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Item#: SCP-5319

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The audio file containing SCP-5319-1, as well as the text file containing SCP-5319-2, has been encrypted and remains at the Site-59 secure electronic archives.

As of 5/3/2020, further testing of SCP-5319's anomalous capabilities has been prohibited by the Foundation Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-5319 is a musical composition, known by the Foundation in two forms:

  1. SCP-5319-1, an instrumental audio file (hsi.mp3) of its first verse.
  2. SCP-5319-2, the lyrics of the first verse.

When SCP-5319 is exposed, in any form, to an orangutan1, the specimen will burst into flames. The fire is only capable of being extinguished once SCP-5319 ends.

Recovery Log: SCP-5319 came to the attention of the Foundation following an incident at the Ferguson Memorial Zoo in Kenosha, WI. On 10/23/19, a disgruntled zookeper named John Van Vranken had secretly added SCP-5319-1 to the zoo's ambient music playlist. The following day, all nine resident Sumatran orangutans spontaneously ignited during viewing hours.

Following an official investigation by the Foundation, the Ferguson Memorial Zoo was permanently closed, all parties involved were given the appropriate amnestics, and the file for SCP-5319-1 was taken into Foundation custody.

Mr. Van Vranken was later found dead in his apartment from an Impaler Event. The following message from an anomalous address was recovered from his personal e-mail account.

John S. Van Vranken,

It has come to our attention that you have used Homo Sapiens Invictus as a means to murder the orangutans of your (admittedly unpleasant) employer. Animal cruelty is bad enough, but unauthorized use of our intellectual property is an immediately actionable offense.

As such, you are to be summoned to Luna Major for a preliminary disciplinary hearing in 30 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation.

See you soon,

Minister Jillian Goldthwaite, ☽☽☽ Initiative, Perdition Committee

When the Foundation reached out to this address for further information, Minister Goldthwaite explained that SCP-5319 is the anthem of the Three Moons Initiative, written and composed by Initiative Poet-Laureate Harald Jansen. SCP-5319-2 was also enclosed with the response. Allegedly, there are 47 other verses to SCP-5319, but only the first was provided. As for its anomalous effects, Dr. Goldthwaite only stated that SCP-5319 has "confidential defensive characteristics."

Addendum: On 12/30/20, a male Bornean orangutan was tested with SCP-5319-2, sung by Researcher Danvers. Shortly before ignition, the subject closed its ears, and made several distinct vocalizations that differ from typical orangutan calls. Containment staff hypothesized them to be some sort of language.

As such, the sounds were transliterated and forwarded to a contact in the Three Moons Initiative. The reply was as follows:


I'll be frank: my higher-ups see your organization's apparent interest in the Strider language as worrisome. Still, in the interest of curiosity, we've managed to scrape together what "Therrack, therrack, moo-rag zoppery, dalom" means.

First off, the official transliteration is "Zråkh, zråkh, mîreagh tspae, dlåm."

"Zråkh" is the submissive-imperative form of "stop."

"Mîraegh tspae" is a lot to unpack, but boils down to "I do not [eat with/know/belong to] the [tribe/group/living-space] which you [seek/hate]."

"Dlåm" is "misunderstanding."

Hope this clears things up. I'm not sure how you were able to hear this on Earth-2L - words like these are exclusive to the Striders and their genetic derivatives in Corbenic. Still, you were right in that they had meaning.

You are watched/protected/loved,

Dr. Kenneth Marsh
☽☽☽ HDC, Department of Postmortem Anthropology

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