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Item #: SCP-5308-J

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The items collectively known as SCP-5308-J are to be kept in 5 meter x 5 meter underground rooms with steel walls no less than one meter in thickness, with a two-inch plating of Telekill alloy. The entrance to these vaults is to be guarded at all times by at least two hundred guards from special forces backgrounds, seventeen class-D personnel blinded and given flamethrowers, three priests, two rabbis, an imam, a Sherpa, and a Girl Scout of Abrahamic faith. Four separate onsite nuclear devices are to be detonated in the event of a security breach.

Description: SCP-5308-J is a collection of objects of unknown anomalous properties, which have to date eluded the best minds of the Foundation. A detailed description of each item follows.

SCP-5308-J-1: A perfectly cubical piece of granite twenty centimeters on a side, weighing nearly 20 kilograms. It was discovered by Agent ████ at a yard sale in ████ █████, ND, and immediately recognized as dangerously Platonic. Previous owner was unfortunately killed during the ensuing firefight. Fortunately, SCP-5308-J-1 survived to be placed into Foundation custody. Please see the experiment log for details on its anomalous properties.

SCP-5308-J-2: A piece of paper with an anomalous reddish-brown stain. Analysis shows that the stain consists of human blood. Possible connections to SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-███ are suspected. The stain appeared shortly after SCP-5308-J-2 seemingly attacked Dr. █████, creating a small, straight cut on the tip of his finger. It should therefore be considered extremely dangerous and hostile.

Appeasing SCP-5308-J-2 is to be considered a class Alpha-One-Aleph priority. Should it make any demands known, they are to be filled out immediately and to the letter, short of allowing SCP-5308-J-2 to escape.

SCP-5308-J-3: A spayed female housecat with russet fur weighing approximately 3.5 kilograms. SCP-5308-J-3 was found near the entrance to one of the Foundation's fronts. Despite multiple interrogation attempts, it has yet to reveal what it was doing there. Analysis into its anomalous properties has been fruitless as yet (see Interview Log SCP-5308-J-3-2 for details).

SCP-5308-J-4: A standard size ball-point pen containing what appears to be human blood. It was found in a desk in an abandoned factory in ██████, Saskatchewan. The origin of this blood-like substance is unknown. Under no circumstance is anyone to attempt to write with SCP-5308-J-4. Any personnel who attempts to do so will be terminated, and their surviving relatives assigned to Keter duty.

Addendum SCP-5308-J-4-14: Analysis has shown that the substance contained in SCP-5308-J-4 is heavily degraded ink. Object class has been changed to Euclid.

SCP-5308-J-5: A three-year-old male Caucasian child who answers to the name of "Jerry." It was found at a playground near Site-██, playing on a swingset. So far, it has been concluded that SCP-5308-J-5 is not bulletproof, fireproof, regenerative, stronger than average, or capable of commanding dangerous animals. Further tests are to be approved by Director ████████.

For the continued mental health of SCP-5308-J-5, a regular schedule of normal developmental activities is to be strictly enforced. Guards and researchers are to take particular note of Section 5b, "Nap Time," and Section 7a, "Hugs." To help combat SCP-5308-J-5's ongoing behavioral issues, use positive phrases such as "How's it going, slugger?" "Good going, Jerry!" and "Your parents are probably quite proud of you, if they're still alive."

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