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Item #: SCP-5294

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: All remaining written documents found to contain information concerning the nature of SCP-5294 and the circumstances of its death are to be confiscated by Mobile Task Force Tau-9 ('Bookworms'), with Class-A amnestics administered to all witnesses. Efforts to locate the severed head of SCP-5294 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-5294 was an anomalous entity, physically reminiscent of an elderly human female, which existed in the early nineteenth century. SCP-5294's most distinctive feature was a long tail attached to the lower back, described by witnesses as physically similar to that of a Rattus norvegicus (common rat), which measured approximately twelve meters in length and ended with a large eyeball roughly 5 cm in diameter at its tip. SCP-5294 possessed a large wooden spoon (SCP-5294-1) three meters in diameter. Whilst SCP-5294 was sitting atop SCP-5294-1's handle, this object was maneuverable, and capable of flying at speeds of up to 50 km per hour.

Archeological evidence suggests that SCP-5294 resided in a small, isolated cottage located in the ████████ forest, 7 km outside the former city of Brownsborough, Massachusetts. Between 1808 and 1809, around two to four times a year, SCP-5294 would fly to the city of Brownsborough using SCP-5294-1 (generally between the hours of 2400 and 0300), and land on the rooftops of civilian homes. SCP-5294 would then extend its tail down the chimney, and seek out human infants. Should its tail locate an infant below the age of 18 months, SCP-5294 would wrap its tail around the child's mouth and nose, causing it to suffocate. SCP-5294 would then place the infant's remains in the bowl of SCP-5294-1 before departing, typically collecting between three and five children over the course of a single night.

As a result of both the limited scope and funding of the American Secure Containment Initiative and the city of Brownsborough's relative isolation, the ASCI did not become aware of SCP-5294 until shortly after its capture. SCP-5294 first attracted the attention of Brownsborough law enforcement in September 1809, following a series of infant abductions, and multiple witnesses claiming to have seen a being matching SCP-5294's description (colloquially known as 'Granny Rat Tail') landing on local rooftops.

Capture: In November 1810, SCP-5294 was apprehended by James Walker, a local carpenter, whose infant daughter had vanished the previous year in a suspected case of SCP-5294 abduction. As was the case with a number of Brownsborough households, the Walker family had constructed a makeshift doll out of cloth and straw which was placed in a small cradle beside the fireplace, presumably in an effort to confuse SCP-5294.

Shortly after 0100 hours, James Walker awoke to find SCP-5294's tail wrapped around the makeshift doll. Walker then proceeded to seize SCP-5294's tail, and after a brief struggle, succeeded in nailing it to his home's wooden floor. Walker's brother, Abraham, alerted the authorities, and shortly thereafter, two members of Brownsborough law enforcement successfully retrieved SCP-5294 from Walker's roof. It was noted that the base of the entity's tail displayed evidence of bitemarks, suggesting SCP-5294 may have unsuccessfully attempted to bite off the appendage in order to escape. SCP-5294 was arrested, and taken to the local jailhouse, while SCP-5294-1 was confiscated, and later incinerated.

The morning after its capture, medics noted that the injuries SCP-5294 had sustained to its tail appeared to have healed overnight. It was tried at the Nathaniel Gorham Courthouse, where it was found guilty on charge of witchcraft, and sentenced to death.

Neutralization: Multiple attempts were made to terminate SCP-5294. The entity was initially tied to a wooden stake and set alight, with the resulting flames reported to glow a variety of unusual colors, inducing severe migraines in onlookers. While SCP-5294 showed signs of severe distress, it remained physically unaffected.

SCP-5294 was then decapitated, whereupon its body was observed to degrade at an anomalously rapid rate. SCP-5294's head, despite being separated from its heart and lungs, remained conscious, vocal, and ambulatory, unsuccessfully attempting to hop away from its persecutors. As SCP-5294's head proved to be indestructible, it was subsequently sealed in a wooden crate, and buried in an unknown location. Whether SCP-5294 remains conscious to this day is unknown, and all attempts at retrieving its severed head (including use of SCP-2733) have proven unsuccessful.

Aftermath: The American Secure Containment Initiative learned of the Brownsborough Incident some days later, confiscating all newspapers, journals, and court records containing information pertaining to SCP-5294. Due to the widespread nature of SCP-5294, the Brownsborough Incident led to the unprecedented expansion and increase in Federal funding of the American Secure Containment Initiative. Despite all efforts to contain knowledge of SCP-5294, the Department of Mythology and Folkloristics has determined legends and apocryphal accounts of 'Granny Rat Tail' and the events in Brownsborough have persisted to the present day.

Between 1811 and 1812, an abnormally high number of miscarriages and stillbirths occurred in Brownsborough, with over seventy residents reported to die in childbirth. Numerous infants were born with one or more anomalous birth defects, the most common being the lack of a head, and possession of long, rodent-like tails. Following unseasonable drought and resulting crop failure, the town was abandoned in 1814.

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