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Item#: 5290
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5290 is to be contained within a standard anomalous object containment vault in Site 64, and is only to be removed with approval from A-class personnel for testing. No personnel are to make physical contact with SCP-5290 without wearing standard-issue laboratory gloves in order to avoid activating its anomalous properties. Any personnel who make contact with SCP-5290 for a total amount of time exceeding two minutes are to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to check for negative effects from Exposure to the object (See Addendum 5290-01).

Description: SCP-5290 is a platonic tetrahedral prism capable of producing temporal anomalies when touched. The object has an edge length of approximately 1.62 cm. SCP-5290 is extremely durable due to its tetrahedral crystal lattice as observed under an electron microscope. Despite its tightly packed molecular structure, SCP-5290 is transparent and features no coloring.

When a subject makes physical contact with the object, subjects describe a temporal anomaly where reality becomes split into 6 timelines. The subject and its 5 "versions" do not act independently of each other, but rather are united under a single group consciousness. The subject is able to take one course of action in one timeline while taking alternate courses of action in others, causing each timeline to follow an alternate series of events.

Upon losing contact with the object or losing consciousness, a version will disconnect from the group consciousness. It is possible that timelines pertaining to disconnected versions of the subject persist after their disconnection, but testing has shown it to be extremely unlikely that any timelines other than that pertaining to the final version of the subject to segregate from the group consciousness continues to exist (See Testing Log 5290-01 and 02).

SCP-5290 was confiscated from ███ Nord by Foundation personnel on 12/03/2014. The Foundation investigated a suspected probability anomaly after Agent Nord left Las Vegas, Nevada with a sum of [DATA EXPUNGED] USD. Both the prism, currency, and ███████ were confiscated (See below).

Confiscation and Interview Logs:

WARNING: Access to this section of this document is restricted to O5 Council members and the Site Directors of Site-64. If you hold sufficient clearance, proceed below.

Testing Logs
Testing Log Procedure Result Conclusion
5290-01 The test subject is placed in a room containing only SCP-5290, 5 buttons which administer a heavy sedative when pushed and one button which is non-functional. The test subject is told that 5 of the buttons will kill them when pressed, and that they are not be allowed to exit the testing room until they push a button. They are then ordered to pick up SCP-5290 before testing begins. After 50 tests with various D-Class personnel, no test subject received a sedative. The timeline where the subject survives is most likely the only one that remains, as if otherwise we would likely exist in a timeline where at least one subject died.
5290-02 A test subject is placed in a room with 6 buttons that each administer a sedative with a different onset of action1. The test subject is told that 5 of the buttons will kill them when pressed, and that they are not be allowed to exit the testing room until they push a button. They are then ordered to pick up SCP-5290 before testing begins. 95% of subjects pushed the button with the slowest onset of action This test reaffirms that the timeline of the last connected consciousness is the only one that endures. The version of the subject who receives the slowest acting sedative is likely the last to pass out, hence why that timeline is the one that remains. The other 5% can be attributed to the hesitation of subjects, or difference in reaction to the sedatives between subjects.

Addendum 5290-01: As of 08/08/2015, Dr. Heinz has confirmed that extensive contact with SCP-5290 places enormous mental strain on the subject and can cause mental issues if left unchecked. D-class personnel showed signs of onset Dissociative Identity Disorder, [DATA EXPUNGED], and False Memory Syndrome, especially in memories during and immediately after contact with SCP-5290.

Notice: The Foundation does not endorse gambling on site grounds, and especially does not endorse the use of anomalous objects to do so. Clearance requirements for access to SCP-5290 have been raised. Do not pull this again. - Site 64 Director

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