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Item #: SCP-5299

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter of electrical fencing is to be erected surrounding SCP-5299 and patrolled by security personnel at all times. Any unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access to SCP-5299 are to be apprehended, interrogated and amnesticised as appropriate. Any entities attempting to exit SCP-5299 are to be incinerated.

Updated 09/04/2019: Due to the risk of agitated entities overwhelming current containment procedures, no attempts are to be made to retrieve or interfere with SCP-5299-B.

Updated 28/04/2019: Any broadcasts released by SCP-5299-C are to be intercepted in accordance with Protocol Upsilon Beta-4. Any attempts to breach SCP-5299-C must be authorized by Director Callaghan.

Description: SCP-5299 is an installation in the Lake District superficially resembling an RAF base1. The area within SCP-5299 is subject to sudden and extreme modification of any organic life present, often resulting in the creation of anomalous organisms found in no other environment. These occurrences, hereafter referred to as Echidna Events, have increased in frequency over time: when first observed, they occurred approximately every half hour - at the time of writing, however, it is common for these intervals to last only minutes or even seconds.

Due to the fact that Echidna Events present an unacceptable level of risk to organic exploration teams - and the usual hostility of generated entities - the amount of information gathered regarding the internal structure of SCP-5299 is limited. However, it had been determined through the use of mapping sensors that SCP-5299 extends a considerable distance underground.

In order to achieve full interior mapping of SCP-5299 and discern the origin and mechanisms under which the anomaly functions, exploration by self-directed drone has been approved.

Exploration Log 5299-1:

In order to map out SCP-5299 and further explore the anomaly, Self-Directed Drone (SDD) #19 was deployed.

For purposes of physical description, note that SDD-19 resembles the lower half of a human torso, including legs, with a camera situated at the front of its body. SDD-19 is equipped with a dynamic Learning Computer, and is capable of determining by itself the most prudent way of accomplishing its mission.

SDD-19 was released into SCP-5299 via the front entrance.

<Begin Log>

(SDD-19 steps into the main entrance and turns three-hundred and sixty degrees in order to record footage of the entire space. Despite the exterior military appearance of SCP-5299, the interior here is laid out in the manner of a reception area, with a main desk at the head of the room and numerous chairs arranged in a waiting area. Although no abnormal fauna are visible, a thick purple moss is growing on all furniture in the room.)

SDD-19: I have memorized this area. Shall I continue?

Mission Control: Do so, 19.

SDD-19: Roger, roger.

(SDD-19 marches to the door leading further into the facility and opens it using a foot. The hallway ahead is dark, and SDD-19 switches to night vision in order to properly observe it. As the view switches, an indistinct organism roughly the size of a domestic pig, with several long, spindly legs, runs away around the corner.)

SDD-19: Anomalous organism detected. Shall I pursue?

Mission Control: Negative, 19. Continue exploration.

SDD-19: Roger, roger.

(SDD-19 continues and turns around the corner, entering an office space. Desks, chairs and various pieces of equipment are strewn around the room. A structure resembling a nest, built using scraps of metal, is protruding from a broken computer monitor in the center of the room.)

(As SDD-19 approaches it, three organisms resembling miniature alligators poke their heads out of the nest and begin chirping loudly.)

SDD-19: Shall I retrieve a sample?

Mission Control: Negative, 19. We can't risk one getting away from you in transit and becoming an invasive species.

SDD-19: Roger, roger. Shall I terminate?

Mission Control: Again, negative. There's no point - the organic material will be used to create a new living organism in a few minutes anyway.

SDD-19: Roger, roger. I shall now search the bathrooms.

(SDD-19 proceeds to the bathrooms at the side of the office space, entering the men's bathroom. The room is overgrown with vines, and the imprint of a large paw-like structure is visible in the broken mirror.)

(One by one, SDD-19 kicks the cubicle doors open, inspecting the toilet in each.)

Mission Control: That's a little loud, 19.

SDD-19: I apologize.

(SDD-19 kicks open the last cubicle. A small organism resembling a bonsai tree is growing from the toilet. As SDD-19 approaches to observe further, a tendril terminating in a pair of human limbs lifts up from the plant's main body.)

SDD-19: Hello.

Plant: Alas, oblivion.

(Echidna Event occurs. The plant breaks apart into a swarm of bright pink maggot-like creatures which scurry away in every direction.)

SDD-19: That is intriguing. I shall now continue my search.


(SDD-19 kicks open the door of the main office and enters. Two pillars of meat which were previously engaging in behaviour presumed to be procreation retreat into the corner and shiver.)

(SDD-19 approaches the main desk and begins data interface with the computer there.)

SDD-19: Stand by.


SDD-19: Majority of data is corrupted. According to surviving personnel logs, 'The Director has retreated to the Shelter to await the Cambrian'. Context is unknown.

Mission Control: Understood. Continue exploration.

SDD-19: I shall.

(SDD-19 returns to the stairwell and descends further.)

(The third basement floor is a cavernous space with a single lit candle illuminating a rudimentary altar at its center. A human body is visible on the altar. Hundreds of anomalous organisms are visible prostrating themselves in the direction of the body.)

(As SDD-19 approaches, a small red creature dripping a viscous liquid flies at it. It grabs the creature out of the air with a foot and crushes its skull, dropping it to the floor a moment later. SDD-19 continues towards the altar.)

(SDD-19 reaches the altar. The body is visibly that of a young woman, dressed in a hospital gown. Although no signs of decomposition are visible, scans confirm the woman is dead.)

SDD-19: Possible source of anomaly detected. Shall I recover it?

Mission Control: Hold off on that, SDD-19. Just get a genetic sample for now. We don't want to interfere with this before we fully understand it.

SDD-19: Understood. I shall do so now.

(SDD-19 lifts a foot and protrudes a genetic sampler from it, stabbing it into the body a moment later. Anomalous organisms in the area are visibly agitated.)

(Two seconds after SDD-19 transmits genetic sample to Mission Control, all anomalous organisms in the area converge upon it and begin attacking.)

(Remaining footage consists of fifteen seconds of jaws, hooves and claws coming down on the camera. SDD-19 confirmed destroyed following loss of communication.)

<End Log>

Description (Expanded): SCP-5299-B is the corpse of twenty-three year old Lucy Lambert, former resident of Liverpool, England. Despite analysis suggesting that SCP-5299-B expired three years prior to discovery, it has shown no sign of decomposition. Research into the life of Lucy Lambert has revealed that, prior to her disappearance from her home on 01/12/2016, she was listed on the Global Occult Coalition's Minor Abnormality Index, although the specific reason for her listing has yet to be found.

Regardless of their individual traits, all anomalous entities created within SCP-5299 will demonstrate behaviour indicating a significant level of respect to SCP-5299-B. This has included prostrating themselves, delivering items such as carcasses and bright objects to SCP-5299-B, and attacking anything that attempts to interfere with it.

It is currently hypothesized that SCP-5299-B is the source of the Echidna Events that occur throughout SCP-5299. However, due to the difficulty of retrieving SCP-5299-B and concerns that doing so could spread these Events to a wider area, this has yet to be confirmed.

Exploration Log 5299-2:

Exploration conducted via use of Self-Directed Drone (SDD) #20. As the facility was not yet fully investigated by the end of the first exploration, SDD-20 was directed to bypass SCP-5299-B and proceed to the bottom floor of SCP-5299.

<Begin Log>

(SDD-20 proceeds down the stairwell, stopping at the entrance to the third basement floor.)

SDD-20: Notice! I have reached the point where SDD-19 met his end!

Mission Control: We can see that. Proceed, 20.

SDD-20: Of course! I shall do so now!

(SDD-20 proceeds further down the stairs until it reaches the end of the stairwell.)

SDD-20: Notice! I have now reached the bottom of the staircase! The bottom floor awaits!

Mission Control: (sighs) Yes. Please proceed.

SDD-20: Of course!

(SDD-20 proceeds through the door, coming out into another cavernous space. This chamber appears to have been carved directly out of existing stone, and no trace of traditional building materials is visible.)

(A large black cube, the size of an office cubicle, is present in the middle of the room. Dozens of anomalous organisms are surrounding it, vocalizing at it angrily using whatever means are available to them.)

Anomalous Organism: (unintelligible) Bahutha! Birth! Birth!

(Echidna Event occurs. All organism present collapse, are reconstituted into new organisms, and resume their verbal assault.)

(SDD-20 approaches the black cube. The anomalous organisms make no attempt to prevent this, although they visibly observe it.)

SDD-20: Rejoice! I have located a tertiary anomaly!

(SDD-20 knocks on the cube twice.)

(A moment later, two knocks are heard from inside the cube.)

<End Log>

Description (Expanded #2): SCP-5299-C is a featureless black cube, measuring two meters by two point five meters, located beneath SCP-5299-C. Evidence suggests that an entity is living inside SCP-5299-C.

All anomalous organisms within SCP-5299 will demonstrate extreme hostility towards SCP-5299-C when exposed to it. This will usually take the form of verbal assault or insults, although instances of anomalous organisms physically attacking SCP-5299-C have also been recorded. As prior observation of these anomalous organisms suggests that the latter reaction should be more common, it is believed that the primarily non-violent nature of attacks against SCP-5299-C is also part of its anomalous properties.

Currently, no method of damaging SCP-5299-C or moving it from its original position has been found.

Upon discovery, the entity believed to exist inside SCP-5299-C responded to knocks against the side of the cube, but ceased this behaviour shortly afterwards. Twenty-four hours after SCP-5299-C's discovery, it transmitted the following video on all on-site feeds:

<Begin Log>

(A title card reading 'FROM THE DESK' appears. The Narrator, an elderly British man, begins speaking.)

Narrator: God adores a detonation.

(Image of a black void. The picture turns bright white for a moment, and fades back in to a stock image of the night sky.)

Narrator: Where would matter be, without the humble explosion? Without the collision of destiny we call chaos?

(Timelapse footage of a growing potted plant, played backwards.)

Narrator: It would simply not exist. (unintelligible) It is undeniable, is it not? The waves of pressure are mother's guiding hand.

(Footage of a duck-billed platypus moving around an enclosure.)

Narrator: Again, when life was wilting, who came to save you but the humble ignition? Life blossoming, scattered like the seeds of a daffodil. Ah, is there more beautiful a thing? More splendid?

(Human skull.)

Narrator: (shouting) No!

(Hermit crab using a human skull as a shell and crawling away.)

Narrator: Indiscreet. Inelegant. Unforgivable.

(Footage of a crying child, overlaid with footage of a large crowd in a city.)

Narrator: (moaning) Stagnation… No, no, no, no … you mustn't…

(Footage of a volcano erupting. Immediately after, video cuts to black.)

Narrator: Nature abhors silence. Think on this. Explode.

<End Log>

Following this, Foundation personnel received no additional communication from SCP-5299-C until 07/06/2019, when it transmitted a four-second video clip:

<Begin Log>

(Narrator is the same as previous video. Audio is extremely muffled, as if the recording equipment is very close to the speaker's mouth.)

Narrator: Lucy Lambert is still exploding.

<End Log>

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