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Item#: 5279
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An image of SCP-5279-1 taken shortly after containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5279-1 is to be contained in a standard item containment locker. SCP-5279-2 objects produced by SCP-5279-1 are to be destroyed via the use of an incinerator interconnected to SCP-5279-1 if they are deemed untranslatable, if they are translatable they will be transferred to the Foundation Lingual Department for deciphering. Websites are to be monitored for any mention of SCP-5279-2 like documents, which will be dealt with if necessary.

Description: SCP-5279-1 is a UX-300 Fax Machine that periodically prints pieces of paper (SCP-5279-2). The vast majority of SCP-5279-2 objects are blank, incomprehensible, or torn apart. However, a small percentage of objects are semi-comprehensible, written in a mix of early Anglo-Frisian and Anglo-Saxon1. SCP-5279-1 is assumed to be from an alternate universe, due to the contents of SCP-5279-2 documents. No signal is sent to SCP-5279-1 before a document is printed. SCP-5279-1 is able to function without internet access, power, or parts essential to the function of a normal non-anomalous UX-300 Fax Machine.

SCP-5279-1 (along with 67 SCP-5279-2 documents) was discovered in an abandoned ████ product manufacturing facility in Hastings, the United Kingdom, on 11/16/2011. The facility in question is coincidentally located where a Anglo-Saxon era church was once located according to the ████████ tapestry.

As the facility was shut down on 05/09/2006, it can be presumed that SCP-5279 was left uncontained for over 5 years. SCP-5279 was brought to the Foundation’s attention when reports of SCP-5279 incidents began to appear on the Internet, gaining an almost mythlike status in the suburb of St Leonards among younger residents. Due to the large period in which SCP-5279 was uncontained, it can be assumed that copies of SCP-5279-2 may have been taken from the building. The following addendums include 4 of the most distinct SCP-5279-2 documents.

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