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Item #: SCP-5285

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-5285 has been welded shut. Access is restricted to Level 5/5285 clearance, by order of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-5285 is a subterranean facility with one secured entrance, located in Chukotka, Russia. The facility consists of 9 levels extending 2km underground, linked by one large cargo elevator shaft. The facility was at some point protected by an advanced electrical security system wired to a set of blast doors, but the infrastructure of the facility is degraded enough to have rendered these protections useless. Computer systems are destroyed, wiring has been manually ripped and cut, etc.

Level Details
1 A security checkpoint containing the entrance to the elevator. As with the rest of the facility, it is in a state of disarray; rust and stains coat the metal walls and debris is strewn across the floors. A guard booth contains a number of computers. The computers have been smashed in; the wastebasket in the corner is surrounded by scorch marks and contains a large amount of ashes.
2 An engineering floor containing power and life support systems for the facility. The backup power generators have been rendered nonfunctional by a combination of blunt violence and fire damage. A nuclear reactor, believed to provide most of the power for the facility, is similarly nonfunctional; however, 1/3rd of the depth of the spent fuel pool is filled with dead locusts and snakes. Investigation into reports of an entity inside the pool is ongoing.
3 A cafeteria and storage rooms. The cafeteria is empty, but every table contains a single dead mature Holstein cow. All are in a state of advanced decomposition, and have begun leaking a black fluid onto the tables and chairs. All are missing their tongues. Their mouths and internal organs are filled with locusts.
4 A barracks for the facility. 30 rooms, each containing a bunk bed and essentials, similar in appearance to prison cells. 47 desiccated corpses have been pulled from the beds, all dead of cardiac arrest. All were found intertwined in pairs, apparently in a state of intercourse at the time of death. DNA identification is ongoing.
5 An area theorized to serve as a series of 12 testing chambers. Each chamber now contains one individual being violently whipped by a dark, shadowy blob that defies visual perception. The individuals are not restrained, but make no attempts to escape despite vocalizing in intense pain. No attempts to make contact or break through the glass or doors have been successful; the construction and design is identical to that used in Foundation testing chambers.
6 Offices with computers and facilities for data processing. All cubicles and offices are abandoned, but the floor's shag carpet flooring is a structural match with human hair. A soft material supports the carpet from below. All computers have had their screens smashed in, much like on Level 1.
7 This elevator simply opens out into a dark, inaccessible void. Stepping out results in falling below. Long-distance cameras have determined the presence of a planetary body in the distance.
8 This floor is on emergency power, with red klaxons and flashing lights encouraging personnel to evacuate immediately. While no other personnel are present and no immediate danger is visible, exploration teams consistently return to the elevator after a few minutes and automatically go to Floor 5 before watching the whipping for several minutes. Some have been visible openly weeping through this process. Oftentimes, personnel are left behind in the rush to leave; no sign of them have been seen after the elevator doors close.
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