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Item#: 5318
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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SCP-5318 is to be kept in an opaque glass container lined with a solid coating of EDTA.1 The container must be kept within F Wing of Secure Facility Site-64 inside a standard containment locker with temperature controls set to 1.2 Celsius. Experimentation with SCP-5318 is prohibited without express permission of Lead Researcher Juan Martinez and Site Director Holman. Staff interested in experimenting with SCP-5318 must undergo ego-examinational evaluations as well as maintain a Level 4 Learinian2 knowledge of the psycho-space. Dosage of SCP-5318 shall never exceed 200 µg.3 Persons who have received a dosage of SCP-5318 higher than 200 µg are to be terminated immediately, if they have not already been rendered comatose or deceased.


SCP-5318 refers to a 315 g4 batch of lysergic acid diethylamide — specifically, ((+)-LSD));5 hereafter referred to as "LSD". Post-delivery, a subject under the influence of SCP-5318 will experience typical auditory and visual hallucinations commonly associated with LSD.6 These effects will continue for a duration of 8 to 12 hours, depending on individual and method of delivery. Between completion of the third and fourth half-lives,7 a subject will enter a catatonic state in which they will remain unresponsive until after the completion of the fifth half-life.
All subjects, upon entering this state, report that they find themselves viewing and experiencing a dream-like memory in which they seem to live for a variable amount of time as an agave farmer in the south of Mexico. This person is henceforth referred to as SCP-5318-1.

SCP-5318 differs from standard LSD compounds through the addition of an as-of-yet undetermined polypeptide coupling reagent. Current theories and examination of the byproduct of the reagenting processes suggests the use of a polymer, isomeric in chirality to the compound █-███8. Additionally, the anomalous effect of this reagent prolongs the degradation of the compound by several factors.9


SCP-5318 was first discovered in November, 1997, after twelve researchers were dosed by a fellow researcher at Site-64. No permanent mental or physical damage occurred, but resulted in all twelve staffers experiencing the anomalous effects now currently associated with SCP-5318. Due to the gross unprofessionalism, the researcher involved in the dosing has since been reprimanded, demoted, and detained as D-Class.10 After interviewing the staffers involved, it was deemed necessary to trace the production and origin of SCP-5318.


Asst. Dir. Personnel: Cameron Miles
Interviewee: JD Gimbez
<Start Transcript>

Dr. Cameron Miles: Okay, JD, you know why I am here today talking with you?

JD Gimbez: Yeah, I know I fucked up.

Miles: Oh, clearly. What made you think it was a good idea?

Gimbez: Fuck, I don’t know. Just thought it’d be fun to see the team let loose and… I don’t know, just not think about what we do here for a bit. I got the shit off an old acquaintance, and it seemed harmless enough.

Miles: Well, seeing how no one died, you got off light. Who did you get the compound from?

Gimbez: Old bar buddy of mine, deals in all the crazy shit, hangs out in Portland at z-Bar. His name is Axel.

Miles: Thank you for that, JD.

Gimbez: So what are you going to do with me? Am I going to be killed? Mind-melted? I’ve heard stories… please… it was supposed to be just a joke.

Miles: You’re not going to be killed! My, no! Your future will be up to the Ethics Committee.

Gimbez: Oh, thank God.

Miles: Some would say death might be the better option in that case. I have all I need, JD. Good luck.

Gimbez: Wait! No! It was a mistake!

<End Transcript>


INS Prisoner Transfer Manifest11

Dated: August 21st, 1982

Document Contents

Cover Page:

“Given the growing concern of psycho-sphere attacks by the GRU-P, it has been deemed necessary to work with newly reinstated MK-ULTRA studies into psychedelics. Attached is a list of INS detainees to be used in experimental procedures.”

Given Name Est. Age Status12 Use Level13 Catch & Release Schedule (Yrs)
Alfonso, Antonio 24 4 3 2
Borello, Sandra 21 3 1 ASAP
Demetrio, Francisco 66 1 1 ASAP
Hernandez, Jose 30 3 3 2
Hernandez, Almita 24 4 4 3
Jancito, Marco 12 1 1 ASAP
Jancito, Maria 10 4 4 3
Luna, Gabriel 17 4 4 3
Marquez, Sancho 45 2 2 2
Nieto, Juan 41 3 2 1
Nieto, Constan 43 3 2 ASAP
Nieto, Constantino 18 4 4 3
Nieto, Maria 17 4 4 3
Pancho, Laura 72 1 1 ASAP
Valenzuela, Marinana 38 2 2 ASAP
Valenzuela, Adolfo 42 4 3 1
Valenzuela, Maria 6 3 1 ASAP

After cross-referencing employment records within the Colorado University of Boulder, It was discovered that a Gabriel Luna, henceforth referred to as POI-5318, was employed in the Chemistry Department as a night cleaner, beginning in 1986. POI-5318 was dismissed from his position in 1989 after failing to return to his scheduled shifts for three days. It was noted that he failed to pick up his final paycheck. His staff locker remained untouched until Foundation personnel were given access by the University.


Note found among the recovered personal belongings found in the University staff locker.

“Estoy tan cerca ahora. He estado estudiando y trabajando con los técnicos de laboratorio por un tiempo. Casi lo puedo ver. Esos años en una jaula, obligado a nadar por el universo de mi propia mente. Hay secretos allí, costas vastas y profundas. Puedo conocerlos, anclar en ellos. Si tan solo supiera cómo navegar la mente. Navegar por la memoria. Con la mezcla adecuada … Las cosas que he visto. ¡Ay, papá! ¡Estarías tan asombrado de la vida que he vivido! En otro mundo, otra realidad. He visto y vencido la muerte. Ya no le temo a la absolución. Ahora, lo único que lamento es no volver a verte, nunca volver a tomar tu mano, nunca sonreír a través de los campos. Esas costas secretas tienen una solución, tienen una respuesta. Si no puedo verte a través de mis ojos, te veré a través de los tuyos. Esto puedo hacer. Estoy tan cerca. Puedo alcanzarte, puedo ver el patrón, me grita, se despliega, se enrolla y nada como una forma, en lo profundo del agua, enviándome recuerdos como ondas a través del tiempo, a través del espacio. Este patrón, esta forma, este compuesto, lo sé … eres tú. Lo siento, papa.”



All proceeding SCP-5318 experiments are conducted in standard therapeutic sessions under the supervision of Lead Reseacher Juan Martinez. Subject is to be given 100 µg of SCP-5318 and guided through the experience. 24 hours post session, the subject is then to be interviewed on their experience while in the disassociative state caused by SCP-5318 as SCP-5318-1. After the interview, subject is to be amnesticized.

Supervisor Medical Psychologist Ethics Committee Member
Dr. Juan Martinez Dr. Morgan Eskew Jennifer Lam
Location: Site-64 Date: January 1998

Subject: D-623321
Profile: Male; Age: 35; Origin: Alabama, US

Dr. Morgan Eskew: Good day, D-Class. How are you feeling?

D-623321: Not great. I was groggy for a while and had trouble sleeping last night.

Eskew: Why is that?

D-623321: Why do you think? You white coats dosed me. My mind was on overdrive all night.

Eskew: Sleeplessness is a side effect of LSD, unfortunately. Would you like to talk about your experience?

D-623321: Which part?

Eskew: Well, we know that at some point you would have felt like you were living as someone else, most likely around 6 hours into your “trip“. Could you elaborate on what you saw, what you heard?

D-623321: Yeah, that was so strange. I woke up, in a field, there were these spiky green plants everywhere. My hands were covered in dirt. A little boy ran up to me as I was working. He called me “Señor Luna”. He started saying things to me, but I couldn’t understand. It sounded Spanish, but I never took more than like… one or two years of that in high school. But when the boy was talking, I could feel my heart start racing. I ran across the field, following him to a small house on the outskirts of the farm. I felt so scared for some reason.

Eskew: Was something chasing you?

D-623321: No, it wasn’t like… a fear of death, but the fear of losing something.

Eskew: So you would say, although you could not understand the language, you could still feel emotional responses to the stimuli around you?

D-623321: If you want to use big words like that, yeah… When I arrived at the house I went through the front door, and up to the bedroom, where there was a woman on the bed and another woman next to her holding her hand. She was in the middle of having a kid.

Eskew: How did this make you feel?

D-623321: I was scared, in love, confused, but felt strong too. The woman said something to me, but I can’t remember. I stayed there for a few hours and eventually she had a baby boy. But she didn’t wake up. I felt so sad, even angry, but as I felt a sharp pain in my chest, I held the baby.

Eskew: And what happened?

D-623321: All the fear and anger melted away and I felt a kind of love I have never experienced. I haven’t had any kids, but I know now the kind of love that comes from being a parent. An Angel let slip one name out of my mouth, “Gabriel“.

Eskew: And then?

D-623321: I came back. I woke up. What do I do with this, doctor?

Dr. Juan Martinez: Thank you for your time, D-Class.

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