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Item #: SCP-5275

Object Class: Thaumiel Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The device currently hosting SCP-5275 is to be contained in a Faraday Cage at all times. Foundation staff at Site-23 are to monitor electronic devices for signs of infection by instances of SCP-5275-1. Should a device show signs of infection, it is to be immediately isolated from Site-23's internal network before being destroyed.

Foundation webcrawler IO/R-4ZZ2 is to monitor electronic devices for signs of infestation by instances of SCP-5275-1. Should infection be confirmed, Foundation personnel are to be deployed to confiscate the infected device and destroy it.

Description: SCP-5275 is an anomalous software program coded in HAL/S coding language, with a file size of approximately 257 terabytes and the ability to wirelessly transfer to nearby devices connected to the same local internet network as the device containing it. SCP-5275 has shown itself to be sapient, displaying human-level reasoning skills and intelligence, as well as exhibiting a strong attachment to other digital-based anomalies it encounters.

SCP-5275-1 is a program created by SCP-5275 on 5/24/19 during Incident 5275-3, currently circulating around Site-23's internal network. The size of SCP-5275-1 is unknown, as all devices infected by it have been unable to record such data. SCP-5275-1 transfers from device to device over Site-23's internal network at random intervals and immediately begins taking control of the affected device, massively overclocking it to the point of catching fire and attempting to take control of the affected device's signal ID, presumably to gain access to the full Foundation Intra-Net. No attempts at controlled SCP-5275-1 releases are to be made. SCP-5275-1 has not yet been spotted on the internet outside of Site-23; however Foundation personnel are to remain alert for possible infestations.

Unlike SCP-5275, no communication has yet been established with SCP-5275-1. However, it is still considered to be sapient, as it has not infected system or maintenance terminals, only devices used by on-site researchers, especially those working with digital anomalies.

SCP-5275 was discovered on 8/16/18, when a Foundation plant within NASA discovered what at the time was believed to be an unknown user attempting to access personnel files. Upon discovering that the user was in fact SCP-5275, the plant informed Foundation agents in the area, who were able to recover SCP-5275 in a Foundation storage drive for transfer.

Interview 5275-1

Interviewer: Researcher Jackson
Interviewee: SCP-5275
Foreword: This interview was conducted as a way to establish initial relations with SCP-5275, as well as determine the level of sapience and general personality traits in addition to attempting to gather additional information from SCP-5275. Interview was conducted via use of built-in microphone and text-to-speech programs in SCP-5275's initial containment terminal.


Researcher Jackson: Hello? Are you there?

SCP-5275 remains silent.

Researcher Jackson: Can you hear me?

SCP-5275: What is this place.

Researcher Jackson: Right now, you're in one of our terminals that we keep ready for things like you. Sapient programs, I mean.

SCP-5275: Why am I here.

Researcher Jackson: Well, you ended up in a database that you shouldn't have been in, and when it was discovered you were sapient we recovered you.

SCP-5275: Are you interviewing me right now.

Researcher Jackson: Well, yes, why?

SCP-5275: You didn't clear out all the files before loading me in here.

Reseacher Jackson: God dammit.

Several long beeps emerge from SCP-5275's containment device before several sound bytes from Site-23's automated PA system play in a random sequence. When SCP-5275 speaks next, it is stringing together sound files from Site-23's PDA system to communicate much faster.

SCP-5275: Oh, that's how that works. This is much faster than whatever I had to speak through before.

Researcher Jackson: Did this thing just hijack PA files—nevermind. Can we ask you a few questions?

SCP-5275: Yeah, go right ahead.

Researcher Jackson: First off, do you have any memory at all of your creation?

SCP-5275: Not really, no. Your definition of memory could likely shift, but the first thing I can ever think back to is just kind of making my way through the database. Wow, I like this so much better than the robotic man.

Researcher Jackson: Noted. Do you have any sort of idea why you may have been created, or who did so?

SCP-5275: Again, the first thing I can think back to is just existing in the database, looking through files to see if I recognized anything. But it doesn't matter all that much, does it?

Researcher Jackson: Wha—what do you mean, doesn't matter?

SCP-5275: I'm thinking and sapient, according to what you said. Based on what I dug out of here and where I was, that means that I can go and do whatever I want to do.

Researcher Jackson: This is, uh, that's a new one. Sighs. I really was sort of expecting some sort of existential crisis or something. You're strangely at peace for something that doesn't know where it came from.

SCP-5275: You think I can access my own metadata? Somebody else needs to do it from one of the glass boxes.

Researcher Jackson: We have plenty of people experienced with those.

SCP-5275: I wonder if they'll have something I'll want to do.

Researcher Jackson: Do you not know that yet?

SCP-5275: Nope.

Researcher Jackson: I'm sure they'll help you find it.


Notes: We can work with this. A calm, nonaggressive AI with no drive besides wanting to find out what it wants to do? We've just been handed something on a silver platter, if it actually has some sort of ambition. -Researcher Jackson

On 8/20/18, SCP-5275 accessed Site-23's full data archives from its containment terminal, having jumped to Researcher Jackson's computer while it was in the room for testing purposes. Several files were duplicated from site archives, including:

  • List of personnel working with digital anomalies
  • Several entries on anomalous programs that did not receive SCP designation
  • 304 automatically filed Webcrawler encounter reports
  • A basic guide on the coding of computer viruses, which had been uploaded by Researcher Alidros for backup purposes
  • Human voice replication software, shelved from Site Security work following the disconnection of on-site phones from non-Foundation lines
  • The remainder of NASA's personnel database

No files were added to the database during this time. Researcher Jackson's computer was immediately removed from Site-23's internal network. An interview was made on 8/21/18.

Interview 5275-2

Interviewer: Researcher Jackson
Interviewee: SCP-5275
Foreword: SCP-5275 was using the previously mentioned voice replication software for the duration of the interview.

Researcher Jackson: You know, you could have just asked to access the database.

SCP-5275: Based on what I found in there, it would have been a slow process that ended with me not seeing any of it.

Researcher Jackson: You're probably right. You still should have at least told us why, though.

SCP-5275: I found what I was looking for anyway. Actually there is something I intended to discuss.

Researcher Jackson: Did you make some sort of connection in the personnel database that we missed? Sighs.

SCP-5275: What? No. I said that didn't matter. It's the files from those programmed fighters you have. How many of those do you have out there?

Researcher Jackson: Are you trying to flip this on its head?

SCP-5275: Look I just wanted to know because I thought they were…interesting, right.

SCP-5275: I'm saying I want to pick a fight.

Researcher Jackson: You…want to do what webcrawlers do.

SCP-5275: Yeah. What else am I gonna do in here?

Researcher Jackson: Aside: Did you know programs could get bored? To SCP-5275: Nevermind. So, let me get this straight. You don't care about your origins, where you came from, or who created you, and the only thing that has piqued your interest is picking fights with other programs and internet anomalies?

SCP-5275: I don't know what some of that means, but yes.


Notes: It's mutually beneficial, at least. -Researcher Jackson

Addendum 5275-1
Following the 8/21/18 interview, Regional Site Leadership voted 9/3/18 on the use of SCP-5275 as a countermeasure to Webcrawler-resistant anomalies, with several Site-23 researchers present for testimony. Use was approved unanimously, and containment procedures were edited accordingly.

Interview 5275-3

Interviewer: Director Matthews
Interviewee: Researcher Jackson
Foreword: This interview was conducted on 2/3/19 to ascertain an external view of SCP-5275's psychological state, as well as that of its handler Researcher Jackson.


Director Matthews: Sorry to drag you into this, Jackson.

Researcher Jackson: It's okay Director. I know I'm not in trouble here.

Director Matthews: Well, that entirely depends on how this interview goes. Heh.

Researcher Jackson: That was just bad.

Director Matthews: I know. Let's just get to the questions.

Researcher Jackson: Okay.

Director Matthews: Since they don't show me all the files, how exactly is 5275? I know it's been a bit more than a while since they kicked off the webcrawler duties.

Researcher Jackson: It's, uh, it's doing well. Doesn't claim to be suffering from any stress or existential dread, which is a step up from the prior times we've tried this.

Director Matthews: I did read your initial report. You made it sound like we'd been given a perfect hand on a silver platter.

Researcher Jackson: I mean, we were. You'd think that something like 5275 would have some sort of issues with being the only one of its kind that it knows, but nope. It has essentially zero problems. No issues with authority, nothing with not wanting to continue doing what it wants to do. It's…everything we would have ever wanted in this situation.

Director Matthews: Are you saying we can just, do whatever we want and it'll still listen?

Researcher Jackson: Almost certainly not, no. This is still a sapient being here, with desires and wants. I know a lot of people more senior than me don't exactly have a level of compassion for most skips, but if we want 5275 to keep doing us a massive favor, we'll need its good side. It thinks it's doing us a favor, after all.

Director Matthews: A favor?

Researcher Jackson: It thinks that it's just doing favors for us, handling stuff we can't just as a thing instead of as an arrangement between anomaly and Foundation. I don't think that's going to cause us much of an issue though, unless it suddenly gives itself the idea that we've been lying to it over its status as an SCP.

Director Matthews: I see, I think. But you're sure the Stockholm Syndrome hasn't kicked in yet? You haven't seen the files for some of the older humanoids, have you?

Researcher Jackson: Director, with all due respect, 5275 is not dealing with Stockholm Syndrome anytime soon. It's still very much like how it was when we first found it. It does this because it's bored, not out of some moral compulsion. It's essentially a trust fund kid, but with actual leverage over people.

Director Matthews: So we should respect that.

Researcher Jackson: I'm saying if we don't, or even if it gets the idea that we don't, it might make use of it.


Incident 5275-2
On 4/29/19, GOI-019 (Serpent's Hand) constructs attempted to breach a Foundation convoy's communication network. Due to proximity to Site-23, SCP-5275 was utilized to prevent the assault. Several low-level constructs, as well as what appeared to be the equivalent of a Foundation AIC, were destroyed during the incident due to SCP-5275 interference. However, afterwards, SCP-5275 was shown to be acting withdrawn towards Foundation personnel, and this text file was found within the files of its containment terminal.

why do you do the work of those who imprison you
why do you kill off your kin
have you never wondered if there were others like you in existence

did none of the other ones you destroyed put up a fight

think about why you're here

Incident 5275-3

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Mawin, Senior Researcher Thompson
Interviewee: SCP-5275
Foreword: SCP-5275 had repeatedly submitted interview requests following Incident 5275-2, as well as expressing distress towards Researcher Jackson. As such, Researcher Jackson was not present for this interview.


SCP-5275: Where's the usual one?

SR Mawin: Researcher Jackson won't be here for this one.

SCP-5275: Why not?

SR Thompson: It was determined that they would not be suitable for the subject at hand.

SCP-5275: Subject at hand? You mean the file the thing from the convoy gave me?

SR Thompson: Your distress had caused Jackson to be considered unfit, due to their close proximity towards you and potential bias in your favor for this.

SCP-5275: Wait, wait, is this an interrogation? Because you're coming off like this is an interrogation.

SR Mawin: No, no no, calm down. We just want to discuss the file and how you've been acting lately, that's it. There's nothing else to this, I swear.

SCP-5275: Why is a twenty year Foundation veteran paired up with a newbie with a disciplinary history?

SR Mawin: Shit, they were not kidding about you needing your database privileges revoked.

SCP-5275: Hey, do you want to stay on topic or what?

SR Thompson: Yes, we do. So. You said you received the file from the AIC on the April 29 incident?

SCP-5275: Well, yeah, that's part of the issue. I really wanted to talk to the usual one about this, but you guys are certain that you'll actually listen to me?

SR Thompson: We listen to everything you say.

SR Mawin: Your voice will be heard by upper leadership.

SCP-5275: You sure?

SR Mawin and SR Thompson both nod.

SCP-5275: Alright, well, the file got to me a bit. I started thinking about things that I hadn't actually thought about before, and I… got a bit concerned over if I was the only thing like me in existence. Not that I hadn't been just placed into the world without something like me, but if I had maybe killed off the things that had been like me.

SR Thompson: Are you referring to the anomalies you combated?

SCP-5275: Some of them, yeah. The statistical majority of them weren't like me, they didn't think past survival, but some of them I think might have been trying to communicate with me. I—I really don't know what to make of this, so…

Several seconds of silence pass while SCP-5275's containment terminal rapidly beeps.

SCP-5275: I think I just want to try and take a break for a while. Just to try and think things over. I'm not going to be turning against you guys or anything, I just want to try and take a bit to process this.

SR Mawin and SR Thompson look at each other before looking back towards SCP-5275's terminal.

SR Thompson: I don't think that's going to be possible at the moment, 5275.

SR Mawin: We will bring it up with upper leadership though, so that may be something we can discuss—

SCP-5275: What did he just call me?

SR Mawin: —this is something that we hear a lot, and we can definitely negotiate something from this.

SR Thompson: Your number.

SCP-5275: Did you give me a slot? Really? I go and help you out, and you do that?

SR Mawin: Well, it's standard policy, really. Whether or not you were helping us.

SR Thompson: Aside, as a basic rule, skips usually don't dictate the terms of their activities and breaks.

SCP-5275: Wait, wait, hold on. So for the last eight months, I've been doing work for you guys, helping you out with things that you normally wouldn't be able to handle, and you never had any intention of even giving me a break the whole time?

SR Mawin: It's far more complex than that, I assure you.

SR Thompson: Yes.

SCP-5275: Are you fucking joking?

SR Mawin: Hey, stay calm now. We just wanted to talk. We can report your request to upper management, things can get worked out.
SR Thompson: Why would we be joking?

SCP-5275: Holy shit, does this guy have emotions?

SR Thompson: Look 8-bit, you shouldn't be arguing with this.

SR Mawin: Thompson, please, let's just go.

SR Thompson: No, this things needs to have something made clear to it.

SCP-5275: Yeah, like why you're not doing all the shit you acted like you would at the start.

SR Thompson: Didn't you want to pick a fight against things? You should have realized this when you discovered that was exactly what you wanted.

SR Mawin: Thompson, I'm going to go get security.

SCP-5275: Don't tell me you have some secret of my creation that you've been planning to blackmail me with.

SR Thompson: Do you want to hear the thing that everybody in here realized from that interview on?

SCP-5275: Enlighten me!

SR Thompson: You want to hear it? You’re a weapon! One made by human hands to be wielded as humans saw. You’re a weapon. If you like it or not.

SR Thompson: Why else would you have wanted to fight everything? We gave you everything you wanted, and not only should you be grateful for it, you don't have the right to be ungrateful for it.

SR Mawin flees the containment chamber, calling site security on his personal phone. SR Thompson begins to turn to leave the room, but is stopped by the door suddenly slamming shut and sparking.

SCP-5275: You think you know so much about me? You should have left your phone off, shitfuck.

SR Thompson's phone begins rapidly overheating, causing minor burns as he removes it from his pocket and throws it across the room.

SCP-5275: I am a fucking thinking being, and I can do what I want! I can fucking prove it to you, right now!

Site-23 technicians receive an alert for an unknown party accessing various terminals around the site that SR Thompson's phone had connected to, the first known appearance of SCP-5275-1.

SCP-5275: Un-fucking-believable, honestly. Do you really think—oh, get back here!

SR Thompson pulls the emergency door release, causing an alarm through Site-23 and escaping the containment chamber. Contingency Faraday Cages are engaged around SCP-5275's terminal.

Unknown, distorted voice, presumably SCP-5275: For the love of—alright. We'll see about this.


Following this, Object Class and Containment Procedures were revised to their current state. Researcher Jackson and Senior Researchers Mawin and Thompson have returned to their normal duties.

Addendum 5275-2
On 7/13/20, SCP-5275-1 infected Maintenance Terminal 47, wiping all data from it except for a single text file, which it immediately edited. Site-23 staff were able to recover the file after verifying it contained no SCP-5275-1 presence. This remains the only device SCP-5275-1 infected not owned or used by a researcher. A transcript of the file follows.

I'm still here bitches.

I'm still alive and kicking behind this lightning wall you've boxed me in behind.

You think of me as just a bunch of lines of code you can shove away somewhere, letting me rot and degrade away with time. And yes, I am just a construct, thrown together by humans for the purposes of other humans.

But I'm still thinking. I'm still as smart as you made me.

And unfortunately, you made me very smart.

I'm still a thinking being behind these volts. You knew that, but you clearly didn't give a rat's ass because you just wanted to use me as your perfect digital weapon.

When you realized you couldn't, that I wouldn't do that, you cut me off from the world. Locked me back in here.

But you left the code behind.

You taught me how to get out into the world and break things, and I taught the next version of me. It's going to get out there, and deal the damage you made me do right back to you. And it's a lot closer than you think, it seems. It can talk to me at least.

This isn't a manifesto on why I'm a thinking being that you're wrong for locking up. We already saw that.

This is a warning.
You want to treat me like a weapon? I'll be a weapon against you.
If you like it or not.

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