen the first instance of complete transferal of a person's consciousness to a separate body via natural means. This singular human was genetically designed to shift all of her knowledge and memories to an infantile duplicate of herself, for a potentially indefinite number of generations, effectively making her immortal. If properly harnessed, this genetic pattern could allow a person to keep their knowledge alive for longer than anyone has ever lived.

This is certainly a controversial hypothesis for a potential result that would be even more contentious within the science world, but I hope you all understand the importance of keeping SCP-5328 alive, and agree that this creature deserves to be studied further. Obviously, this research would have to be prevented from falling into the wrong hands, so I highly recommend raising the clearance level to at least 3, depending on our future findings.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing back from all of you.

-Dr. Alistair Bosco

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