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Item #: SCP-5312

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to survey message boards, forum posts, and public chat rooms for the mention or hyperlinking of SCP-5312.

Once detection is verified, a Foundation designed tier II technomantic containment array is to be established around a laptop computer with SCP-5312 opened.

If the array is unable to break the thaumaturgic DNS connection, Research Team 5312/3 Research Team 5312/4 is advised to contact Technical Site Director Yoso Sinubulan regarding the temporary hiring of an approved off-site techno-shaman contractor.

If expansion of SCP-5312’s prevalence in online discourse continues, active containment will be pursued.

Description: SCP-5312 is a online question-answer forum that specializes in the circulation of anomalous content.

Users of SCP-5312 enter anonymous questions into a textbox which are then answered by an unknown entity. Answered questions are stored in a backlog which is organized into a number of subcategories that reference various broad anomalous topics.

Most of the discussion posts usually contain general questions about abnormal incidences rather than specific inquiries into anomalous mechanisms and minutiae. This follows from the intended audience of SCP-5312 being individuals who are otherwise unaware of paranormal behavior.

The nature of SCP-5312’s thaumaturgic connection to the Internet is currently under investigation. The rise of non-standard modalities in which anomalous individuals may connect to the Internet is of particular concern due to the rapid innovation in this space.

It is possible that SCP-5312 alters the cognition of its users in some way. However, this is uncertain, as cognitohazard tests done by Research Team 5312/4 have led to no detectable memetic capacity.

SCP-5312 is managed by an unknown individual or group which is thought to be associated with the Serpent’s Hand due to the prevalence of serpentine and arboreal iconography on the website.

Many of the answers written by SCP-5312 contain language that aligns with the ethos and thematic elements that are prevalent within Serpent’s Hand ideology and literature. The answers, therefore, include a general anti-containment sentiment are written with a sanctimonious tone. The webpage, however, never makes direct allusions to the GOI itself.

When navigating to SCP-5312, an individual is first presented with a text which reads as follows.

You are the most powerful thing to have ever existed.

Yet, there are those who hide your ability from you.

Think, have you ever seen something you could never explain?

Ever feel like something about life just doesn’t feel right?

Were you ever curious enough to peer behind the curtain?

Some of you who have searched for us have recognized the pure world, yet not dare engage with it. Some of you have awakened to mankind’s potential, yet barely understand what you are.

But no matter your circumstances, we are all people who seek knowledge.

Because with knowledge comes power and with power comes freedom.

And there will soon be a day when we will all be free.

~A Hopeful Idealist

Below this, an individual may enter in a question and review the previously answered questions from other people. The following interactions are a series of noteworthy entries in SCP-5312 For a complete list, please contact Research Team 5312/4.

Dear Director Sinubulan,

I hope you had a great weekend. It was nice talking to you last week on our attempts to better contain (and research) SCP-5312.

Our current method is rather outdated since technomantic arrays are seldom used in online SCP containment these days. Some of the mates thought that we could try psionic shift integration or the sanguine extraction (though we might need some help with that one).

Overall, though, some of our tests have indicated that containment may not be necessary in the most "classic" sense. One of our researchers recently came up with the idea that whenever SCP-5312 becomes active, we could send in our own questions regarding the containment of various “difficult-to-contain” entities.

Might sound a bit off considering that we are essentially interacting with an SCP in a blase manner. But since we are the third research team to work on this SCP, we thought that some new and innovative tests involving SCP-5312 should occur (like the one mentioned above).

Reading the answers that 5312 gave us were quite inspiring. I think a good amount of changes regarding its containment, as a whole, could be made. I'll see you soon.

With Appreciation,

Joshua Isitaz, Lead of Research Team 5312/3, Site 131

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