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Item #: SCP-5308

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site-187 will be equipped with an additional cold storage unit. SCP-5308-2 through 6 are to be stored together in a standard anomalous item locker adjacent to this unit. At least one member of the Foundation's Antimemetic Department is to remain on the containment team for SCP-5308.

Certain information necessary for the full containment of SCP-5308 cannot be stated directly. The assigned Antimemetic Division personnel member is to infer the missing information through context from the rest of this document.

Description: SCP-5308-1 through SCP-5308-6 refer to a series of anomalous items recovered from a house formerly owned by Benjamin Bledsoe, a resident of Rapid City, South Dakota.


Item: An empty pill bottle

Anomaly: When an individual touches SCP-5308-2, they will perceive that they opened it, took a pill from inside and consumed it. This effect occurs even if an individual is aware that SCP-5308-2 is empty before coming into contact with it.


Item: A dull kitchen knife

Anomaly: SCP-5308-3 is capable of easily cutting human flesh despite being too blunt to cut most other materials. Wounds from SCP-5308-3 heal more efficiently than regular wounds, and are not described as being painful. These wounds cannot be acknowledged or recognized by other people, though the secondary effects (such as blood stains) can be.


Item: A partially empty bottle of ██████ brand bleach

Anomaly: It is impossible to clean any stains or bleach anything using the liquid inside SCP-5308-4. Despite this, the liquid inside is chemically identical to, and as toxic, as bleach.


Item: A white bed sheet that was found knotted at several points forming it into a make-shift rope

Anomaly: Any individual touching SCP-5308-5 will become incapable of respiration. This effect will end as soon as contact is broken with SCP-5308-5. Additionally, the knots in SCP-5308-5 cannot be removed by any known means. If an individual attempts to untie them, they will remember having done so but will in fact be incapable of performing any actions to remove the knots.


Item: An empty shell casing from a 9mm bullet.

Anomaly: When SCP-5308-6 is touched, the individual touching it will perceive the sound of a female voice crying or screaming. SCP-5308-6 is hot to the touch and does not appear to have lost any temperature since it was (presumably) fired. Despite this, the surroundings were not burned or scorched where SCP-5308-6 was found.

Discovery: SCP-5308-2 through 6 were discovered shortly after Bledsoe returned to his residence after a brief, voluntary stay at a mental institution. Upon arriving home, Bledsoe called the police to report a strong smell from inside his home. The police investigated but were unable to find the source of any odor. However, while searching the house the police discovered the anomalies. The Foundation was notified by implanted agents in the Rapid City Police Department and took over the investigation. The anomalies were removed with the assistance of the Antimemetic Department and the police officers were administered amnestics.

Because of his connection to the anomalies, Bledsoe was briefly taken into Foundation custody. However, after it was determined that he possessed no anomalous properties, he was amnestized and released. Bledsoe was found deceased in his home two months later. The cause of death was determined to be suicide by gunshot.

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