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Item #: SCP-5313

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A copy of SCP-5313 is available in the Site-64 database, accessible to personnel with Level 3/5313 clearance. All other copies have been disposed of.

Description: SCP-5313 refers to the instructions to conduct a thaumaturgic ritual which summons an entity designated SCP-5313-1, which acts as a portal to an extradimensional space designated SCP-5313-2.

While the text of SCP-5313 itself is non-anomalous, the specific actions detailed within, whether read about, performed, or witnessed, are forgotten by subjects within 20 minutes of exposure to said memes. Ingredients required for the ritual include:

  • A space of dirt or sand that takes up a volume of at least 1m x 1m x 1m.
  • A black pigment of any sort.
  • Blood belonging to the subject performing the instructions described in SCP-5313, amount unknown due to ingredient being retrieved as an action in the ritual.
  • At least 50 mL of oil made from a particular thaumaturgically modified strain of the herb Calluna vulgaris, or common heather.1

Successful completion of the actions detailed in SCP-5313 will result in the manifestation and subsequent emergence of SCP-5313-1, a soft-bodied extradimensional entity, through the provided surface of sediment. This entity's cells will lose cohesion if it is removed from the dirt it manifested in, wounded, or if all living beings inside SCP-5313-2 are no longer present within it. In this case, SCP-5313-1 ceases all anomalous function.

The body of SCP-5313-1 consists only of skin, mucus cells, and a rudimentary nervous and muscular system built around its single body cavity which goes through its anterior end to its posterior end. This cavity acts as a portal into SCP-5313-2. Objects which pass through this cavity will exit from the body cavity of a similar entity, which is buried in the sand of SCP-5313-2's shore.

The shed in SCP-5313-2.

SCP-5313-2 is an extradimensional space which looks similar to beaches on Earth. It is oblate-spheroidal in shape, with a major diameter of 1km, and a minor diameter of approx. 500m. It maintains the illusory appearance of a continuing landscape beyond its borders.

A few manmade structures exist within SCP-5313-2:

  • An aged wooden pavilion with a palm roof. Many of its constituent boards are broken or missing.
  • A shed with a painting on its front doors. Held 2 surfboards, a variety of woodworking tools, and eight 60mL bottles of anomalous heather oil, which has been confiscated for further study.
  • A raised wooden shack. Held a cot, a mini fridge connected to a 2000W portable gasoline generator2, a framed photo on the wall depicting POI-83842 and an unidentified woman of African descent, and a sign hung above the door which reads "Town of Alma, Councilwoman's Office".

Discovery: SCP-5313 was brought to light on 2018/06/22 when Foundation webcrawlers detected suspicious online activity by West Gomes, a former Beta-class Chaos Insurgency operative, who began making posts on forums regarding SCP-5313 and seemingly attempting to gauge public interest in the anomaly, calling it "like, a place just to hang out and surf and have bonfires and that shit and meet people but like a community too." Information suppression was enacted before the posts were witnessed by any individuals not already known to have been associated with the anomalous.

Soon after this incident, an investigation and subsequent retrieval of all known copies of SCP-5313 was carried out by Foundation agents on 2018/06/23; Only two copies were found to have existed, being a paper copy in Gomes's home, and a .docx file located on the internal storage of her personal laptop. After retrieval and questioning, Gomes was administered Class-A amnestics and will be under Foundation surveillance until further notice.

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