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Item#: 5293
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SCP-5293, upon discovery in Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

Special Containment Procedures (UPDATE): Following Incident-5293, SCP-5293 is to be sealed in a plastic mold internally shaped according to the object's dimensions, and kept in secure anomaly locker 03C. Interaction with SCP-5293 is prohibited.

Descripton: SCP-5293 is a red, rubber ball, measuring 0.5 meters in diameter. SCP-5293 is capable of circumrotary movement, and can accelerate its gyrations to speeds of up to 643 kilometers per hour, if left uninterrupted. (See Addenda)

SCP-5293 is sapient, and has demonstrated an understanding of English. SCP-5293 vocalizes using an interstice that runs along the center of one half of the object, which moves similar to a mouth and jaw. The object's vocabulary is limited, taking pauses for a number of seconds in between words. When SCP-5293 is distressed, its coloration will change to a shade of green.

SCP-5293 has expressed a fixation on Foundation Researcher Eric Sauls, who recovered the object from Lake Erie, Pennyslvania, after reports of its discovery by a group of local fishermen. SCP-5293 continuously expresses the desire to kill Researcher Sauls, and has little interest in communicating about other topics.

Addendum.5293.01: Interview Log

Foreword: Second interview with SCP-5293, conducted by Researcher Sauls two days after discovery and containment of the object.


Sauls removes SCP-5293 from locker. A two-way glass separates SCP-5293 and Researcher Sauls. An intercom system is used for communication.

Researcher Sauls: Good morning, SCP-5293. Can you hear me?

SCP-5293: Yes.

Researcher Sauls: Excellent, and how are you today?

SCP-5293: I. Am. Fine.

Researcher Sauls: We talked yesterday. Do you still feel the desire to kill me, SCP-5293?

SCP-5293: I. Want. To. Kill. You.

Researcher Sauls: Ah, gotcha. That's okay, SCP-5293. Why do you want to kill me?

SCP-5293: I. Want. To. Kill. You.

Researcher Sauls: Alright, that's fi—

SCP-5293: (Object becomes green) Sorry.


Closing Statement: Interview continued for another half hour. SCP-5293 refused to discuss topics other than killing me, even when enticed with the prospects of being able to do so upon compliance. Upon being asked to elaborate on how it would do this, SCP-5293 responded that it would "have to think about that", but "[was] going to kill Researcher Sauls" regardless. Object was returned to containment upon conclusion of the interview. - Researcher Sauls

Addendum.5293.02: Incident-5293-01



Destruction caused to Area-179 by SCP-5293's acceleration

The following recollection of events has been compiled from a source of surveilance footage and summarized below.

On 2021/4/03, SCP-5293 breached containment by rotating itself within its containment locker to achieve a speed of 643 kph. The object then accelerated with enough force to break through the walls of its locker, and continued on a trajectory that broke through the northeast wall of Area-179's anomalous items wing, four hallways, a research lab, a fueling silo, 12 containment chambers (resulting in three containment breaches) and a garage before ricocheting off a stop sign outside Area-179 in a southwest direction. SCP-5293 broke through the windshields of 5 cars, 7 trees, a restaurant, and continued in this direction before reaching the upper-left second story window of the residence of Researcher Sauls. SCP-5293 shattered the window and accelerated through a wall before reaching the residence's bathroom and making contact with the back of Researcher Saul's head, who then died upon impact.

Upon recovery, SCP-5293 stated the following:

SCP-5293: Told. You.

SCP-5293 was compliant upon being returned to containment. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly. Further interviews with SCP-5293 have resulted in the object displaying difficulty communicating about topics other than killing Researcher Sauls, despite having done so. A transcription of an interview four hours from Incident-5293-01 has been provided below.


SCP-5293: Where. Is. Researcher. Sauls.

Dr. Dune: You- You killed him earlier today. You've been wanting to do that since you were contained.

SCP-5293: (Object turns green) Oh.

Dr. Dune: How does that make you feel?

SCP-5293: Upset.

Dr. Dune: You wanted to kill him though. You remember that, right?

SCP-5293: (Coloration returns to red.) I. Want. To. Kill. Him. Again.


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