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Item #: SCP-5291

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5291 is to be kept in Dr. Geri's office SCP-5291 is to be stored in a standard containment locker. Subjects who have successfully used SCP-5291 are to have their existing cells customized dependent on the extent of their transformation.

Testing of SCP-5291 is to continue for as long as researchers believe they can discover why SCP-5291 is dysfunctional.

Description: SCP-5291 is a mechanical typewriter that is incapable of transferring ink to paper, with no discernable reason as to why. Despite each key fully extending its respective striker when pressed, and despite the ribbon leaving traces of ink when contacted without the use of the keys, the typewriter does not leave any distinguishable mark when used normally.

SCP-5291 was discovered by Dr. Samuel Geri within an antique shop. After 35 hours of personally examining it, Dr. Geri brought it to the Foundation and insisted that it be tested. As of writing, Dr. Geri has also volunteered to be responsible for testing and containment of the anomaly.

Addendum 5291-1: SCP-5291 has proven functional on certain occasions, though the precise conditions required are so far unclear.

Use of SCP-5291 also results in transformation of the user; however, the connection between the text and the effect are not always clear (see Testing Log 5291-1). Testing will now continue until researchers can determine the cause of the inconsistency of SCP-5291.

Testing Log 5291-1:

Test 1
Subject D-072067
Date March 12, 2013
Transformation Subject has lost approximately 50% of their volume and mass.
Written content

When I first woke up here, that tiny ass cell was all I knew of this place. Then one of you lot opened and dragged me to one of these tests. And every time we left after that, we'd go down a different corridor. I tried to draw a map in my cell, but it just kept going and going. I expected a boundary, or at least a window somewhere. Every time I think I've found the edge, I see a turn that goes straight past it. And that says nothing of each room I've been in, the things I've had to witness, to survive.

Then one day I go back to my cell and find the map completely erased. There wasn't a camera in my cell. Or was there? Were there other ways you creeps could listen? They wouldn't be listening in on you, though, right? They wouldn't see a note like this, would they?

Test 2
Subject D-418876
Date November 20, 2013
Transformation Subject's pupils have compressed to the point of entirely preventing light from contacting the retina. Despite this, subject claims to be viewing the city of Chicago from the ground level. Subject states they are unable to alter the location and angle of their viewing1. Comparing the subject's observations with activity in the area confirms they are viewing in real time.
Written content There was a river I could stare into forever. Fields of pure grass lined both of its borders. The boats full of fishermen and fisherwomen would interrupt my viewing sessions, their passengers looking ahead and not down; not to mention the bridge I stood on would break on occasion, forcing me to stand to the side so it could eventually repair itself. Otherwise, the river was mine. Made for me. Made for everyone I suppose, but only appreciated by me.

Test 3
Subject D-123113
Date September 15, 2015
Transformation Subject has become completely transparent to those around them. Similarly, subject claims that the people around them have become transparent from their perspective. Clothes and accessories are not affected by this.
Written content Once upon a time a crab at the bottom of the ocean found himself lost. Suddenly he saw a shark coming along. He buried himself in the sand and hid in his shell. The shark ate him anyway. The crab stayed in his shell, and the shark continued to swim. He went through the shark's whole system until he popped right out and landed on the sand again. He found himself lost again. The end.

Test 4
Subject D-607090
Date October 2, 2018
Transformation Subject's heartbeat has grown to a volume of 75 dBA. Subject's heart rate and blood pressure have only sustained a minor increase on average. Subject has been unable to sleep due to the noise. Request for earmuffs is currently being processed.
Written content

When I pause to think
I stop to breath.

When I stop to breath,
I think about breath.

When I think about breath,
I can't stop thinking
Or else I stop breathing.

Which is why I avoid
Pausing to think.

Test 5
Subject D-123457
Date June 12, 2019
Transformation 27 of the subject's bones have begun rotating around their central axis at a constant rate of 25 rpm. Connected tissue remains loosely in place despite this. Subject describes the sensation as "extremely irritating."
Written content Circle circle line line spiders crawling up your spine cat scratch dog bite cool breeze tight squeeze

Test 5
Subject Dr. Samuel Geri
Date June 14, 2019
Transformation Subject has lost the ability to verbally communicate. If subject attempts to speak, smoke2 manifests within their vocal cords and exits out of their mouth. Efficient alternatives for communication are being considered3.
Written content I can't tell you what I'll do, Fred. I don't know how to describe it.
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