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An original instance of SCP-5315-1

Item #: SCP-5315

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any discovered instances of SCP-5315 or SCP-5315-1 should be carefully acquired and transported to Site-73 for permanent containment. All instances are currently being contained in Storage Room 73-19 and are to be maintained at regulated temperature and humidity as to not damage the paint. While in containment, all active and neutralized instances of SCP-5315-1 should be organized separately and labelled. Instances are to be monitored 24/7 for possible interaction from within SCP-5315-A. Should any inhabitants of SCP-5315-A pass through, they are to be contained safely for further handling with a designated researcher. Any suspected new production sources of SCP-5315 should be reported immediately for further investigation.

Description: SCP-5315 is the designation given to any anomalous instance of the pigment compound commonly referred to as "Mayan Blue". While SCP-5315 outwardly exhibits no anomalous properties of its own, upon application to a surface, herein referred to as SCP-5315-1, any covered surface area will act as a sort of dimensional rift. Any object that passes through one of these rifts will will be transported to SCP-5315-A. The anomalous effects of SCP-5315 have a limited lifespan and will fade over time, with instances of SCP-5315-1 eventually becoming self-neutralized. While a definitive lifespan has not been determined, researchers have concluded two factors that negatively impact the lifespan of the object: the size of the painted area and usage of the object. Apart from its anomalous traits, the pigment also naturally exhibits great durability, capable of maintaining its vibrant color over long periods of time.

[NOTE: FULL DESCRIPTION OF SCP-5315-A AND ITS INHABITANTS HAS BEEN MOVED TO CORRESPONDING LOCATION DOSSIER] SCP-5315-A is an alternate dimension that has captured Foundation attention largely due to the presence of an advanced civilization and its apparent ties to our baseline reality. SCP-5315-A is populated by a number of biological organisms that bear striking resemblance to those depicted in traditional Mesoamerican mythology; particularly that of the Maya civilization. The most notable among these native entities is a sapient quasi-humanoid race known as the Xett, designated by the Foundation as SCP-5315-X. Coexisting alongside these native entities are another race known as the Yett, designated as SCP-5315-Y. The Yett, who outwardly appear to be human, are evidently non-native to SCP-5315-A, and are in fact descendants of the Mayan Civilization who took refuge in the dimension many centuries ago during the decline of their civilization. Genetic testing of SCP-5315-Y individuals seems to confirm this. Despite their non-native origins within the dimension, SCP-5315-Y appears to have developed a strong kinship with SCP-5315-X; with the two having grown together into a unified civilization. The civilization, collectively known as the Ruuluuth, is a highly modern society which has shown mastery over the creation and usage of anomalous tools and technologies. It is currently unknown if the Ruuluuth still possess the ability to produce SCP-5315. While the Ruuluuth have stated that the technique has been forgotten to time, the Foundation is currently accepting this response with skepticism.

Instances of SCP-5315 and SCP-5315-1 were utilized by the Foundation for research into SCP-5315-A up until 1977 at which point testing was suspended on account of nearly all viable test instances of SCP-5315-1 having become neutralized from either passage of time or overuse. With the loss of both eyes and ears into SCP-5315-A, the Foundation deemed the dimension and its inhabitants a potential security hazard as there was no way to monitor them. This issue was compounded by all research, both by the Foundation and by public researchers into the makeup of "Mayan Blue" being inconclusive. This iron curtain did not raise until Incident-5315-1 in 1991, which allowed the Foundation's first trip back into the pocket dimension in nearly 15 years.


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