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Item#: 5327
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5327 is to be allowed to progress until May 1st when Protocol KAIROS is to be initiated to restart the loop.

SCP-5327-C events are to be covered with misinformation and amnestization of witnesses during the time between November and May. As all remnants of SCP-5327-C will be erased by SCP-5327-B at the end of Protocol KAIROS, including the victims' memories of the event, there is no need for other procedures.

If the loop is broken or any trace from SCP-5327-C is left behind, Mobile Task Force Eta-77 ("Spheres Within Spheres") is to be mobilized to control the situation.


Artistic depiction of SCP-5327-B.

Description: SCP-5327 is a ⚳θ-Class Scenario Loop1,2 occurring annually, featuring SCP-5327-A and SCP-5327-B as major protagonists. SCP-5327 will always unfold in the same fashion:

  1. At the September Equinox, SCP-5327-A will create a situation that enrages SCP-5327-B.
  2. On November 1st, an SCP-5327-C event will occur.
  3. On May 1st, both SCP-5327-A and SCP-5327-B will encounter each other in the woodlands next to Site-120.

If Protocol KAIROS is performed correctly, SCP-5327 will have no permanent effect.

SCP-5327-A is a Class IV reality-altering entity. It is considered a God of Nature and Wilderness by Michaels-Rivera's Deific Domain Classification. SCP-5327-A's ontokinesis is limited to botanical life material. It primarily appears as a six-meter-tall masculine humanoid amalgamation of local vegetation from the region where it is present, always presenting a pair of horns.

SCP-5327-B is a Class III reality-altering entity. It is considered a Chthonic3 Goddess of Magic and Night by Michaels-Rivera's Deific Domain Classification. SCP-5327-B does not present theme limitation as its counterpart and is known to possess considerable knowledge about Thaumaturgy to compensate for its low ontokinetic power. It regularly presents as a five-meter tall woman with raven black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, dressed in purple robes and various jewelry with lunar motifs.

SCP-5327-C is an unpredictable event triggered by SCP-5327. An SCP-5327-C event can vary but always has a botanical theme. If Protocol KAIROS is performed correctly, the effects of SCP-5327-C will be undone. Every SCP-5327-C is to be designated by the loop when it was created. A list of SCP-5327-C events can be seen below:

Designation Description Status
SCP-5327-C-1 Various individuals were transformed into trees by SCP-5327-A at a campground on the Saxon Switzerland National Park, Saxony, Germany. Neutralized
SCP-5327-C-2 Every fruit at Nok, Slovakia, became poisonous. Neutralized
SCP-5327-C-3 Flowers from the Bled Island, Slovenia, began exuding an offensive odor. Neutralized
SCP-5327-C-4 A large number of trees from Black Forest, Germany, turned carnivorous. Neutralized
SCP-5327-C-5 Any seed eaten by humans at Risnjak National Park, Croatia, rapidly grew to full size within the individual’s stomach. Neutralized
SCP-5327-C-6 Mandrakes began to appear around Alrune, Switzerland. The plants produced a high-pitched deafening sound when harvested. Neutralized
SCP-5327-C-7 Some Pinus trees within Gran, Austria, began attacking passers-by with pine needle projectiles. Currently ongoing

As of now, all the events were completely revoked, with victims being amnesticised and returned to society.

Addendum 5327-1: Protocol KAIROS

Protocol KAIROS was conceived by Dr. Plutarch Oderwick and Dr. Mandy Hastings. It is based on the principle that any deific entity respects and follows collective thought and sacred ceremonies. When first utilized, it was capable of reconciling SCP-5327-A and SCP-5327-B and nullifying SCP-5327-C-1 effects.

The protocol is a ritual based on druidic and shamanic seasonal festivities. The protocol requires the following items:

  • One (1) thyrsus4
  • 24 flower wreaths made of any flowers
  • 25 white robes

After the start of the rite, twenty-five people have to be chosen: twelve single men, one married man, and twelve single women. These people can be chosen within Foundation's staff (including D-Classes) and civilian communities from the region where the SCP-5327-C event is happening. All participants need to follow a pagan religion or be open to those beliefs.

At the actual, the participants will be dressed in white robes and the unmarried people will receive flower wreaths to wear on their heads. After that, the Protocol follows as below:

  1. The married male participant (henceforth called "priest") will receive the thyrsus.
  2. The twelve male participants (henceforth called "grooms") will form a circle around SCP-5327-A.
  3. The twelve female participants (henceforth called "brides") will form a circle around SCP-5327-B.
  4. The priest will start singing. While this occurs, the other participants must dance and walk around the designated entity. Grooms shall move clockwise around SCP-5327-A and brides shall move anticlockwise around SCP-5327-B.
  5. When the man with the thyrsus stops singing, the last two to stop singing from each group will be reunited as a couple.
  6. The couple exchanges the garlands on their heads and leaves their circles.
  7. After the last two couples are picked, the priest has to sing again. If the ritual was performed correctly, SCP-5327-A and SCP-5327-B will dance together. The couples are to dance until the deities disappear.
  8. At least one of the couples must actually be married during the ritual.

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    Item#: 5327
    Containment Class:
    Secondary Class:
    Disruption Class:
    Risk Class:

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5327 instances are to be guarded at a standard botanical containment unit inside Site-120.

    In the case of detection of SCP-5327-A or SCP-5327-B, Mobile Task Force Eta-77 ("Spheres Within Spheres") is responsible for their capture.

    SCP-5327-A and -B, when contained, are to be transferred to Site-120 due to the facility's ability to contain high-level ontokinetic beings. SCP-5327-A is to be maintained at a special botanical containment unit containing six Scranton Reality Anchors. SCP-5327-B is to be contained on a standard humanoid containment cell containing six SRAs. Six backup SRAs are to be kept at the Site in case of malfunction or destruction of the operating ones.

    SCP-5327-C is to be transferred to Site-17, where it will be contained at a standard humanoid containment unit. SCP-5327-C is to receive education and recreation suitable for its age. Other privileges are to be given if the object complies with the Foundation.


    SCP-5327-A. Frame from the Camera Log during Incident 5327/1.

    Description: SCP-5327 are followers of a Neopagan religion based on Germanic and Celtic beliefs known as "Kult des Grüns"5 that were transformed into trees from the Pseudotsuga menziesii6 species. Analysis has shown that the trees have human DNA within them and that they react to visual and tactile stimuli, mainly by swinging branches. Telepathic communication with the trees has been attempted, without success.

    SCP-5327-A is a Class IV reality-altering entity. SCP-5327-A's ontokinesis proved to be limited to botanical life material. It primarily appears as a six-meter-tall masculine humanoid presenting a pair of horns. Its body composition is made of an amalgamation of local vegetation from the region where it is. SCP-5327-A is the main entity of the Kult des Grüns beliefs.

    SCP-5327-B is a reality-altering entity described by religious texts as SCP-5327-A's wife. As the same documents address it as a sorceress, it is assumed that the entity knows thaumaturgy and rituals. The writings also represent it as a five-meter-tall woman with raven black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, wearing purple or red robes.

    SCP-5327-C is Dayspring "Daisy" Leonhardt, the three years old daughter of Miranda Leonhardt and SCP-5327-A. SCP-5327-C allegedly has anomalous skills, such as chloropathy7 and chlorokinesis.8

    Addendum 5327-1: Discovery

    On 01/11/2013, a field agent undercover agent working at a Fire Lookout Tower at the Saxon Switzerland National Park9 recorded a Hume fluctuation in the forest. He proceeded to the location after calling for reinforcements.

    Upon arrival, the agent discovered the cultists mid-metamorphosis. Their skin was cracking, creating a bark-like texture. Members were rapidly growing and ramifying, creating roots and branches. Thorax and head were fusing and elongating, creating the trunk. SCP-5327-A was present but fled on upon noticing the agent.

    MTF Theta-4 ("Gardeners")10 arrived at the location and chased SCP-5327-A with no success. Agents discovered the presence of Akiva radiation in the area of the event, thus revealing that the anomaly was theologic and not botanical. After a debriefing, it was decided by administration personnel that the SCP-5327 specimens should be transported to Site-120. A cover story that the group was missing in the National Park was employed.

    SCP-5327-B and -C were discovered only after Incident 5327 and remain at large. For further information, see Addendum 5327-3.

    Addendum 5327-2: Incident 5327

    On 27/04/2014, SCP-5327-A appeared at the woodlands near Site-120. Its form was composed of Pinus trees common to the region. Its approach was recorded by the security system around the Facility.

    Addendum 5327-3: Operation PROSERPINA

    Operation PROSERPINA was a response to SCP-5327-A's appearance and the possible attack of SCP-5327-B. It was divided into three different directives:

    • Protecting Site-120
    • Finding SCP-5327-C
    • Containing SCP-5327-A, -B, and -C

    All these objectives were chosen as ways to appease or neutralize a ♂θ-Class event14 between Site-120, SCP-5327-A, and SCP-5327-B.

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