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Anomaly №: SCP-5289

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5289 will remain at its place of discovery, but the area has been cordoned off from the rest of the Site. The flyer previously located on its eastern wall is held at Site-021 Site-01.

Description: SCP-5289 is a 5x5x5 meter cube composed of concrete and rebar, located within the Site-19 barracks. The outer ceiling and underside have rusted iron plates attached to them; steel poles line each corner, presumably for structural support. The structure is bolted to the floor via four bronze stakes around each pole.

Carbon dating suggests the entire structure is approximately 200 years old; attempts to open SCP-5289 have failed despite its relatively weak composition.

Before its modern containment procedures were put into effect, a flyer was located on its eastern wall, presenting a diagram of a similar object. However, the pictured object had a door on its northern wall, and a stylized "W" above it. The flyer has been dated to have been created sometime in the late 1900s; it has been moved to Site-02 in order to discern if the pictured object exists.

Recovery Log: Though it is unknown when SCP-5289 was moved to Site-19, records indicate it has been in the custody of the Foundation since its inception in ████.

It is assumed SCP-5289 was previously owned by the American Secure Containment Initiative before it transformed into the current Foundation, as recovered documents describe a similar object being used as a prototype humanoid containment chamber.

Incident Log (1): On 4/2/2021, Site-02 experienced a power outage which lasted for 5 hours. Though no large-scale breaches occurred during this time, the flyer taken from SCP-5289 was discovered to be missing. A search has been initiated.

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