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Item#: 5286
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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5286 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell furnished with all required amenities. SCP-5286 is to attend regular mandatory psychological evaluations and therapy sessions to assist in coping with its condition.

Once per day, a security team is to sweep SCP-5286's containment cell and secure all newly-emerged instances of SCP-5286-1. All instances of SCP-5286-1 gathered are to be euthanized via non-chemical means, preferably via breaking the neck, and transported to Site-17's humanoid SCP meal preparation station. Excess instances of SCP-5286-1 not utilised in meal preparation are to be incinerated.

Due to SCP-5286's unique dietary requirements, a dietitian has been assigned to prepare meals for SCP-5286. All additional matter used in the preparation of these meals such as vegetables, fruits, grains etc. should be mashed, desiccated, or otherwise reduced to allow SCP-5286 to pass them without issue. SCP-5286 is permitted to request meals which may be prepared at the dietitian's discretion.

Note: As of 11/02/2020, no food prepared for SCP-5286 is to contain any additives that would be considered 'spicy'.



Cysts growing on SCP-5286's arm.

SCP-5286 is a Caucasian male 32 years of age, identified as Brandon Avery, a construction worker from Branbury, England. Avery was reported missing on 03/12/2018 when they failed to return home after travelling across Europe on an extended vacation.1 SCP-5286's anomalous properties manifest in the form of cysts that appear on its body in random locations, which quickly grow in size over the course of 2-5 days before rupturing. These cysts are filled with a violet-red substance determined to be a mixture of SCP-5286's blood, amniotic fluid, pus, and an alcoholic liquid determined to be red wine.2 When a cyst ruptures, a single instance of SCP-5286-1 will be produced from inside.

SCP-5286-1 instances are miniature humanoids which are identical to SCP-5286 both physically and genetically, and potentially share memories with SCP-5286.3 These clones grow to a maximum of 30 cm in height, and are fully capable of walking, speaking and conversing after they separate from SCP-5286. SCP-5286-1 instances do not seem to require any form of sustenance or hydration, but will actively consume any alcohol provided to them in large quantities. SCP-5286 does not experience any loss in body mass from producing these instances.

Instances of SCP-5286-1 are invariably jovial and energetic, often singing and dancing, and will actively engage with SCP-5286. SCP-5286-1 instances will take any action that would increase the probability of being willingly consumed by SCP-5286. These include verbal manipulation, disguising themselves within other food or drink, and occasionally self-mutilating, flaying and potentially cooking themselves in various ways in an attempt to make themselves appear more appetising. SCP-5286-1 instances remain cheerful throughout the entire process, commonly commenting on how good they taste. SCP-5286-1 refuse to force feed themselves to SCP-5286, and have not been observed performing any action that would cause physical harm to SCP-5286. Any matter consumed by SCP-5286, other than SCP-5286-1, will pass through its digestive system unaffected and will not provide any sustenance to SCP-5286. As such, SCP-5286 must consume instances of SCP-5286-1 to survive.

No discomfort has been reported by SCP-5286 at the growth of SCP-5286-1 or the rupturing of the cysts, but it expresses apprehension at consuming any instance of SCP-5286-1, and shows strong animosity towards the clones themselves. Rupturing the cysts prematurely causes SCP-5286 great pain and results in the expiration of the SCP-5286-1 instance growing inside. The expired instance will remain attached to SCP-5286's body, requiring surgery to remove.

Addendum-5286-A: Recovery Log

SCP-5286 was recovered on 06/02/2020 from a remote cabin located in ██████ Forest, Greece after local reports of 'nymphs' were intercepted by the Foundation. A team of three agents was dispatched to investigate the claims and locate any potential anomalous activity.



Recovery Team: Commander Ramirez, Agent Gunders, Agent Axel


18:32:00: The team finishes preparation of their equipment and begin hiking into the forest in the direction of the estimated epicentre.

19:12:13: Faint music is heard coming from deeper into the forest. The team begins advancing in the rough direction of the music.

19:25:07: The team reports a strong smell of cooking and alcohol. The music becomes much louder and clearer, comprised of multiple instruments such as drums and flutes, and a large number of voices can be heard singing the song "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.

19:29:42: The team arrive at a clearing with a small cabin located in its centre. Several lit pyres can be seen surrounding the cabin along with piles of charred bones.4 As the team observe the cabin, several small, nude humanoids exit carrying a corpse of a similar entity. They throw the corpse onto one of the pyres before heading back inside.

19:31:20: The team slowly approach the cabin. The singing has changed to a rendition of the song "We Are the Champions" by Queen.

19:33:09: The team take up positions on at the east wall of the cabin. Agent Gunders moves to a window located on the south wall, attempting to gain visual into the cabin. Hundreds of SCP-5286-1 instances are seen inside drinking, dancing, and singing around a number of fire pits and several barrels of an unidentified liquid.

19:34:30: One of the entities notices Agent Gunders and calls out to him while waving. A number of the SCP-5286-1 instances turn to look at the agent as they begin to move towards the window.

19:34:52: The team retreats slowly from the window as a small group of SCP-5286-1 instances exit the building and begin moving towards the team. Agent Axel opens fire on the entities, terminating a number of them.

19:36:23: Hundreds of SCP-5286-1 instances pour out from the cabin and begin advancing on the team. The team retreats towards the tree line while firing their weapons into the swarm.

19:41:21: Agent Gunders trips over a pile of bones and is overwhelmed by SCP-5286-1 instances. They begin ripping off Agent Gunders' armour and chunks of flesh, consuming them while continuing to cheer. The remaining two team members continue retreating as hundreds of SCP-5286-1 instances pursue them.

20:01:08: The remaining agents gain the upper hand, pushing back against the SCP-5286-1 instances as the swarm's numbers are reduced.

20:13:54: The majority of SCP-5286-1 instances have been terminated. The team begins to move back towards the cabin, terminating any further instances encountered.

20:17:32: The team identifies Agent Gunders' body, which has been mutilated extensively; several instances of SCP-5286-1 are still present, consuming the remaining fat and muscle mass of the agent's corpse. Agent Axel vomits as Commander Ramirez terminates the remaining instances with his knife.

20:20:03: The agents approach and enter the cabin to find multiple deceased instances of SCP-5286-1 roasting over the fire-pits inside. Huddled in the corner of the cabin is a nude, emaciated human male covered in blood and surrounded by mutilated corpses of SCP-5286-1. The team attempts to speak with the individual, but they remain unresponsive. The individual continues to incessantly mutter to themselves.

20:22:36: A large cyst on the individual's body ruptures and an instance of SCP-5286-1 falls to the ground before standing up. The instance is quickly terminated by the agents.

20:25:54: The agents carry the individual out of the cabin into the clearing and cleanup teams are called in.


The individual was detained and determined to be the source of the anomalous instances. They were then transferred to a nearby facility for processing. The individual was later classified as SCP-5286 and transferred to Site-17.

Since the time of recovery, SCP-5286 has refused to divulge information regarding the origin of its anomalous properties. From the information that was gathered, it appears SCP-5286 attended a large, hedonistic social gathering, where individuals were encouraged to excessively drink, eat, fornicate, and partake in recreational drug use. This gathering reportedly devolved into excessively violent behaviour, culminating in the dismemberment and consumption of multiple highly intoxicated individuals. Investigation into the person or persons that organised this event is ongoing.

During analysis of retrieval logs, SCP-5286 was found to be muttering the phrase 'He had horns' repeatedly. They have since refused to elaborate.

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